Bulova Watch

In 1923, the company perfected it’s new concept in wrist watch making by standardization of all parts. The parts were made with such a high precision (ten thousandth part of an inch) so that it was interchangeable with any other Bulova watch of the same model. It became a renowned watch company the same year and in the following year it introduced it’s first complete line of ladies wrist watches. In 1926, Bulova created the very first watch commercial on radio, an advertisement that was heard by millions all over the United States. In 1927, Charles Lindbergh earned a Bulova watch and a check for a $1000 by being the first pilot to fly across the Atlantic non-stop on a flight from New York to Paris. He also became an emblem for the “Lone Eagle” model of Bulova watches which were made with his likeness. The company introduced electric clocks in 1931 and produced the first ever television commercial in 1941 before a baseball game. Joseph Bulova School of Watchmaking was founded in 1945 to teach disabled veterans watch making skills. Graduates from the school were guaranteed employment by Jewelers all across the United States. The company developed the Photo-timer in 1948, which is photo-finish camera combined with a precision electronic timer.

The Bulova Accutron, which revolutionized the watch making industry was invented by Max Hetzel and was introduced to the US market in 1960. The watch used a miniature turning fork as the time keeping element instead of the balance wheel seen with mechanical watches and it has a guaranteed accuracy of within one minute per month. This was the first watch to qualify as an “electronic watch”. In the same year, the company was asked by NASA to incorporate Accutron into NASA’s space program computers. This watch was used in 46 missions of the US Space Program. The watch was also declared as the “White House’s Official Gift of State” by President Lyndon Johnson. In 1962, the Bulova Accutron was the first watch to be certified for use by the Railroad Commission for it’s employees and in 1967, the Accutron clocks were the only ones aboard the Air Force One. The Bulova Watch Company was bought by Citizen Watch Co., in 2008, and today they are the world’s largest manufacturer of wristwatches.

Opal Diamond Rings

Most engagement ring designers know, for example, that opal is extremely fragile and breakable, which is in stark contrast to even a standard diamond. This makes this type of gemstone definitely not recommended for people with an active lifestyle. Neglecting to remove an opal ring before engaging in any type of slightly more demanding activity will almost certainly result in the jewel cracking or taking on a rough appearance.

Similarly, opal is extremely sensitive to heat, which may also present a problem for brides and grooms wanting one of these stones on their ring. Plus, these stones should not be subject to sudden changes in temperature and can be affected by something as simple as stepping out of a centrally-heated house into a frosty winter day. For these reasons and more, engagement ring designers try as much as possible to detract their customers from acquiring opals.

Braver souls who feel they can cope with the challenge of having one of these stones on their engagement ring will, however, need to take a number of special precautions to ensure the stone’s maintenance. Opals should, for instance, be polished regularly with a soft cloth and soap and room temperature water. Owners of an opal engagement ring should also avoid dipping the stone in water or chemical solutions, as they can cause the opal’s layers to separate.

Even more importantly, these stones should not be left anywhere where they may be exposed to the elements and, again, this includes things as common as open windows or radiators. Opal owners living in dry climates need to also make sure that the stone is permanently hydrated, preferably by a piece of cotton inside a sealed plastic bag.

Jewelry Making Supplies

Trade Expos

Trade expos are a great place to look if you want to be one of the first to find fantastic new jewelry making supplies. Manufacturers often unveil their new pieces at trade fairs, so that they can test the market before they issue pieces for wider release. This will allow you to stay ahead of some other jewelry makers. Be aware that some trade expos only admit registered business people, and therefore you may need to take your formal identification with you when you go.

Hardware Stores

It is possible to pick up a lot of the physical tools needed for jewelry making from your local hardware store, for example pliers, wire cutters and adhesives. If you are able to find the jewelry making supplies that you need, these stores may be less expensive than specialist shops are. In some circumstances, specialist shops will add a premium on for tools, so it is worth shopping around.

Real life

Many jewelry makers like to take their inspiration from real life, and it is actually possible to use items from your day-to-day life in your jewelry making. For example, children’s toys such as Lego figurines can be turned into jewelry if you have the right inspiration. It is also possible to use natural items such as shells which you found at the beach. As a designer, it is always worth it to look around you to see what inspiration you can take from your surroundings.

Local Bead Sellers

Local bead sellers are a great place to look if you want to buy a small number of beads or other jewelry making supplies which you have been able to select by hand. These environments are great, because you will be able to see the true color of the items, you will be able to find out how much they really weigh, and you will be able to feel the texture of the beads against your skin.

