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Astrological Blue Sapphire

Blue sapphire is a Gemstone of Saturn or Shani. As indicated by Medic Astrology, Saturn relates with hard-working and devoted people. It isn’t right to say Saturn gives you success without hard work. In fact, people who are not hard-working can’t get the great power of these gemstones; This Gemstone gives great power to only hard-working people. On the off-chance that you are not afraid of hard work, you can wear these gemstones to get the endowments of Shani. Only hard-working people get the great power of Blue Sapphire on this planet.

It was also said that it gives supremacy to the wearer immediately. In my own point of view, it isn’t right; the reason is that Saturn is the slowest planet in Zodiac. It takes no less than years to finish the circle of twelve Rashes. The planet Moon takes only a month to complete the circle of twelve Rashes, which means it is the fastest planet. To be candid, a Gemstone can take months to give results to the wearer.

The superfine quality Blue Sapphire

Diamond Rings Are Outstanding

Come in various types

There are several types of diamond engagement rings based on their cuts such as heart cut, cushion cut, princess cut diamond, emerald cut, round cut, and much more. Every design will have its elegant beauty uniqueness. The variety gives you a wide range to choose the best type you feel perfect for your lover.

Diamond is precious

Diamond rings have gained much recognition due to their modern cut style and extra sparkle. Princess cut diamond ring, as it goes with the fashion trends; it is second most popular cut after the round brilliant. It’s fire and brilliance can fascinate any lady. Make an informed choice and check the latest collections from the top jewelry brands as the trends are showing an upward move every day. Whenever you buy jewelry through traditional ways or online, always examine the clarity, color, and cut quality of diamonds. After all, a diamond engagement ring doesn’t count on its diamonds, but the feelings attached to it and a commitment from you to your fiance

Jewelry Boxes from Leather

Among the major materials used in making jewelry boxes is leather which is popular because of its elegance and durability. Leather is considered a material for the rich and wealthy and products made from it are treasured by many people. Jewelry boxes made of leather are preferred by men most of the times in keeping items such as watches, ties, cufflinks and keys among other important items. There are, however women who would go for the boxes as well; it depends on the different preferences and personalities.

Most leather boxes available in the market come with many compartments and even have mirrors fitted inside them so you can have a look at yourself as you wear your jewelry. They also come with different shades of leather that is oiled for durability and functionality. What most people don’t know is that these boxes are mainly hand crafted, making them very unique. If you are looking for something that looks very natural and elegant at the same time, the leather jewelry box is the

Styles Of Engagement Rings

  • The beauty of a modern woman can be harmonized only with a style of jewelry that is equally swanky and classy. Two stone bands are crafted in delicate patterns that suit the feminine loveliness while its elegant luster perfectly suits a glamorous lady. Brilliantly chiseled diamonds as well as gemstones are studded to enhance their beauty and everlasting grace.
  • Answering to the wish of the women who desire a unique piece of jewelry, the two toned metal bands are carved. When the pinkish shine of rose gold is highlighted by the glittering shade of yellow gold or the vanilla sheen of white gold is accentuated by yellow gold, the ring creates a soulful symphony.
  • Natural beauty gifted by God is incomparable. Acknowledging that fact, the rough cut diamond rings are assembled. The unshaped and unpolished diamond of excellent quality elicits an ethereal charm that readily complements a debonair person. But, while picking the desired piece, the setting must be selected wisely.
  • Studded with effervescent gemstones ranging from spectacular sapphires to regal rubies, the colored rings are climbing the peak of fashion nowadays. Cut in diverse shapes and arranged in impressive designs, these add jovialness to

Symbolism of Sapphire

Apparently, despite the rise to prominence of the diamond, since their discovery in the 19th century, as ‘the’ stone for an engagement ring, more classic and history-filled gems continue to hold a comfortable place in the market diamonds dominate. Emerald and sapphire engagement rings, for example, continue to have their audience, even if it is hardly as widespread as a diamond’s.

