18 Carat Gold

Gold, an element that is yellowish in nature in its true essence is too soft in its purest form to be utilized as jewelry. This is exactly why most of the cultures make sure that gold is processed in order to harden it and make it usable as jewelry. In order to give you a better idea, it is to be mentioned here that preparation of a perfect combination of gold with other metals to form an alloy is what determines the strength, resistance, and appearance of gold in the jewelry form.

There is a particular proportion of gold in each kind of the alloy that is prepared to be used as jewelry. The unit that elaborates the proportion of gold in each alloy is called carat. 1/24 is what is termed as carat jewelry; this means one part in 24 KG of weight. This implies that 18 carat gold implies ¾ gold.

According to the above-mentioned formula, a 9-10 carat gold jewelry is going to be comprised of around 38% gold with the rest of it being made up of a certain metal. This implies that such a gold like any other metal is prone to getting tarnished or turning black or probably green and damaging your skin as well as clothes. It won’t be wrong to state that such a gold only has the advantage of affordability or cheapness over the 18 carat one.

There is no argument over the fact that the 14-carat gold is a huge improvement as compared to that of the 9 or 10 carat gold. It is going to contain around 58% gold that is a higher concentration than the base metal. However, this concentration of gold is still not sufficient to prevent it from getting damaged or tarnished. Brittleness may also be a part of 14 carat. Moreover, if you take a closer look at the percentage by volume of metals being utilized in 14 carat gold, the base metal still has a higher concentration.

As mentioned earlier, the more pure the gold is, the more soft it is going to be. Therefore, while it does have certain features to offer like a brilliant color, however, it is going to be considerably softer as to not make it a preferable choice for jewelry. To put it simply, the 22-carat jewelry is certainly going to compromise on durability.

There is no argument over the fact that there are a number of other features, which can be mentioned in favor of the 18-carat being the most appropriate one. However, in the light of the above mentioned information, it is already explicit enough that the 18 carat gold is going to come up with a number of different benefits that the rest of the kinds are going to fail at.

Taking this into perspective, it can almost be taken for granted that making an investment into the 18 carat gold is going to be the only reasonable and wise choice as far as the gold is concerned.