Make Braided Bracelets

The first thing that you should do is to cut three strands of the material that you want to make a bracelet from. The material can be a yarn, thread, leather or shoestring. For ideal results you should ensure that the strands are of different colors that look good together. For example, you can choose red, white and yellow.

You should tie the strands together by tying a knot at the top of the strand while leaving a one inch of material above the knot.

For you to easily braid the bracelets, you should ensure that the strands are long enough. To anchor the bracelet, you should tape the short loose ends of the strands to the tabletop. You can also tape the loose ends to the edge of a desk.

You should then braid the bracelet by separating the strands into three groups: left, right, and center. You should move the right strand over the middle strand and then the left strand over the right one. By doing this you will have moved the center strand to the right side. You should continue braiding until only an inch of strand is left.

After completing doing this you should tie a knot at the end of the braid and untape the bracelet. If you want to fasten the bracelet, you can tie the loose ends together.

There are many other braided units that you can make. For example, you can make a beaded unit by braiding cotton strings while adding beads along the way.

There are also braided wrap string bracelets that you can make by wrapping two strands of string or yarn around a third strand and making a bracelet out of them.

You can also make a braided paper unit by simply braiding three thick strips of paper instead of a string.

If you have advanced skills, you can make an add-on braided bracelet. Here you start by braiding three strands of strings and add more as you continue braiding.

Glitz of a Diamond Necklace

Diamond necklaces have proven to be popular especially in the last few years mainly because having a diamond necklace has become popular, stylish and fashionable unlike in earlier times. The necklaces in the past were being worn mostly by aristocracy and it was nearly impossible for even the rich to buy a diamond necklaces. This has all but changed thanks to the fact that they have become readily available boosted by the fact that they are a plethora of any jewellery store to buy the diamond necklace from. The youth have not been left out and some have personalized necklaces with symbols and signs embossed on them.

Most top jewellery stores have huge varieties of necklaces and they are a sure way to compliment any formal wear one has and one could easily display them at places such as dinner parties or a fancy ball. For women, wearing a strapless gown that has been complimented by a diamond necklace will surely be a nice way to emphasis the glitz of the diamond. It’s imperative to note that diamond necklaces are pricy, yet worth the investment. The most common type of diamond necklace is a single diamond set in a 14kg gold basket mounting that hangs on a chain.

Most people do not know how to visualize diamonds by weight or even where to shop for the best diamond merchandise. One has to carefully consider the cost as well as the quality of the diamond necklace. The cost is usually determined by the four C’s, Clarity, Colour, Cut and Carat. For colour, the best for any diamond is G-H-I. The higher grade codes such as D-E-F will be twice the cost of G-H-I but an ordinary eye cannot spot the difference. A diamond that has clarity should be rated SI or higher but the best clarity for diamonds has to be I1 clarity diamond that has white crystal inclusions.

The cut requires very good grades or excellent grades if you want perfection. The hand of the cutter has to be the most important part of the diamond process in that the hand is what showers the fascinating colours as well as breathing life to the diamond. Choosing the right style of the necklace requires time but most jewellery stores are stocked with the diamond solitaire necklace since it has lower costs. What is crucial about necklaces is the quality and how amazing it will look on the wearer. There are dozens of designs and patterns available in the market for customers; one can even have custom made diamonds.

Cushion Engagement Ring Cut

Diamonds are by far the most popular gemstone to be selected for a cushion engagement ring cut, but whether you want a diamond, sapphire, ruby or emerald, certain distinct features of this popular design need to be taken into account prior to purchasing your ring.

It is recommended that the gemstone a buyer purchases be of ‘H’ colour or better on the colour scale. This is because cushion cuts are one of the worst shapes when it comes to retaining colour. For this reason, buyers should stick with H or better when purchasing their stone, unless it is going to be set in yellow gold (in which case, you can afford to drop down to J or K because of the visual effect in contrast).

It is also recommended that a buyer purchase a gemstone for a cushion engagement ring cut of at least SI2 clarity, preferably SI1, on the clarity scale for the best brilliance. Since these cuts feature a large open table at their roof, it might be difficult for a buyer to find a nice clean SI2 cut because of the extra visibility to see inclusions inside the surface. A buyer may have to compromise and pay extra for a higher clarity stone. Don’t trust an online site listing virtually graded inventory. It is much better to shop in person to get a fuller sense of a stone’s inclusions, and only trust a vendor’s clarity checks if you are inspecting it yourself.

