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Monthly Archives: November 2018

Colours Of Gold

Yellow- This is the natural shade of gold which is widely used to make jewellery accessories. It is a mixture of pure gold with copper and zinc. Yellow gold accessories can be found in 22K, 18K, 14K, and 9K, based on the percentage of other metals mixed. It is the traditional colour for wedding jewellery. Diamonds and other gemstones also look sparkling set in yellow gold.

White- White colour has become widely popular in recent times. Many people are opting the sparkling white colour of gold over the traditional yellow one. Pure yellow gold is mixed with metals like silver, nickel and palladium to get the white colour. It is then often plated with rhodium to give it a shiny appearance. Purity of this gold is also measured in karats. The popularity of white gold is also attributed to the platinum like look it gives at comparatively low price. The sparkle of Diamonds further enhances when set in this metal. The jewellery made of this metal need plating at regular intervals to retain its shine as the original colour gets dull with regular use.

Rose/pink- Gold takes pink hues when mixed with a high percentage of copper. The higher the copper content, the stronger is the colour. The rosy hue of this metal gives it a very pleasing appearance. Rose gold has seen an immense rise in popularity in the 21st century and young couples are buying wedding and engagement rings made of this metal.

Green- It is a naturally occurring alloy of silver and gold also known as electrum.

Blue- is an alloy of gold and indium

Purple- is an alloy of aluminium and gold. It is more brittle than other gold alloys.

Plastic Cabochon Settings

  • Pros
    Plastic cabochon settings are brilliant value, because it is very easy for manufacturers to make this type of setting. This means that plastics settings usually have a very low cost per item. They are also very varied, because the manufacturing process allows for lots of different styles to be created. For example, it is possible to make plastic settings in lots of different colors, because changing the color of plastic during the manufacturing process is very simple. This means that you can use plastic settings in a wide range of fun and funky projects. It is also possible to get hold of plastic settings which look like they are made out of another material, for example plastic cabochons with a metal effect. It is also very easy to attach your wholesale cabochons to plastic cabochon settings, because plastic is a very easy material to work with. As long as you use the right kind of glue and take the correct preparatory steps, then your cabochon should hold fast, and you will not have to worry about the jewelry falling apart. This is compared to other materials, which may be much harder to work with. These settings are also relatively light in weight, so if you like your jewelry items to be not too heavy, then these types of settings are probably one of the best choices for you.
  • Cons
    If you prefer more weighty items of jewelry, then you may want to choose an alternative to plastic cabochon settings. Antiqued metallic settings are probably better for you in these circumstances. You may also want to choose a different type of setting if you are planning on making an item of jewelry for a more formal event. Although they are great for funky pieces of jewelry, plastic cabochon settings are not the classiest type of setting available. Plastic settings are one of the most commonly used types of settings. Whilst this could be considered to be a positive thing, because you will know that these settings are tried, tested and approved by many other jewelry makers, if you are wanting to create a piece of jewelry that is really different, then you may want to look at some of the other types of cabochon settings which are available to buy.

Indian Bridal Jewelry

A common misconception is that the easiest way to accessorize for an Indian bride is to go with traditional, over the top pieces and just pile them on. Though a lot of glittering Indian bridal jewellery options are available, styling the bridal look is about more than simply picking out the most heavy or most shiny pieces. Many subtleties go into deciding which piece is best suited to the look, including the cultural, regional and religious identity of the bride, the type of dress chosen, the over-all color scheme and designs and the theme of the wedding itself. Moreover, the bride may also want to take into account her own level of comfort with the various Indian bridal jewelry types; some may prefer to go the whole hog with anklets, mang tikkas, kamarbandh, armlets and kaleera while others may not want to venture beyond the necklace, earrings and bangles.

The most popular and well-known Indian bridal jewellery are the Kundan sets from Rajasthan and Gujarat. Intricately crafted and exquisitely designed, they are typically set with gold and precious stones that look gorgeous draped around a bride’s neck and wrists. In north India the bridal attire is considered incomplete without this type of necklace. However, Kundan sets do not necessarily match with every single type of bridal outfit. They will pair beautifully with traditional red and gold Banarasi sarees or stone studded lehenga cholis with heavy traditional designs. However, with more modern style bridal sarees, salwar kameez or chaniya cholis, Indian bridal jewelry made of pearls and set in gold or silver would be more appropriate.

