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Buy a Fashion Jewelry Ring

When guys are shopping for a fashion jewelry ring there are several questions that enter their minds. Where should I start? How much should I spend? How do I go about choosing the perfect engagement ring? These are all questions that need answers if you are a man who wants to stay out of the dog house with your future fiancĂ©. Most guys know the basics that are needed to choose the best ring, and some even know about the 4 C’s that should be looked at in a diamond. However, some men think too much about the ring and do not spend enough time thinking about the woman they are buying it for.

Shopping for a fashion jewelry ring is about more than just the ring itself. It is also important to consider the woman that is going to be wearing the ring. Taking the time to think about the woman’s taste in fashion and jewelry will go a long way in the reaction she has when you pull the ring out and get down on one knee. Do not get so caught up in buying the ring that you forget all about the woman that

Tacori Engagement Ring

In fact, one of Tacori’s settings is so unique, they have been able to patent it. The Tacori setting we are referring to is their very famous Crescent Silhouette, which has the appearances of half moons cut out from around the setting or band itself.

All Tacori jewelry is made to last a lifetime. From handmade designs, through to hand engraving and polishing, these rings are never going to look quite the same twice. Many artisans work on each piece through the various and complicated stages of making a ring. No mass production here.

Tacori engagement rings often incorporate timeless old world glamor into their settings along with the most modern diamond cuts and styles. The end result is gorgeous contemporary rings that retain classic luxury.

Tacori engagement rings are available as what is known as a semi-mount. What does this mean? The ring has been partially built, but the center stone has not been included. This allows couples to select a setting that they love and then the ring can be adjusted to fit a diamond of their choice. This can work extremely well for those couples who may already be in possession of

Jump Ring

They are extremely useful as well as appealing to the eyes when incorporated into an artistic jewel design. The most important part to a jump ring when assembling earrings,necklaces and bracelets is to be sure it is closed properly or else your beads and other components with dangle right off the ring.

Jump rings are like “staples” to the jewelry artisan. It is a good idea to have a supply of every size you like using as well as the different materials such as silver, gold, antique copper, silver plated, gun metal and so on. You can find these anywhere you are looking for supplies as they are a basic component.

A jump ring is a jewelry component used to connect other jewelry components together for a finished piece of jewelry. They open and close very simply using a pair of pliers. Most of them are circular and comes in various sizes. You can even make your own. There are also a bit sturdier rings called “split rings.”

Two things to always remember about using jump rings that stay closed are quality and technique. Disconnected rings is a disaster for your handmade projects and one

Diamonds on Men’s Wedding Rings

The most popular forms of wedding rings are plain bands. Men are partial to this style. Women, on the other hand tend to prefer designs that are more ornate. The more affluent couples who can afford to add settings with precious stones on their wedding bands may choose diamonds as adornment. From this, the question regarding the appropriateness of diamonds on wedding rings for men now arises.

A primer on male jewelry

Most men do wear no other piece of jewelry other than their wedding ring, if they are married, and a wristwatch. For men who wear suits, cuff links are a necessity. If a man chooses to wear a necklace or a bracelet, it is usually plain and straightforward in design. There are many schools of thought on the art of “manliness,” but in general, social convention dictates that men minimize the wearing of jewelry when they are in public.

Among men, wearing too much jewelry is taboo, and because of this convention, those who prefer to wear one or two additional pieces of accessory limit their choices to simple items made from gold, white gold, platinum, or silver. Still, a man can still

Beaded Jewelry

  1. Clasps. Clasps are probably the most basic and necessary of all the findings. Every quality piece of jewelry that you assemble simply must have a clasp attached. This is the piece that allows you to put a piece of jewelry on and take it off. There are many different kinds; barrel clasps screw out, clamshell clasps are your average kind, magnetic clasps are also available; they are quite easy to use, because the two separate pieces of the clasp stick together. Many other kinds are on the market including, but not limited to, hook and eye clasps and toggle clasps.
  2. Jump Rings. Jump rings are often used to attach other findings to the piece of jewelry – a lot of times a clasp is attached with a jump ring and sometimes charms are as well. A jump ring is basically just a piece of thin wire bent into a ring. One tip I do have though, for jump rings, is that when you open one, don’t pull it straight open – grab each end of the jump ring with a separate pair of pliers and pull open at an angle.
  3. Split Rings. If you have ever

Cubic Zirconia Rings

Modern ring styles include everything from large solitaires to fancy clusters and even multi-stone designs. Quite often, jewelry trends are dictated by the season and/or upcoming holidays. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, cubic zirconia rings featuring the design of a heart are at the top of the list for many jewelry lovers. Although the heart motif is always in style, it’s even more so during the month of February as gift-giving is often done with heartfelt sentiment in mind. Whether it be a solitaire heart or a cluster ring, you cannot go wrong with this classic at any time of the year.

