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Monthly Archives: December 2018

Care for Vintage Diamond

The first part of caring for the jewelry is to make sure that it is stored in a safe place, and that it is protected from certain elements. These destructive elements include moisture, fluctuating temperatures and even light.

All of these elements can deteriorate your jewelry, and therefore steps should be taken to reduce the risk of this happening at all costs. One of the things that can be done is putting your jewelry in a padded and breathable box for storage and keep it in part of your home where the temperature is stable and not extremely cold or extremely warm.

The place where you keep your jewelry should also be well ventilated and well as the jewelry box is, in order to stop moisture from building up and causing damage. This is the first vital part of caring for your vintage diamond engagement rings, but you will also need to take care when wearing and cleaning them too.

One of the biggest problems with antique and vintage jewelry is that they are already more fragile and worn than other pieces, so any damage done with be more apparent. Damage that can often occur is scratching, so take steps to ensure that you are extra careful when wearing jewelry, and do not store in a box where it can rub again other items that you may have.

Wearing jewelry can also have a destructive effect, as oils and acids from the environment can cause deterioration of metals and fixings in your jewelry. For this reason, take extra care to clean items gently on a regular basis, and always clean them before putting them back into storage.

Cleaning should bed one according to the metal and the type of gemstone that you have. In the case of diamond engagement rings, these precious stones are quite tough and durable, so often an ammonia based solution is acceptable. This will differ for more delicate stones however.

All different metals will have different cleaning techniques, so check online for a guide to cleaning the particular type of metal of your ring or speak to an experienced jewelry that deals with antique or vintage jewelry. It is worth remembering that cleaning should be gentle, and over-cleaning will actually cause more damage to your items.

Finally, seeking out prompt repairs is vital for those who have invested in antique or vintage diamond engagement rings. If you notice any problems at all, take your item to an antique jewelry dealer, and they will be able to carry out specialist and careful repairs on it. In all cases, make sure that you choose someone with experience dealing with antique and vintage jewelry for the best results.

Morganite Ring

The gemstone that are a more intense color that is also bright is considered to be more valuable than the paler version so always look for those with vivid coloring. They are cut in various shapes and you can also get a modern cut on it, however the most usual ones are pear, round, oval, square, heart, marquise etc. The cut (or the lack off) has a huge influence on the price of your gem or already completed morganite ring.

It’s important to look at it under a strong light by naked eye or a magnifying glass in order to estimate the clarity of the stone as well. Ideally your will not have any visible flaws however it’s next to impossible to find a natural clean stone in the nature as well.

Keeping in mind how rare this gemstone is you should be prepared to spend some time looking for the prefect morganite ring on the market.

Today you will find it cataloged under morganite so look for morganite ring or morganite jewelry if you are trying to find a pink, semi-precious gemstone from the same beryl family as emerald and aquamarine. The name change however did nothing to take away from the amazing uniqueness and beauty of this popular gemstone that is adored by women worldwide.

Morganite is naturally found in very clear and light pink color with the shade of orange. However it can be salmon as well. After it gets heat treated morganite or pink beryl becomes the deep shade of pink you will usually find used the most for morganite ring or jewelry. That said some jewelers like the untreated, pure morganite the most as it’s more transparent and less colorful.

In the end it comes down to your personal preference if you’d like to buy a untreated or natural morganite ring but you should know that this beautiful, feminine gemstone is very rare. It’s so rare in fact that the price of the gemstone was adjusted as it cannot be used commercially. On the other hand it’s the perfect gemstone. It won’t fade or lose its colors, it’s pretty durable and resistant even when being worn every day and it’s simple to take care of. The only real downside of morganite is the fact that there are almost zero supplies of it known in the world. But if you do get the chance and buy a beautiful morganite ring I’m sure you won’t regret it for a second.