Brides who want to add a splash of color to their outfit prefer to go with Meenakari pieces enameled with beautiful and vibrant designs. Other traditional bridal jewelry like Polki and Thewa are also very popular, and bring in the requisite glamour and beauty without being too ornate and heavy. In south India, the preferred accessories are heavy gold pieces without any stones but wrought into intricate designs. These look particularly beautiful with the lavish Kanchipuram sarees and striking white and gold Kerala Kasavu sarees.

Nowadays, westernized designs and innovative patterns are also becoming popular in Indian bridal jewelry, especially with brides wearing designer clothes which would look odd with traditional bridal sets.

Alexandrite Gemstone Jewelry

With a rating of 8.5 on Moh’s scale, alexandrite ranks right between ruby and sapphire. This hardness makes alexandrite an excellent choice for jewelry. It is its color – or more properly, ‘colors’ – that give alexandrite its unique quality. In daylight, an optimum, or ideal, alexandrite is a bluish emerald green. In incandescent light, however, the alexandrite appears a purplish or raspberry red. These are the striking hues of the original Russian alexandrite. Alexandrite from other locations tends to be less vivid in varying degrees. This interesting trait of this diaphanous mineral is due to alexandrite’s chemical composition.

Although basically a chrysoberyl, which is colorless, alexandrite contains iron, titanium, beryllium and chromium. This very specific set of circumstances in nature – makes alexandrite one of the rarest and most valuable of the gemstones. An alexandrite of more than one caret is rarer than a fine ruby, sapphire or emerald.

It’s interesting to note that this tendency of a stone to change colors is in fact called “the alexandrite effect.” Sapphires and garnets, for instance, are said to be “alexandritic”.

Apples of Gold Jewelry has launched it’s section of gemstone jewelry articles on all major gemstones such as the sapphire, emerald, ruby, tanzanite jewelry, amethyst rings, pink sapphire, pearl jewelry, onyx rings, blue topaz gemstone jewelry, aquamarine rings, peridot, garnet, and more gemstone jewelry.

With a knowledgeable staff writer an expert research, the Apples of Gold Jewelry gemstone rings section offers invaluable insight into each major gemstone.

Glass Cabochons

Glass cabochons have become among the most popular choices in jewelry making. It is a type of bead that features a smooth and polished bottom and has an elevated, polished surface which can be in any shape or style, the more common of which is the dome shaped bead. The surface of a cabochon can be faceted though normally their bases are just flat and polished.

The use of them in jewelry making has become popular. You can wrap them with a soft wire, glue them to the hook of a pendant or set them in metal clay. They can also be used to accentuate your clothing or in any other art projects that you may have. The most common shape of a cabochon is oval, where the top is rounded and has a flat back. A cabochon can be made from glass in many different ways, but the most common is using the lamp work method.

Cabochons are great for seed beads because they come in different colors. They are also great for set bezels. Their domed shaped tops give a unique, elegant appeal. They have a versatile design that works well in decorating bead boxes as well as other objects. Whatever form of jewelry or accessory you make, many different beautiful products will always result by using different types of cabochons. Each and every product will amaze you.

With a lot of different colors, along with numerous patterns of acrylic beads that are available, there are endless possibilities. Imprinting or embossing designs on an acrylic product is easier as you will not have to worry about damaging the bead. You can use cabochons to show off fantastic and rare designs. You can even imprint letters on them to make a personalized bracelet or any other personalized item. You can actually use this in making promotional products, and you can use the letters to create special words, phrases or names.

When you consider the reasons stated above, you will understand why their use is becoming more popular these days. You can look for a variety of cheap beads, including these cabochons, from any local bead store, or you can search the internet and check out different jewelry supply stores online to see what they have to offer. You will love the different beads available, which include cabochons, and will be inspired to start making your own jewelry.

Longines Watches for Men and Women


A phenomenal collection was launched by Longines sometime back as a tribute to embark the authentic grandeur and artistic excellence of the momentous timepieces. This collection is a consolidation of the old accomplished countenance along with the high-end techniques of the contemporary era. One will undoubtedly be enticed with the magical appeal of the exclusive automatic timepieces which symbolize the heart and soul attribute of the winged hourglass brand.