Cheap Jewelry Rings

  1. Know you budget limit
    When you go out for shopping, always remember your budget. Buy and look for only those rings that come in your budget. It is sometime that you end up with the temptation of buying some other fancy rings that is far beyond your budget. It will just give you extra tensions.
  2. Which metal do you want
    The choice of most of the people is platinum which is too expensive. Those people who are after a silver look can try white gold. White gold rings are gaining more popularity nowadays. They look almost like the platinum and have the durability of gold as well. You can get white gold at half the price of what gold costs. Titanium rings are also popular in the market with their ultra light weight, durability and extremely cheaper price. But silver is the best option if you are looking for really cheap rings.
  3. Weight counts
    Metals are priced by their weight. The heavier and thicker your ring is, the higher the price will be. By going for thinner rings, you can substantially bring the cost down. Looking for more fancy rings can make the cost higher.

Diamond Solitaire Necklace


Truth is ornaments whether necklaces, bracelets, pendants, earrings, chains, and others boosts a lady’s appeal. She will look beautiful and stylish. Nonetheless, each woman is unique and would want to be distinguished from the crowd. In addition to making her a centre of focus it also boosts her self esteem. The Diamond Solitaire charm has a unique appeal courtesy of its one-of-its-kind design. It will glow from a distance and it’s rare to come across a similar piece of jewellery. By adorning it, a woman’s is sure to stand out.


An aspect that is evident from the diamond solitaire necklace is its classic appeal. Firstly, it features a 14K gold set that is brings out the traditional aspect. Secondly, there is a 0.10 carat brilliant-cut diamond supported by highly polished chain. Thirdly, the merger of gold and diamond, both of which are highly precious metals, reveals a one-of-its-kind element. In addition to making an ornament look more outstanding and unique, the classic nature also makes it more valuable. This makes the charm suitable for one-off or day-to-day wear.


Adorning jewelry is not just about enhancing the looks and expressing sense of fashion. It also concerns keeping abreast with the latest trends. It’s true that an age old ornament will still look good even today and will especially appeal to those who love the classic effect. However, today’s woman wants to stay in touch with fashion and that is why many women always lookout for the latest offering. The diamond solitaire pendant necklace is among the trending ornaments in the market at the moment.

Platinum Rings

The strength and high melting point of this metal is what caught the attention of many scientists, but with plenty of extraction challenges of pure platinum, delays in use were experienced till the end of the 18th century. In 1786, the first successful extraction was made by Pierre-Francois Chabaneu and in good amount for that matter. He later presented Pope Pius VI with a platinum chalice and went ahead to establish a production company to start the platinum age in Spain. From here it started being used in different items including royal crowns and utensils, military aircraft and engagement rings.

This precious metal is rare and remains to be amongst the rarest on the planet. This rarity coupled with its tedious and prolonged extraction makes it amongst the most valuable substances too. Platinum rings have brought in lots of competition to its gold counterpart with most people including celebrities now choosing platinum engagement rings as romantic gestures and status symbols.

Platinum rings have become very popular majorly because of their high quality finish that makes them stand out from other rings. These rings are also quite low in maintenance, making them some of the best for every day rings like wedding bands and engagement rings. The metal also has hypo-allergenic properties. These properties push their popularity to the top of the list, especially for individuals with sensitive skin. While such people face problems wearing the other metals, they find comfort in platinum rings making a huge difference.

Platinum rings are versatile in terms of design. They can be made into any desired design without losing their quality and elegance. You will find impressive collections of trendy engagement rings so you would be lucky enough to have one designed just for you and to your exact specifications. Platinum is shiny and silky although not that shimmery. This white metal is therefore very easy to work with any outfit considering you will be wearing your engagement ring or wedding band every single day of your life. The gorgeous metal makes the fingers stand out compared to what sterling silver or white gold can achieve. You will love how unique the rings look on and off.

Choose an Opal

Black opals are the most expensive type of opal gems because the dark body tone which helps enhance the play of colors. Rare and precious, a high quality black opal with excellent plays of color can be worth more than all but the finest diamonds.

Crystal opals are the second most expensive and does have some transparency that makes them unique. The most common and least expensive are white opals; their creamy body tone does at time distract the shine of the colors.

Sometimes considered a class of their own, fire opals have some transparency but do not have any play of colors. Found in hues of orange to orange-red colors, fire opal stones are commonly cut into traditional gem cut facets.

The last, but definitely not least, are boulder opals. Boulder opals are basically dark ironstone with thin layer of opal on the surface. The opal veins on the ironstone can make interesting designs with amazing play of colors.

Doublets and triplets are man-made that consist of a thin opal that is glued on a dark ironstone or sandstone. Generally, very cheap, doublet and triplet are used for jewelry as the back can be hidden. Only difference between the two is that triplets have an extra layer of plastic or glass of protection.

Opals from Welo, Ethiopia – newly discovered deposits – are generally cheaper than those from Australia. Although slightly cheaper, black opals from Ethiopia are just as stunning as those from Australia.

