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Monthly Archives: January 2019

Organic Beads For Jewelry Making

Organic beads are beads which are made from a natural material and which have not been treated with any chemicals. For example, wooden beads, shell beads, beads made out of animal horn, bone, and amber beads can all be classified as organic, as can beads which have been made out of any other substance which can be found naturally. However, if any of these materials are treated with unnatural chemicals, in order to get them to the finished state in which you use them for jewelry making, then they may not be classified as organic beads anymore. For example, if you had an item which was made out of wood, and you stained it using a chemical wood stain, then the bead should not be considered as organic anymore. However, if you treated the same bead with a wood stain which had been made out of organic substances, then the bead could still be sold under the organic label.

If you decide to use these beads in your project, you should continue to be mindful of the way that you treat them during the creation phase of your project. If you have purposefully chosen these beads to use, then the chances are that you will want to sell the finished piece under the “organic” label. It is therefore very important that you do not do anything to jeopardize this status. For example, if you are using cotton to thread beads on to, make sure that the cotton that you are using is also organic, because inorganic cotton is available (cotton which has been treated with chemicals whilst growing). As mentioned above, you should also be careful about what you treat the beads with, as this can affect the organic status of the finished product. If you are found to have sold an inorganic product under organic status, you could get in trouble for misleading buyers, even if the mistake was unintentional.

Organic beads are actually widely available – sometimes they are advertised as such, and sometimes they are not, but it is obvious from the product description. These beads for jewelry making can be found at most of the leading jewelry supplies stores online, and at many local beading supplies stores. If you are not sure whether the items that you are looking at are organic or not, it is often possible to ask for further information, to help to provide clarity.

Types Of Jewelry You Can Wear As A Man


The most common rings that most men wear are wedding rings that come in many designs, colors and shapes. As a jewelry lover, you can wear other rings such as class, fraternal, decorative and championship rings. Most men wear one or two rings but experts recommend that you wear as many rings as you feel comfortable with.


Bracelets are of many types. There are functional, medical, cause-related and even decorative bracelets that you can go for. For a great look, go for bracelets that match your masculinity with class. When buying the units, go for those that are thicker than women bracelets. Popular styles that you can go for are: titanium, gold and a host of many others made from tough high-quality metals.


Watches are both functional and fashionable. When making the purchase, buy units that use the Roman numerals. For a manly look, go for watches with metal or leather bands.


Over the last 30 years, earrings have gained a lot of interest. While they appear normal in big cities, they are still frowned upon by many people living in small communities. The cool thing with wearing earrings is that you can remove them if need be.

Rhinestone Letter Charms

A slide bracelet is one of the bracelets that you can make with a rhinestone charm. This bracelet is also known as the European charm bracelet. The unit is slender with a rope style. Due to its design, charms and beads can easily slide into it.

To make the unit you should do your research and find the right chain for you. When choosing the chain you should consider the type of clasp. For example, you should choose whether you want a lobster, toggle, or barrel clasp. You should also consider the size and thickness of the chain. If you want to feel free, you should go for the bangle style chain that you can easily slip over the wrist and has an opening where charms can easily slide into.

The right charms to choose are those that have holes in the center. They shouldn’t have external hoops or rings. When making your purchase you should be aware of the hole size and the size of the bracelet. As rule of thumb you should ensure that the two match.

You need to be careful and ensure that you buy the charms that have the letters of your interest. To create a polished look, you should combine large and small charms. Experts recommend that you should go for a unified theme when creating the bracelets. For example, you should go for charms that have the same color.

The best thing with creating slide bracelets is that you don’t need any tools to do it. All you need to do is to unclasp the bracelet and slide the charms. A bracelet with many charms is eye catching; however, if you don’t want it, you should go ahead and select one large, dangling charm that will be the focal point. You should then add other smaller charms around it.

If you are making the unit for someone, you should be certain that he/she likes the colors and design of the bracelet.