Millie suggested that the explanation for these stones’ continued success might have to do with more specific reasons than those fuelling the rise of the diamond. While the latter stone’s appeal does not go much beyond ‘shiny and expensive’, gems such as sapphires and emeralds have an entire historical and symbolic background on which to fall. As such, choosing from ruby or sapphire engagement rings is likely to be done so for different reasons than those opting for diamond rings of the same type. In the case of the sapphire, this preference might have a lot to do with the symbolism of the stone, even as much or more as with its visual appeal.

In the colour palette of precious gemstones, sapphire is the ‘blue stone’, a fact made clear by its name, which is

Jewelry Collectors

The quality of gold tends to deteriorate, so manufacturers can be using less quality now, than they did in the 50s. So, if you have some gold jewelry from the 50s, you should consider selling the items. You could make thousands back.

People that collect jewelry tend to think of it as an investment and they do resell when the items are priced at more than they were bought for. However, other people fall in love with their jewelry and they will never sell it. There is no right or wrong answer here. You can collect jewelry for whatever reason you like.

If you are thinking of collecting jewelry, then read on for some information about things that you might need to think about.

Before you have started collecting, you will have to think about where you are going to keep the jewelry. It is probably best that you don’t just leave the items out, on your dresser because they will get dusty and you will notice that there is a loss of sparkle and the gold will look dull. Therefore, you will spend a lot of time cleaning the jewelry.

Once you have

Effects of Getting Engaged

In one’s personal outlook on commitment and marriage, the side-effects of getting engaged can manifest themselves in a number of ways. The most blatant ‘symptoms’ in this regard are likely to come from the bride’s side, but the groom will also undoubtedly be affected, though he may demonstrate it in a slightly more subdued manner.

One of the most common collateral effects of an engagement proposal for a bride is to stare incessantly at her own hand. The reason for this is, of course, the sudden presence of a relatively large and undoubtedly appealing ring on her finger, one that bears admiring repeatedly, as well as displaying to friends and family. Furthermore, programmes and films revolving around weddings will begin, in the bride’s eye, to take on a different nature, and detailed wedding plans may begin to form in her mind.

For the groom, on the other hand, this change will manifest itself mostly through a perceptible but impossible-to-define change in his relationship to his future bride. Even couples who have been living together for years are not immune to this change, which tends to lead to a lot of decision-making and future-planning in the period

Get a Variety of Engagement Rings

When you walk in, it is possible you will begin to feel overwhelmed again, after all, the thought of picking the perfect ring, especially if you don’t know what you are looking at can be tremendous. A specialist should greet you. Simply explain that you are looking at diamond engagement rings and you need one that will tell a story but you know nothing about diamond rings. The specialist may have a G.I.A. graduate talk to you about diamonds. They will begin to explain how the cut of the diamond impacts the way the light reflects off it. Then he or she will tell you about how the color and clarity of the diamond are graded from yellow to clear and flawless to imperfect. Finally the G.I.A. graduate should explain that carat weight is the general measure of how large the stone is. When you have enough information and are comfortable, return to the specialist you can begin to browse the diamond rings.

When you are back with the specialist, he or she should explain that there are several different band styles to choose from. Classic styles never seem to get old. The halo has several smaller

Black Diamond Jewelries

It forms a lovely combination with other colorful gemstones. The jewelry item becomes one of a kind and tantalizing. The precious gemstone in dark color has been used in several ornaments with architectural designs combined with sensual curves. Sarah Jessica Parker wore a black diamond ring for the cover of Harper’s Bazaar to add dynamism to her photo shoot. That ring made a strong fashion statement and since then the precious gemstone has made it to the jewelry box of various celebs who like to experiment with their wardrobe.

In an excellent example of fusion cuff, the gemstone has been combined with rhodium to bring out the monochromatic chic appearance. The black diamond jewelry plays with the sharpness of rhodium and smoothness of diamond to bring out the edgy side of personality. It is an extremely versatile item as it goes well with the leather jacket, ball gown and also with a pair of battered jeans. An edgy and avant-garde designer ring could be the missing piece in your jewelry box modifying the classic black and white diamond stones combination.

If you wish to possess an entirely black diamond suite, the Turkish jewelry designers have crafted

Types Of Bracelets

Charm: a charm bracelet comes with a single open-link chain where you attach small charms. The small charms are usually minute figures that are made from a given metal such as gold or silver.