For those looking value when choosing the color of play, the order goes as red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. Red being the most expensive, while violet being the least expensive.

Opals with a single bright flash of color is more valued than those with many dull flashes of color, while those that have the whole surface covered with good play of colors are highly sought after and expensive.

To properly view an opal, you must rotate the stone in your fingers to see all the angles that a flash of color can display. The price is determined by all the angles and not just the best angle. Although, the best angle will contribute greatly to the pricing. If you can’t view the opal in person, try to find a vendor that has video for viewing.

In addition to plays of color, opal gems can have patterns that will add a lot of value and beauty to the gem. Most patterns have some sort of alternating play of colors on the surface. The most rare and expensive pattern is the harlequin pattern; a pattern of alternating flashes of color that resembles a checkerboard.

Men Wear Skull Rings


When you hear the term skull rings the first thing that comes to your mind is a large ugly ring that looks bulky to wear, right? While there are many large rings in the market, there are also many tiny rings that are made in different elegant designs. In addition to the units coming in different designs, they are also made from different materials including diamond, silver and gold. It’s up to you to choose the one that is right for you.


Since time in memorial, rings have been a fashion statement. Due to the nature of women being more fashionable than men, most of the rings in the market are aimed at women. In fact, a few decades ago, when a man was seen wearing a ring he was referred as effeminate. Skull rings allow fashionable men to pull off a great look without looking feminine.

Portray elegance and great taste

Before, the rings were worn by people who couldn’t afford the traditional, expensive rings. Then, the units were made from bones and other cheap products. With the coming of designer rings made from gold, silver, diamond and other rare metals, the perception has greatly changed. Nowadays when you wear a skull ring you are viewed as a person of class and means.

Musical Jewelry Boxes

Manufactures have adopted the musical box to come up with jewelry boxes that are musical. Since there is nothing nice that does not fail to touch the heart of a woman, they have become very popular and this is one gift you can get your woman or loved person in your life. The boxes lift up the spirit and even have the ability to make you relax and have right mood.

The musical jewelry boxes function just like the musical boxes which play musical notes once they are opened. This is quite thrilling to most women; no wonder the boxes are selling in today’s market. The boxes play different genres of music to suit every personality out there and this is one important factor that you should consider when going for a musical box. It is essential to ensure that the kind of music your box plays is one you can relate to, one you love and one that helps set the right mood.

There is nothing more wonderful than being welcomed with a tune you love when preparing to go to that important meeting or occasion. The musical boxes can actually manage to help you relax when you are feeling tense about a particular meeting you have or an occasion that you have to attend. The boxes come in all kinds of shapes, decorations and styles making it easy to find one that compliments you and brings warmth to your heart every time you see it. Apart from organizing your jewelry, the boxes are also decorative when placed in a strategic place in a room.

It is possible to have a musical jewelry box customized to fit your liking especially if you can’t seem to find one that has your kind of music. Manufacturers have opened their doors to meet their customer needs and will gladly get you the music you want in your box so you can customized music.

Beaded Jewelry

  1. Clasps. Clasps are probably the most basic and necessary of all the findings. Every quality piece of jewelry that you assemble simply must have a clasp attached. This is the piece that allows you to put a piece of jewelry on and take it off. There are many different kinds; barrel clasps screw out, clamshell clasps are your average kind, magnetic clasps are also available; they are quite easy to use, because the two separate pieces of the clasp stick together. Many other kinds are on the market including, but not limited to, hook and eye clasps and toggle clasps.
  2. Jump Rings. Jump rings are often used to attach other findings to the piece of jewelry – a lot of times a clasp is attached with a jump ring and sometimes charms are as well. A jump ring is basically just a piece of thin wire bent into a ring. One tip I do have though, for jump rings, is that when you open one, don’t pull it straight open – grab each end of the jump ring with a separate pair of pliers and pull open at an angle.
  3. Split Rings. If you have ever used a key chain before, you’ve used a split ring. Split rings are used when a stronger version of a jump ring is required. Not much is required of this explanation except that the most common place to use a split ring is when attaching a charm to a piece of chain. Also that they are much smaller than keychain rings, yet they look just like them.
  4. Charms. These little pieces of metal are possibly the most fun of all the supplies in jewelry making. They are often very detailed and carved silver pieces and come in endless possibilities. I’ve seen frogs, butterflies, bees, cameos, and many other shapes and even kinds of metal.
  5. Eye Pins. To put it simply, eye pins are a piece of metal with a loop at the top. They also come in wrapped loops, which are also very fun to work with, and both of these varieties of eye pins are very simple to make from home. I will write a separate article sometime in the very near future about making your own findings, since a lot of the findings used in jewelry making are very, very simple to make by yourself.