Horological Legend

Longines has been an established name of Swiss horology for manufacturing winged hourglasses, a traditional kind of timepiece symbolizing the same. However, with their innovative ideas along with artistic and technological advancement, they have carved a niche for themselves over time. Where the mechanical watches appeal the buyers for their lasting heritage, the charisma and sober appearance of the automatic watches are the features attracting the new-age mass.


Longines’ sports watches bear a very significant and exclusive relationship with the world of sports and athletics since ages. These are a combination of modernized mechanism and cultured elegance, making them stand out from the rest. They have a very special value and attachment with sports and are also a favorite collection for all sports-lovers and enthusiasts.


With the manufacture of its first chronograph engraved with a jockey and his mount in the year 1878, Longines has been intimately associated with the sport ever since. The tradition continues and so does the development with time; and they remain to create new models for the sport, with an amalgamation of heritage and modernization.

Citizen Analog Watches

1. Citizen Eco-Drive Analog Brown Dial Men’s Watch AT0555-18X

The timepiece is energized with sporty looks and masculine features that flaunt a glamorous attitude of men. The brown colored round dial is embossed in a stainless steel case that gets a synchronized finished with a bold brown colored leather strap. The architecture of the dial is protected with a scratch resistant sapphire crystal glass material that makes the watch ideal for everyday use.

The design of the dial is accentuated with three sub dials and a date displaying window at 4 o’clock that depict the dynamic spirit of men. The stellar feature of the model lies in its innovative Eco-drive technology that erases the need of battery as it takes energy from the light source to operate the watch. Another thing that perfectly suits your carefree attitude is 100 meter water-resistant capacity. This technology-laden Eco-Drive model comes at around 19,000 in Indian rupees.

2. Citizen Chronograph Black Dial Men Watch AN8132-58E

The brand infuses audacious features that encircle the wrists of men to give their fashion a fresh look. The model expresses the bold and fashionable gesture through its classic yet regal designs. Decked in a black dial and a gold plated bezel, the timepiece reinvents the essence of the tradition through its artistic values.

The black dial is highlighted with three sub dials that feature a chronograph technology. The timepiece gets its ageless beauty with a gold plated stainless steel bracelet strap and a bezel.

The technology of the model conveys the brand’s heritage in terms of offering superior mechanics. The timepiece is enforced with an automatic technology. The dial is protected with a mineral glass and 100 meter water resistant capacity adds an eye-catching touch to the timepiece. The model surprises watch lovers in terms of price as the watch comes at 13,000 rupees.

3. Citizen Sport BU2040-56A

The silver colored timepiece reinvents the aesthetic architecture of the classic era through its designs. The smoky silver dial is functioned with a chronograph technology and is housed in a 40mm stainless steel case that rounds the wrists fashionably. The design of the dial is ornamented with a black bezel that sets a magical synchronization with the appearance of the timepiece.

The sport collection expresses the daring spirit of men through its extraordinary technologies. The movement of the model is developed with a quartz technology and it comes with a 100 meter water resistant capacity. Its famous eco-drive technology allows watch-lovers to be connected with the timepiece for years, without thinking of changing batteries. This marvelous timepiece comes at 17,000 rupees.

Piece Of Jewelry

There are many colors and choices of stones to pick from with semi precious stone necklace products. It can be fun to see what is out there and what tugs at your heart. This is a chance to personalize your style. You may be interested in a particular type of stone or a particular color. It can be hard to make a final decision as you see all that is available to pick from.

There are designs that are simple and those that are very unique and elaborate. The size of the stone can vary from one product to the next. Even the shape can be different so there are quite a few variables for you to look at and to identify what you love the most. Don’t be in a rush to get just any semi precious stone necklace. It should speak volumes about who you are!

If you can’t pick just one color, don’t worry about it! Many of the items feature a wide variety of colors. The colors compliment each other and they blend very nicely. As a result, you can wear them with all colors of clothing. They are perfect for transforming a simple t-shirt into a fashion statement with just this one accessory.