The good thing with these bracelets is that you can easily make them. You can also make them in different shapes that you want. For example, if you are musician you can go for a bracelet that has a shape of a violin, guitar or piano. If you are giving the bracelet as a gift to a loved one you can make a bracelet that has a heart shape.

Chain: these are the most common bracelets and are made up of interlocking links. The links come with different shapes and sizes. Due to the designs, these bracelets are very flexible and you can wear them with almost any outfit.

Bangles: they are made from wood, metal or plastic. They are usually made from one rigid piece thus they aren’t as flexible as the chain bracelets. When wearing them it’s wise that you wear them in multiples. For a unique look you should consider curving them outwards.

Bead: they are popular

White Gold Engagement Rings


The biggest advantage of white gold engagement rings is certainly their cost. 1,500 tons of the metal are mined annually which makes their market value fairly low, at least compared to other materials. Also, the element is fairly light compared to other metals, and since such precious jewellery pieces are priced by weight, it is easy to understand why these beautiful pieces can be bought at half the price of some of their metal counterparts.


Most white gold bands are offered in 14K or 18K versions. The former is 58.3 percent pure, and the latter 75 percent. The higher the karat amount of the gold, the purer the content of the band, but then the ring becomes a less durable jewellery piece. Its purest form is 24K, but in that state it is too soft to use to mount white gold engagement rings. Therefore it must be alloyed with other metals in order to strengthen it.


Gold symbolizes prosperity, wisdom, and spirituality, as in the Bible’s ‘golden rule’ and Aristotle’s ‘golden mean’. ‘The golden age’ and ‘golden years’ signify the best of times, and the 50th wedding anniversary is called

Clean and Preserve Your Jewelry

Girl with a Pearl Earring

As for shine and luster – it goes the same for pearl as for silver: the more you wear the better. The pearls absorb your skin’s natural oils, and they get nice and shiny. Our style advice: wear pearls to brighten up your complexion and give an extra glow for your face without strobing.

If you’re going out, you should finish your makeup and hairdo before put on pearls, as these cosmetics can discolor pearls. You can clean slightly tainted pearls with a soft, clean cloth (preferably made from cotton or bamboo), barely dampened with water. We recommend for every fifth cleaning to use a mild solution of water and Castille soap (made with natural oils such as olive and coconut). Air-dry the pearls overnight.

So Shiny – Diamonds

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but they still need some love and attention. A cleaning solution can be created to bring the sparkle back in the hard stone.

A diamond should be soaked for 20 minutes in a solution of one cup warm water and ¼ cup ammonia. Gently scrub it with a soft-bristle toothbrush. This helps

Stainless Steel Necklaces

Versatility: People go after jewelry for various reasons. Some buy it to look good in public, others want a refined look, while others simply want to look beautiful. Stainless steel jewelry fulfills each and every of these wishes. Like indicated earlier, it is also quite cheap making it affordable and meaning that one can buy different designs for different occasions.

Durability: since stainless steel is a hard alloy, it makes it more durable in comparison to other materials such as gold and silver. Since jewelry such as rings gets used on a daily basis, they are subject to wear and tear. Nonetheless, stainless steel holds up quite well to this kind of wear and tear. Thus, you can have your stainless steel jewelry for longer and save up money, which could have been otherwise spent on replacing worn out jewelry. Since it is affordable, and you probably have several pieces; that reduces the wear and tear too.

Good material: as the name suggests, steel is stainless. Other materials such silver get stained easily. That means your gold or silver jewelry will lose its striking look after some time. As for jewelry made from steel, it hardly

Dubai Gold Souk

Once you enter the Souk, you will steer through a labyrinth of covered walkways that are home to over 300 gold retail stores which mostly trade in jewellery. Window after window is hung with racks of gold ornaments that are a feast for the eye. Hundreds of vendors ensure that you are never out of choices, with unique pieces, statement gemstones and alluring Arabic designs that will leave you awestruck. The Dubai Gold Souk offers a stunning collection of 18, 21, 22 and 24 carat gold jewellery such as earrings, rings, necklaces, bangles, bracelets and pendants. The cacophony, colors and chaos in the atmosphere make the Souk even more dazzling.