Islamic Jewelry Store

Islamic Jewelry Pieces for All Occasions

Interesting thing is that there is no generic Islamic jewelry; while each piece is unique and distinct with its own story. At a selected store, you can see different pieces of jewelry on display before they are crafted by keeping in mind Islamic-Inspired pieces using sheets of brass and silver. Silver is the most preferred metal used largely for the making of such gorgeous jewelry pieces that will surprise one and persuade for having something innovative and advanced. You can also use these jewelry pieces as Islamic gifts online to deliver your near and dear ones on special occasions.

Choose Something That Helps You Flaunt Your Style and Show Your Faith in Islam

You can buy necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings and a variety of other jewelry pieces online according to your choice and requirement. For this, what all you have to do is simply go online and find the right store that is convenient for you. There are numerous renowned stores bringing you a variety of accessories and products. Prices are competitive and will go well your budget; while you can place your order from anywhere according to your choice.

How to Buy Islamic Jewelry?

You may have various options to buy your desired jewelry pieces according to your requirement. For those who are living in those countries where Muslim community is not in majority, it can be a little bit difficult to find the right store. However, some renowned e-commerce sites and stores that are specifically made for Islamic products are fulfilling your desire.

Jewelry Selection from Across the World

They are offering you world-wide delivery; while bringing you a variety of accessories according to your choice. These stores have team of experts who travel around the world; mainly in those countries where Muslim community is in majority or these places are famous pilgrimage destinations for them. Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan,and various other countries in Africa Continent are ideal places for them from where they can get creative ideas for making of unique jewelry pieces.

Gemstone for Money

These crystals contain the power of the sun and are the most recommended healing crystals for clarity of human mind today. This crystal is transparent and comes in light yellow, golden yellow or brown shades. Citron is the name given to lemon in French. These crystals have been named from this word, as they are mostly yellow in colour. The yellow component of the precious Quartz stone is called citrine crystal. You can also find these crystals in orange or deep reddish orange shades.

There are some characteristics that are exclusive to certain kinds of crystals. In this vein, let us look at some of the main properties of these crystals. They also help the human mind to think creatively and are known for helping people with financial well-being. It makes people aggressive and encourages them to try out newer and wealthier opportunities that they were apprehensive of trying earlier.

One of the major benefits of these crystals is that it attracts cash. Therefore, it is highly recommended for people who are looking for improvement in financial health in their lives. It doesn’t need extensive maintenance like other crystals. Therefore, you don’t have to spend much of your time and money while cleaning these crystals. You can keep citrine crystals in the place where you usually put your money in. Businessmen can keep these in cash boxes so that their profitability increases to a considerable extent.

Rose Gold

Although rose gold has had its place in the jewellery arena for decades, it has only been since the 1920s that the reddish hued metal has really caught the public’s eye. The credit can largely be given to Cartier due to their introduction of the wildly popular Trinity Ring in 1924. This innovative and intricate design was a ring made of three intertwined bands of gold; one band of white gold, one yellow and one pink. The colours represented friendship, fidelity and love and won the hearts of lovers and romantics the world over.

With the timeless appeal of this iconic ring and the central role that rose gold played in its creation, it was only a matter of time before the colour pink began to be on every designer’s radar. Today the exquisite coloured metal is seen as a nod of recognition towards the vintage styles that that are defining modern day bridal jewellery.

Pink engagement rings have officially been given the celebrity seal of approval in the past few years. Dazzling pink diamonds and pink sapphires have adorned the engagement rings worn by Mariah Carey, Anna Kournikova and Jennifer Lopez. Even the Duchess of Cambridge was given a stunning pink diamond brooch as a love token after the birth of her first child, Prince George, in 2013. Most of these pieces have a ‘pink’ element that focuses on the featured stone, but designers have raised the bar these days with exquisitely designed and wonderfully crafted rose gold settings that take pink engagement rings to a whole new level.

Society’s latest passion for bold and brilliantly coloured jewellery, however, has not been solely led by the women who love to wear it. Pink gold has become a popular choice for a wedding band amongst men and is considered a fresh new alternative that deviates from the traditional and somewhat restrictive choice of white or yellow gold.