Aluminium Chain

  • Chunky Link Chains
    These chains look thicker and feel heavier than some other styles of chain. The metal bits themselves are often so chunky that there is barely a hole visible in the centre of each chain link. These chunkier, heavier aluminium chains are a very popular choice for jewellery for men.
  • Decorative Link Chains
    These chain links are much more delicate than the chunkier alternative style of links. Even though they are still strong, they are usually very light in weight. It is possible to get chains with tiny links, or with links which are bigger, but still using very thin pieces of aluminium. These types of aluminium are usually used for pieces of jewellery which are more delicate, such as a beautiful pendant which may be worn for a wedding or another special occasion.
  • Cross Chains
    These chains are an alternative style. Whereas the links in twist chains are slightly twisted to allow them to sit next to each other smoothly, the links in cross chains are straight, and they have been set at right angles to one another, to give a striking effect. These chains are often used for slightly more casual items of jewellery which still look delicate.
  • Gold or Silver Plated Aluminium Chains
    Gold or silver plated chains are a great value way to add a touch of class to your jewellery projects. Whilst the inside of these chains is made from aluminium, the outside of these chains had been covered in real gold or silver. These chains are strong and very versatile. If you want to make gold or silver jewellery, plated aluminium is a great way to cut costs, compared to buying solid gold or silver chains.


According to astrologers, the Rudrakhsa are power beads having immense benefit and positive effects on a person’s overall well being. The mere utterance of the sacred word Rudraksha is said to create emotions and vibrations touching the soul and bringing the person closer to God.

As Rudraksha has tremendous power of receiving energies so when these energies are released in our body it help fight against diseases. Because of the inherent positive energies and healing powers, astrologers suggest Rudraksha for removing malefic planetary effect. There are twenty-seven constellations and they are controlled and influenced by nine planets. The positions of these planets are studied at the time of our birth to determine their consequences and effects in our live. As a specific Rudraksha controls a constellation, to correct any planetary effects, only a specific Rudrakhsa (1 mukhi to 21 mukhi) can be worn.

According to Hindu purana, each type of Rudraksha (1 mukhi to 21 mukhi) is associated with a specific deity. It is the power of these deities that protects the person from negative energies.

In olden days, sadhus and sanyasis would wear Rudrakhsa as shield against negative energies as their enemies, especially the Rakchasha (evil spirits) would use Atharvana Veda -Veda where energies can be used to ruin or badly affect someone’s life. People who have mastery over this Veda can achieve so many things from giving extreme suffering to their enemies to even causing their death.

Over the course of evolution, human beings have become powerful species. We have learned to acquire positives energies that can be channelized to achieve great feat. There are instances of individuals who are able to materialise objects which otherwise would have taken Mother Nature thousands of years to create.

Ruby or Pink Sapphire

The colour distinction between rubies and sapphires blurs when it comes to pink sapphires and light red rubies as there are no specific rules on what shade of red constitutes a ruby and vice versa with a pink sapphire. It can get even more confusing when in some gem-producing countries, such as Sri Lanka, pink colours have always been considered rubies, while many consuming countries would label these same stones as pink sapphires. In the past, pink corundum stones were termed female rubies while the deeper red ones were male rubies. You should be careful about some of the more unsavoury jewellery establishments that may take advantage of these blurry distinctions and sell pink sapphire engagement rings as ‘light ruby’ engagement rings, instead of as the less expensive sapphires they actually are.

It is not only colour that distinguishes between a ruby and a sapphire, but availability and price also play a role. Real rubies are somewhat more rare than pink sapphires, especially the highly coveted dark blood-red rubies, and thus rubies can usually command the highest price of any coloured gemstones. On the other hand, sapphires are more common than rubies and they are frequently found in carat sizes that exceed the size of most ruby gemstones. The largest ruby ever found weighs 18,696-carats while the world’s largest sapphire, the Millennium Sapphire, is an outstanding 61,500-carats in weight. The differences in the availability between natural rubies and sapphires have a direct impact on the price differences between these two gemstones. As a rule, rubies are valued much higher than sapphire gemstones. So if you’re on a budget, you might want to stick with the pink sapphire engagement rings.

Rubies and sapphires also have completely different meanings, with rubies typically associated with love, intense passion, good luck, protection from misfortune and personal inspiration. Sapphires, on the other hand, are associated with blessings, divine knowledge, sincerity and faithfulness. Both have their own unique appeal and no matter if you prefer ruby engagement rings to pink sapphire engagement rings, both are can be stunning pieces of jewellery.