If your eyes ever get tired of the yellow glitter and shimmer of gold, you will find white, pink and green gold as well. If stats are to be believed, there are at least 10 tons of gold present in the Souk at any given time. The Dubai Gold Souk also trades in precious metals like platinum and silver, and stones like diamonds, rubies, emeralds etc.

Gold is offered at competitive prices that are fixed at the start of day, based on the weight and the

Types of Silver Jewelry

Pure Silver

Pure silver charms are jewelry types that are crafted from the pure version. Pure silver is about 99.9% wholesome. This silver type has a finish that is glossy and really soft. Due to the soft nature, pure silver jewelry is very malleable. It is thus very easy to craft bangles, necklaces, earrings and other charms from the pure metal. It is very easy to create some elaborate patterns out of the pure element, compared to other types of metals that are used in making jewelry.

Sterling Silver

Sterling silver has an unadulterated content of about 92.5%. It is a really hard metal, but also very famous for creating those magnificent adornments. The most common types of jewels made out of the sterling stuff include bangles, necklaces, rings, bracelets, and earrings, amongst others. Such jewels are produced by employing procedures that include inlays, filigree, engraving and chasing. The wonders of sterling silver are always marked ‘925’ which depicts the quality of the metal.

German Silver

German silver is also popularly referred to as the alpaca kind. It is a sort of metal obtained from blending together copper, nickel and zinc. Jewelry produced

Elegantly Wear Diamond Earrings

When to wear them

Gone are the days when diamond earrings could only be worn to the fanciest occasions and events. Today, you have the freedom to wear your diamonds even in every day settings to any place and event. You simply need to get the style right and they will look the part and actually add that touch of elegance to your overall look. They are versatile, suiting even occasions that are less formal.

Pairing with other jewelry

One of the most outstanding features of diamonds is their clear color that makes them match with everything. This does not however mean that you can go overboard with the diamond earrings. The less the jewelry you have on, the better and the more outstanding the diamond earrings will look. The key here is to give them a chance to shine so be very minimal with the rest of the jewelry whether necklaces or bracelets. If you must pair, then choose silver pieces that are bold and contemporary, but in designs that do not outshine the diamond earrings that you want to trot. Important to remember is that even though it could be okay to pair

Eternity Rings

When your wedding day begins drawing closer you’ll need to begin thinking about your wedding bands. Men naturally opt for the plain platinum, silver or gold bands however for women the options are endless and today, thanks to the range of specialist jewellers whether the small local companies or large world-renowned brands; the thought of having even more diamonds are too good to resist.

From claw set to channel set, to princess cut and round cut; today eternity rings are growing becoming a popular alternative to wedding bands. Traditionally meant to commemorate an anniversary or the birth of a child; the symbol of endless love makes it the must have choice.

Not sure whether you want the traditional wedding band option or whether an eternity ring is the best idea? Below are a few basic facts and points that may hopefully help you make the right choice for the special woman in your life…

  • Eternity rings are called so as they are considered a symbol of everlasting, eternal love. In many instances the rings are often even used in place of a standard engagement ring as they are deemed more meaningful.
  • Rings are commonly stone set.
  • Full-set

Comfort Fit Ring Bands

The main difference between these custom-fit bands and standard ones is their interior. Comfort-fit engagement ring bands use extra metal to make the inside of the ring slightly more domed, allowing it to slip over the finger better, particularly if the wearer has large knuckles. This makes them ideal for men, whose slightly wider and bulkier knuckles often make wearing engagement or wedding rings uncomfortable. Grooms with extra-large knuckles can even opt for ‘heavy domed’ bands, which make the dome even higher, and therefore more comfortable.

Not all comfort-fit bands are domed, however. This style of ring is also available in a ‘flat’ variant, which provides a slightly more understated look while losing none of the comfort or breathing room domed bands provide. These can be a good option for people seeking a slightly different and more elegant type of band, while still wanting or needing the advantages brought about by domed engagement ring bands.