In recent years, the 3-stone jewelry design has soared in popularity. To this day, the trend continues with new twists that are sure to make your eyes shine. For many, the 3-stone design represents the past, present and future. For others, it may represent the number of children, grandchildren or even siblings that one has. For instance, a 3-stone ring could be given to a mom who has three children. Whatever the occasion or meaning, the design is always in style and could even be considered tomorrow’s classic.

Speaking of classic, a

Alexandrite Gemstone Jewelry

With a rating of 8.5 on Moh’s scale, alexandrite ranks right between ruby and sapphire. This hardness makes alexandrite an excellent choice for jewelry. It is its color – or more properly, ‘colors’ – that give alexandrite its unique quality. In daylight, an optimum, or ideal, alexandrite is a bluish emerald green. In incandescent light, however, the alexandrite appears a purplish or raspberry red. These are the striking hues of the original Russian alexandrite. Alexandrite from other locations tends to be less vivid in varying degrees. This interesting trait of this diaphanous mineral is due to alexandrite’s chemical composition.

Although basically a chrysoberyl, which is colorless, alexandrite contains iron, titanium, beryllium and chromium. This very specific set of circumstances in nature – makes alexandrite one of the rarest and most valuable of the gemstones. An alexandrite of more than one caret is rarer than a fine ruby, sapphire or emerald.

It’s interesting to note that this tendency of a stone to change colors is in fact called “the alexandrite effect.” Sapphires and garnets, for instance, are said to be “alexandritic”.

Apples of Gold Jewelry has launched it’s section of gemstone jewelry articles on all major

Cheap Jewelry Rings

  1. Know you budget limit
    When you go out for shopping, always remember your budget. Buy and look for only those rings that come in your budget. It is sometime that you end up with the temptation of buying some other fancy rings that is far beyond your budget. It will just give you extra tensions.
  2. Which metal do you want
    The choice of most of the people is platinum which is too expensive. Those people who are after a silver look can try white gold. White gold rings are gaining more popularity nowadays. They look almost like the platinum and have the durability of gold as well. You can get white gold at half the price of what gold costs. Titanium rings are also popular in the market with their ultra light weight, durability and extremely cheaper price. But silver is the best option if you are looking for really cheap rings.
  3. Weight counts
    Metals are priced by their weight. The heavier and thicker your ring is, the higher the price will be. By going for thinner rings, you can substantially bring the cost down. Looking for more fancy rings can make the cost higher.

Wear Stacked Rings

Stacked rings as the name rightly suggests means wearing or stacking multiple rings on a single finger. Since the rings are going minimal, the quantity of rings is going higher. Stacked rings are becoming a must-try trend. It is slowly coming in the limelight and is grabbing attention without screaming ‘I am big and I need attention’. It is like they are commanding it without doing much. There are no rights or wrongs as to how many rings you should stack at a time. It’s all about creating something unique. Wearing a ring on every finger can be a bit tricky. If you are one of those kinds who can rock just about anything, go ahead! But if you are not that much of an ace when it comes to fashion, do avoid stacking rings on each and every finger. That will flat out make you look like a hippy. That is fine if you are looking to adopt that style.

Mixing different materials and metals while stacking your rings makes it look rich and that you’ve put in some thought and creativity and time. Play around with colors and textures. Don’t be afraid to mix gold,

Gold Belly Button Rings

In the past, body piercings other than pierced earlobes were generally frowned upon, and looked at as something negative and on the dark or esoteric side. Many people that had body piercings were forced to cover them during work or in other social situations to avoid the negative stigma attached to pierced body parts. These negative attitudes led to many people piercings their body in places that are usually covered by clothing. That is one of the reasons that belly piercings became one of the most popular forms of body piercing.

Over time, the stigma associated with body piercing has largely subsided, leading people from all walks of life to get their navels pierced for the purpose of wearing gold belly rings and other types of navel jewelry.

Wearing gold belly button rings is a great choice if you do not want your piercing to be shown all of the time. With most kinds of clothing, your piercing will be completely covered up and invisible. However, if you choose to wear clothes that show it off, you have many choices. Besides that, it is almost always visible when you are wearing a bathing suit.