The choice of the delicate hues of rose gold seems a fairly obvious one when designing true pink jewellery and engagement rings. The age-old debate of whether coloured gemstones look best in either yellow or white gold has been answered and the answer is neither. Rose gold has proven to shine above its counterparts for the glorious way it compliments and accentuates just about any colour of stone. This fabulous versatility has made this metal the favourite choice amongst couples and the designers who create exquisite, romantic and unique pink engagement rings.

Stackable Ring Style

The eternity band is a popular variety of stackable ring. Eternity rings are symbolic of love for all time. The diamonds or cubic zirconium that circle the ring continuously signifies the eternal idea. Naturally, this idea of eternity is a beautiful symbol of love and devotion. It’s no wonder that the style gained near-instant popularity. Often, a stackable ring configuration contains two slim eternity bands flanking a larger center ring, which is more ornately decorated. Stacked on the finger, the look is striking and impossible to ignore. It’s bound to attract attention and admiration.

Another variety of stackable ring with a more modern flair is the etoile band. Etoile bands are solid gold, silver, or other precious metal, with diamonds or gemstones inset. Usually the gems are flush with the ring. This look is a great choice for those who favor a contemporary flair in their jewelry. Create visual interest with your stackable rings by choosing several etoile bands with varying numbers of inset gems. One ring could be sparsely dotted with gems, another densely populated with many. For even greater variety choose one with diamonds or cubic zirconium and another with multicolored semi-precious or precious gems. Thinking creatively yields fashionable dividends!

For those who are fond of wearing both gold and silver tones, consider several stackable rings in each tone. This adds to greater versatility in your other jewelry as well, since you don’t feel compelled to match the various pieces.

Finally, don’t feel constrained by established fashion in stackable rings. There is plenty of room for your own ingenuity in creating a stackable look. The only prerequisite is that the rings are configured in a band style, or the shapes that comprise the ring interlock in a visually pleasing way. Choosing different styles of bands and stacking them together evokes a funky, bohemian flavor. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

Royal Sapphire of Europe

Along with Princess Diana and the Duchess of Cambridge, the Queen Mother, Elizabeth Angela Marguerite Bowes-Lyon, received a beautiful Kashmir sapphire engagement ring from the Duke of York, who later became King George VI. The striking ring also had accent diamonds for added brilliance, although during the 1950s the Queen Consort abandoned this ring and started wearing a giant pearl ring instead. The Queen Mother’s granddaughter, Princess Anne, was also presented with two sapphire engagement pieces during her marriages. Her first ring, from her first husband Mark Philips, was a classic three-stone piece with a blue sapphire in the centre flanked by two diamonds, while her second was an unusual bezel set cabochon sapphire with a diamond trio on each side.

In 1995, the Crown Prince Pavlos of Greece presented Princess Marie-Chantal with a stunning sapphire and diamond engagement ring when he proposed on a ski lift in Switzerland. The royal engagement ring featured a cabochon blue sapphire with a heart-shaped diamond for a romantic finish. Continuing the trend of royal sapphire engagement rings is Princess Tatiana Blatnik, who was given a custom-designed blue sapphire ring surrounded by accent diamonds by Prince Nikolaos of Greece and Denmark in 2010.

Sapphires have long been considered the stone of royalty, and it was between the sixteenth and nineteenth centuries, in particular, that sapphire engagement rings became very much sought after by royals. The traditional velvety-blue colour of the gemstone came to be seen as a symbol of the heavens, something that the intensely religious Charlemagne, the founding father of France and Germany and the first ruler of the Western European Empire after the fall of the Roman Empire, strongly believed. Charlemagne even owned a sacred amulet, which held a relic of the True Cross between two sapphires, so convinced was he that sapphires not only symbolised heaven but promised eternal salvation.

It hardly seems surprising that the royal families of Europe have frequently turned to the sapphire, above all other gemstones, when looking for that eye-catching piece of jewellery. We shall have to wait for the next royal engagement to see if the sapphire will continue its royal trend.