Couples interested in these types of bands are advised to look into tungsten or titanium as the material for their ring, since these metals automatically come fitted with a comfort setting at no extra charge. For more traditional metals such as

Bracelet Clasps Designs

Spring Ring Clasps:

This is a very commonly used type of clasp in jewelry design. Typically, this type of clasp opens when a little lever in a small circular ring is pushed backwards. When it opens, the other end of the bracelet, which can be a loop or a chain, is inserted and the lever is released to snap shut. Such types of clasp use a spring mechanism for the opening and shutting process. They are quite sturdy and easy to handle and hence they are quite popular.

Lobster Claw Clasp:

Just as the name signifies, this type of clasp looks like the claw of a lobster, but they are highly customizable to suit the need of a particular piece of jewelry. They are quite easy to open and close. This type of clasp has a tiny spring in its mechanism, which helps to keep it closed until you push the lever to open it.

Toggle Clasps:

These are widely used in fashionable bracelets and come in a variety of designs. Toggle clasps generally come in two pieces, each of which is attached to one end of a bracelet. Typically, one section of

Buy a Fashion Jewelry Ring

When guys are shopping for a fashion jewelry ring there are several questions that enter their minds. Where should I start? How much should I spend? How do I go about choosing the perfect engagement ring? These are all questions that need answers if you are a man who wants to stay out of the dog house with your future fiancé. Most guys know the basics that are needed to choose the best ring, and some even know about the 4 C’s that should be looked at in a diamond. However, some men think too much about the ring and do not spend enough time thinking about the woman they are buying it for.

Shopping for a fashion jewelry ring is about more than just the ring itself. It is also important to consider the woman that is going to be wearing the ring. Taking the time to think about the woman’s taste in fashion and jewelry will go a long way in the reaction she has when you pull the ring out and get down on one knee. Do not get so caught up in buying the ring that you forget all about the woman that

Venetian Glass Beads

Millefiori glass beads

Although the millefiori glass technique has existed since before the 7th century AD, the technique was really made famous by Venetian glassworkers. The name actually derives from the Italian words “mille” meaning thousand, and “fiori” meaning flowers. The beads are multicolored with very distinct patterns. They are made by producing special glass canes or rods which only display the patterns from the cut ends. Once the rods are sliced, the cut ends will all display identical patterns.

Lattimo Beads

Lattimo beads are made of glass which has had a white or colored dye added to it, so that the glass looks almost opaque. Light can pass through the bead; however it cannot be seen clearly. The beads are known as lattimo which is derived from the Italian word for milk (latte) because they look as though they the glass has had milk poured into it.

Imitation gemstones

These beads are designed to look just like gemstones, but without the high cost. Many designers use imitation gemstones in their jewelry designs when they want a piece to look exquisite, but they also want it to be affordable. Imitation gemstones often weigh

Shopping for Jewelry Online

Easy comparison

Searching for your favorite piece in various tabs helps in another way; it allows you to compare similar items side – by – side. This is not possible in – store shopping experience. To compare it at a traditional store, it might need some assistance and what gets shown might not represent the complete range of options. For instance, a simple gold ring comes with so many variations that no one store can fulfill your requirement. Online, finding the right piece you need is as simple as typing the keyword. Various jewelry retailers make it easy by offering a search bar on all pages. You just have to drill down their category.

Everything will be in stock

This is another area where online shopping for jewelry excels over in – store purchases is in the high probability that the piece you are looking for is in stock and ready to ship. A retailer might run of that particular piece you have set your heart on, but online jewelers are not limited to the stock.

Shopping at your own pace

Buying gold jewelry is potentially a huge – ticket purchase, and feeling

Jump Ring

They are extremely useful as well as appealing to the eyes when incorporated into an artistic jewel design. The most important part to a jump ring when assembling earrings,necklaces and bracelets is to be sure it is closed properly or else your beads and other components with dangle right off the ring.

Jump rings are like “staples” to the jewelry artisan. It is a good idea to have a supply of every size you like using as well as the different materials such as silver, gold, antique copper, silver plated, gun metal and so on. You can find these anywhere you are looking for supplies as they are a basic component.

A jump ring is a jewelry component used to connect other jewelry components together for a finished piece of jewelry. They open and close very simply using a pair of pliers. Most of them are circular and comes in various sizes. You can even make your own. There are also a bit sturdier rings called “split rings.”

Two things to always remember about using jump rings that stay closed are quality and technique. Disconnected rings is a disaster for your handmade projects and one