Stackable Ring Style

The eternity band is a popular variety of stackable ring. Eternity rings are symbolic of love for all time. The diamonds or cubic zirconium that circle the ring continuously signifies the eternal idea. Naturally, this idea of eternity is a beautiful symbol of love and devotion. It’s no wonder that the style gained near-instant popularity. Often, a stackable ring configuration contains two slim eternity bands flanking a larger center ring, which is more ornately decorated. Stacked on the finger, the look is striking and impossible to ignore. It’s bound to attract attention and admiration.

Another variety of stackable ring with a more modern flair is the etoile band. Etoile bands are solid gold, silver, or other precious metal, with diamonds or gemstones inset. Usually the gems are flush with the ring. This look is a great choice for those who favor a contemporary flair in their jewelry. Create visual interest with your stackable rings by choosing several etoile bands with varying numbers of inset gems. One ring could be sparsely dotted with gems, another densely populated with many. For even greater variety choose one with diamonds or cubic zirconium and another with multicolored semi-precious or precious gems.

Jared Engagement Rings

Before you start searching for an engagement ring, there are a few things that you need to consider. You will need to know what kind of metal you want for your ring, such as:

  • Yellow gold-24 karat gold is pure gold with no other alloys. This type of gold is much too soft for jewelry so there is 18 karat gold (meaning 18 parts gold to 6 parts alloy) or 14 karat gold (most popular for rings because it is 14 parts gold to 10 parts other alloy). The alloys used are cooper and silver.
  • White gold-comes in 18 karat and 14 karat. The alloys used in white gold are copper, nickel, and zinc.
  • Platinum-has a similar look to white gold, however it’s most attractive feature is its durability. It can also develop a patina over time, some people prefer this look, but if you do not, just have it cleaned to restore its shine.Next you will need to know what type of shape you want for your stone. There are many popular styles.
  • Round Brilliant- the most common classic cut.
  • Marquise-A lengthened brilliant-cut stone that has a point on each end.

Antique Diamond Engagement Rings

The antique engagement rings characterizes a ring which is more than 50 years old. Vintage rings on the market today are dated from the late 1800’s through the 1950’s. These wedding rings are often less expensive and usually contain better craftsmanship than the average over the counter manufactured ring. They can be referred to as vintage, a term used by jewelers for “old”. Vintage is also sometimes used to describe a rings that is made to look like it was from that era.

Just like paintings antique diamond rings can be classed in different eras, here are the most common:

-Victorian Era (1835-1900)
Victorian jewelry is dominantly set in yellow or rose gold. The designs are fairly simple and elegant. With a single solitaire diamond or a row of diamonds, many rings include elegant hand carved engravings. The diamonds commonly used are of a Mine cut or European cut.g

-Art Nouveau Era (1890-1915)
Art nouveau jewelry takes its designs from life forms; flowers, animals, insects. With an extensive use of enameling.

-Edwardian Era (1900-1920)
Edwardian wedding rings are set in platinum and white gold, with intricate details adorning the rings. These lacy designs contained

Affordable Diamond Engagement Ring

The first step in designing of the jewelery is to ensure that you buy the diamond at lower prices. There are many ways to do so. You should buy a loose diamond online or from a physical store. An online purchasing will enable you in comparing the gem prices and arriving at lower possible prices. After you have bought the precious stone at low cost, it simply means that you have cut down the ring costs substantially.

In order to reduce the diamond prices even more, you can settle for the stone that is yellowish in color and has some invisible flaws inside of it. Such gems are cheaper and make great diamond engagement ring. Even with yellowish color and flaws, the stone will glitter with brilliance and fire.

Note that a solitaire ring with single diamond is usually costly. The single stone has to be larger, meaning that its carat weight will be higher and that will result in expensive stone and ring. So, we advise you to settle for the ring that has smaller diamonds in channel or pave setting. You can easily purchase the smaller gems within your budget.

After selecting a

Cat Rings Jewelry

One Size to Fit All Fingers

No longer do you have to worry about whether the ring you order will fit your finger. There are many absolutely beautiful rings that are adjustable and are suitable for all finger sizes. Simply bend these cat-themed rings into shape around your little finger, and experience the comfortably snug fit that will instantly remind you of your little feline friend at home. These adjustable cat rings will surely bring back memories of you and your furry cat cuddling together. Each time you put on a cat ring from your jewelry collection, you can carry your love for your favorite pet on your finger all day long. Wear them on your ring finger, or on all fingers if you like, and show off your crazy cat lady side.