Most people will be quite delighted to get such a gift from you. If you know the person well, it can be wonderful to select one that fits their favorite color and their style. They will appreciate you taking the time to pick such a unique gift and they will treasure it. Even though it won’t be expensive it will come from your heart with plenty of thought into it.

That is more important to most people than a high priced gift. With that in mind, you can feel great giving it to them. You also don’t have to worry about your budget when it comes to offering a very nice gift. They will always remember you gave them the semi precious stone necklace! You can give it to them in a nice box for them to store it when not being worn.

Purchase Bezel Set Engagement Rings

Bezel setting implies that the diamond on the ring is wrapped in a bracket of metal. This means that sides of the precious stones are covered by a collar of the metal. This is the chief feature of the ring. Shop for the rings with a proper budget in place and make extensive search for the competitive prices.

When should you opt for bezel set engagement ring? The purpose of this method of molding the diamond or any other gemstone on the ring is to give adequate protection to the precious stone. This is because of the metal collar that is wrapped around the stone. Since the stone is tightly surrounded by the metal, chances of the diamond falling out of the ring are very rare. This is the reason for many budget couples opting for this type of ring.

Clearly, more protection to the diamond should be the prime reason. However, these settings can also enhance the aesthetic value of the jewelry along with some engravings.

Another purpose of bezel set engagement rings is to hide any exterior blemishes on the sides of the diamond purchased for the jewelry. Know that such a stone is lowly priced because of the cracks on its side. So, while the prices are down substantially, the stone has no cracks in the eyes of public because its sides are covered by the collar of metal.

The bezel set rings are useful for working women as they have to go through daily chores at home and they also spend most of the time in offices. This means the diamond will be exposed to the daily wear and tear. Due to the collar of metal around the stone, it will not fall off the ring.

In the last, we advise you to first compare the ready made bezel set engagement rings prices on internet and see if you can purchase them within your budget or not. For further reduction in the prices, look for competitive rates of online sellers. Or, you should opt for buying a loose diamond at low rates and find out the jeweler who will set it at lower cost. Keep these tips in mind before purchasing the ring.

Perpignan Garnet

The making of this garnet, also known as “Le Grenat de Perpignan” goes back to the 18th century when the stones were taken from the East Pyrenees in Southern France. Nowadays, most of the garnet comes from India but is made only by local apprentices in the workshops of the jewellers in the city centre. An important feature of this jewellery is, in fact, the 18 carat gold setting, which provides a rounded base for the stone. This is often referred to as the “chaton”.

Perpignan jewellers opt for a “flat” cut which has become known as the “special Perpignan cut”. The craftsman positions the garnet on a thin sheet of red coloured reflective paper and marks the number of claws wanted. He then folds the gold over the garnet.

The craftsman uses a special file for the setting, which he rubs edgeways so that the parts between the claws emerge. This flattens the gold and fills the space between the stone and the setting. Finally, the craftsman smoothes the claws with a tiny triangular file.

The distinctive mounting of the garnet is called the “chaton” and represents the flat cut, the red paper and the gold “cradle” in which the gold is inserted.

Garnet itself is a popular stone but makes for one of the more unusual engagement rings. Some people choose the gemstone due to its various tones, which range from fiery red to orange and green. The Perpignan garnet’s deep red colour makes it the ideal stone for those who like the darker red tone and, in particular, could be the perfect choice for those who would like to opt for a unique piece of jewellery.

Bringing back tradition, Perpignan jewellery echoes the “gold and blood” of the local coat of arms. Consequently, most local families own a piece of the jewellery that has been handed down through generations.

A Perpignan garnet engagement ring has the potential to become a newly wedded couple’s family heirloom. The garnet signifies loyalty and honesty, which, key to marriage and all relationships, makes the gemstone a suitable choice of engagement ring gemstone. The Perpignan garnet is arguably the most romantic version of the garnet, particularly since France is renowned as a country of romance.

The garnet is protected under the genuine garnet guarantee, which is particularly useful since it is a stone prone to wear and tear in fluctuating temperatures. However, it is still a durable gemstone and, with the right care, it can create a beautiful piece of jewellery able to withstand daily tasks.

A Perpignan garnet makes modern use of ancient French tradition and could potentially characterise one of the most bespoke and unusual engagement rings on the market.