Jewelry for Christmas

Classics are back: At the other end of the spectrum, jewelers are seeing a resurgence of classic pieces this year. Beautifully crafted diamond studs, pendants, and tennis bracelets are in high demand. Other stones whose popularity often waxes and wanes are also experiencing an uptick in interest: sapphires, rubies, and emeralds are being bought across jewelry categories. The emphasis is on high quality stones, elegant designs, and modern twists that showcase the stones in a whole new way.

Colored diamonds: There’s been an increasing interest in colored diamonds including chocolate and black diamonds. This trend is proving big in engagement rings, with couples seeking their own interpretation on the classic diamond choice. The collection of blue, yellow, green, and purple diamonds is proving hot with buyers looking for something new.

Bar/trapeze pendants: The bar or trapeze pendant that was introduced last year is beginning to capture mainstream interest. These square pendants look like gold bars. Some are engraved, personalized, or feature a specific term (think “love” or “mom”). Others go for a streamlined, elegant look. Celebrities are displaying this style a lot, which is helping it stay on the radar with buyers.

Bracelets: Charm bracelets remain a favorite, from high-end themed collections that are bought all-in-one to the more traditional approach of collecting meaningful charms through time. Another bracelet trend that remains hot is the latest releases from collections like Alex and Ani. Jewelers are also seeing the popularity of engraved bracelets, leather wrist cuffs, medallions, and soft stackable bangles. Any trend that focuses on bracelets also leads to a refocus on watches, since people are thinking about how they adorn their wrists.

Custom Jewelry

What are the pros?

The ability to personalize jewelry can have plenty of benefits. One of the major benefits is the ability to own a piece of jewelry that is able to have a greater reflection of your individuality or personal style. For those that have a taste that is less mainstream, this may be the only solution to get the jewelry that fully complements the look you are attempting to obtain. Other benefits include the ability to have the one-of-a-kind or unique piece that perfectly matches your interests. Also, it is possible to get a piece created that symbolizes your dedication or love to another person.

What are the cons?

Even though there are plenty of benefits of investing in a fine piece of custom jewelry, there are also a few downsides that should be considered.

One of the first things noticed with the custom jewelry is the cost. Getting a piece of jewelry made with a bespoke design is significantly more expensive than buying the off-the-shelf items. Although the cost may not be too high if you are looking for the less elaborate designs. Additionally, the piece of jewelry is being made to order which means it can take a while to be ready. For the more complex pieces it may take up to 12 months to be ready to collect. Also, there is a need to visit the jeweler on several occasions to put the ideas across on the preferred look and style of the jewelry piece.

Jewelry Polishing Cloths

There are many factors that you need to consider when buying the cloths. These factors include:

Size: the size of the cloth depends on the size of your jewelry. For example, if you have a small piece of jewelry, you should go for a small piece of cloth.

Ply: is the jewelry cloth single or double ply? A double ply cloth is made up of two cloths that have been sewn together. The outer cloth buffs while the inner cloth cleans. The inner cloth is usually treated with a special powder that aids in giving your jewelry a great shine.

Quality: just like everything else, you need to consider the quality of the polishing cloth. As rule of thumb you should go for the highest quality piece of cloth that you can afford. When it comes to quality, you should consider the shape. You should ensure that the cloth is a perfect square or rectangle. You should also ensure that the stitching is neat and there are no threads hanging off.

The thickness of the cloth is of great importance to consider. Always remember that the cloth’s thickness is correlated to the amount of inhibitor, tarnish remover and polish that it can hold.

It’s very easy to use the jewelry polishing cloth. All you need to do is to take the piece of jewelry that you want to clean and then rub your cloth back and forward over the jewelry. You should note that you can remove the gold or silver coating if you overdo it; therefore, you should be cautious.

Although, polishing gives your jewelry a great look, it also results to removal of the metal coating; therefore, you shouldn’t overdo it. To reduce the number of times that you polish the jewelry you should keep your jewelry in different boxes. For example, you should keep the gold jewelry from silver jewelry.