An Amazing Range of Designs and Styles

Cat rings jewelry is available in so many styles and patterns, you’ll have a hard time deciding which one to pick! If you find the idea of wrapping a cat tail around your finger appealing, then you might want to consider an adjustable ring that features a long cat tail. Or, if paws and ears

Designs For Engagement Ring

In most cases when a couple go shopping for an engagement ring the cost does not really come into it as the couple are often caught up in the moment and the emotions. It is very important that the couple make the correct decision about the ring as placing the ring on the woman’s finger is sign of what the man is actually promising.

When couples have got to this milestone in their relationship there is two basis choices which are that they could go and purchase a piece of ring jewelry from one of the many top quality stores that sell jewelry or they could locate one of the specialist people that specializes in designing engagement rings so that the couple can have something unique.

The choice of engagement ring jewelry is very important therefore the couple should take some time to think about what they would really like to have for an engagement ring. It is a very good idea to compare the rings that are close to those that you like in order to determine which one is the one that the woman would like to wear.

The rarity of the ring

Armor Ring Jewelry

As a piece of jewelry the armor ring has attracted a fair amount of attention of its own just lately with some of Hollywood’s A listers having been seen wearing more than one or two on a number of occasions.

To be honest you can hardly fail to notice a fantastic finger covering that reaches from the base of the finger to just under the nail bed or second knuckle even when a mega star like Rhianna has one on. In fact, if she can wear one and it still attracts comments then you know how much of an impact they make.

It may seem like these rings are a relatively new design but, in truth they have long been favored by people who embrace the Gothic style of dress and they have other names such as full finger ring, Gothic ring and medieval ring to name but a few.

But, their secret is now out and with the likes of iconic designers such as Vivienne Westwood putting her own unique spin on them and bringing out her own version on this particular theme then the lid has been well and truly lifted and people

Black Diamond Ring

The plain science of black diamonds goes like this: It demonstrates an over-abundance of hydrogen carbon bonds which confirms that they are formed inside a rich hydrogen background like in deep space. In addition, nano diamonds which can be found inside meteorites bare similarities to these black stones. Moreover, unlike normal diamonds which are formed deep in the Earth’s crust, the gas bubbles in the black diamonds could not have possibly been formed here. On the other hand, there is some controversy to this theory and a number of other scientists hold their own theories saying that the origin of these diamond rings might not necessarily occur from outer space. Scientists have long been baffled by the origins of carbonados since they don’t stay on the diamond mineralogy rules and they don’t form where natural clear diamonds occur inside those usual ordinary areas.

Carbonados or black diamonds as they are ordinarily called, are described as wearing the color of charcoal or melted glass with full of bubbles. These stones are understood to weigh thousands of carats and appear in shades from black to grey. Time and again, they crop up in bumpy fragments with a surface which

Metal For Engagement Rings

Since you are buying one of the engagement rings in a jewelry shop for your bride-to-be, first know about her choice. She may be more interested on traditional metals for the occasion as against your choice of the metal. As you enter a jewelry shop, the jeweler will show you the rings made white gold, yellow gold and platinum. These are three major metals used in making of today’s rings.

Yellow gold gives the rings its traditional look and is preferred in many cultures across the world on weddings. It provides a classical touch to the rings and this is the reason that the gold is a preferred choice for the wedding jewelry. When shopping for it, know that typically yellow gold rings are available in different carat sizes, typically 9k, 14k, and 18k, indicating purity of yellow gold and other metals in making the ring.

Thus, 18k yellow gold engagement rings mean that the metal has more yellow color than 9k. This also means that 18k is a bit harder and is more suitable for working women who have to wear the ring daily. For budget people, 18k ring is of greater cost as compared

Personalized Rings

  1. Choose a monogrammed ring. Monogrammed rings are a classic type of personalized ring, particularly popular among men. Choosing a block style font is the perfect choice for men, with its masculine look and its sophisticated design. For women, a cursive script is classic and elegant.
  2. Choose a name ring. Name rings are a hot trend in jewelry, with some of the hippest Hollywood trendsetters wearing them on the red carpet. Name rings are ideal for teens and young women who love expressing their individuality.
  3. Choose a personalized promise ring. Promise rings are popular among older teens and college students who want to express deep commitment without getting engaged. To make that ring extra-special, consider having the ring engraved with the names of the couple.
  4. Choose a birthstone ring. Birthstones are a not a new or revolutionary concept in jewelry, and are sometimes overlooked in favor of newer styles. Each stone has its own individual look, and even the semi-precious stones are beautiful.
  5. Choose a family ring. This is a great choice for mothers, especially! You can have a ring engraved with names of the children or grandchildren in the family, or have one set