Choose Quality Cheap Beads

  • You should know that not all sellers disclose all the facts about the products they are selling in their product descriptions. There are many sellers who won’t say that the coral they are selling has been chemically altered or that it is dyed, or that their pearls are not natural but are cultured in fresh water – even though they are supposed to mention all that. So, if you feel that the wording of the product descriptions is vague and you are not able to make out what the product is like it is possible that the seller is selling you a lower-end product instead of a good one.
  • On the other hand, if they are selling something at a very high price, this does not necessarily indicate quality. There are many freshwater pearls that come with a thin nacre layer, and the only way you can actually test the quality is by taking a sample and putting it through tests.
  • If you are buying from retail outlets, always pay close attention to the number of beads that are in a strand. Usually most beads are sold in 16-inch strands. If you are buying beads online and you really do seem to be getting a great deal on cheap beads, make sure that you consider the number of beads you think there are on the strand. If it is short, don’t buy it, or if you have already bought one and you find that the number is small, send it back.
  • Before buying beads online, always check the size of the beads. The photos of the product online can be very deceptive. So, small beads may look really big and large beads can look small.
  • When you are buying online photos should be sharp and of a high resolution. Photos that have been enhanced or are blurry should be avoided. It is best not to purchase if you see that the photos are not clear.
  • If you are getting a great deal on cheap beads, and you are really tempted to buy them, always buy a small lot first. If they are okay, go on to buy them in bulk.


Identify A Fake Michael Kors Watch

The Michael Kors logo is usually featured on the dial. You should carefully take a look at it and ensure that it’s genuine. You should take a look at the font of the letters and ensure that it’s consistent with the official brand logo.

The spacing of the letters should be even and the quality of the finish should be high. You should ensure that there are no signs of glue or gaps. If there is inconsistency in the spacing of the letters, you should not think twice-you should return the watch to the seller immediately.

Michael Kors products usually have a warranty of at least one year; therefore, you should ensure that the watch you buy has the warranty. If it doesn’t have it, it must be fake and you should return it to the person who sold it to you.

Michael Kors is a world known fashion designer born in 1959. He is best known for his work in American sportswear. He is also known for his men and women clothing lines, and beauty products, handbags, watches, fragrances, and home collections.

Kors began his fashion career at the age of 19 and he has won many awards such as the 1983 DuPont’s First American Original Award. He also won the Elle/Cadillac Fashion award for excellence in 1995.

He has stores in many parts of the world. For example, he has stores in New York, California, Beverly Hills, Hong Kong, United Arab Emirates and Dubai.

He has designed for celebrities such as Mary J. Blige, Jessica Simpson, Charlize Theron, Usher, and Pierce Brosnan.

Although, Kors has been very successful in the fashion industry, he is a terrible sewer and is more interested in sketching and garment construction.

Types Of Gemstone Jewelry

Composite gemstones

These are gemstones made from a small piece of a desirable, genuine stone that has been combined with an imitation or inexpensive stone. There are two main types of composite gemstones that you can come across in the market: Doublets and triplets. Doublets are made from large, inexpensive piece of material topped by a slice of gemstone. Triplets are units that are assembled in three parts instead of two. The divisions are hard to pick unless you observe them under the microscope.

Even if you don’t have the knowledge on gemstones you can tell that the stones being sold to you are not real by their names. If you come across gemstones with fancy names such as American ruby, Oriental emerald, or Australian jade, raise a red flag and ask a professional to take a look at them.

Stabilized and reconstituted gemstones

Stabilization is the process where the gem is forced to bond using pressure. The material being forced to bond is usually too soft and chalky to use. Reconstituted gemstones on the other hand are made from mixing powders of the real stone and binding them using a binding agent. Coloring agents are usually added to enhance the colors of the stabilized and reconstituted stone. Since most of the units made using this method are fragile, most of them come backed up with materials that make them last longer.

The most common and popular representative of stabilized or reconstituted gemstones is Turquoise.

Enhanced gemstone

This is a real gemstone that has a foil placed underneath it in order to make it look more brilliant or change its color.

As you have seen, there are many types of gemstone jewelries that you can go for. For you to buy the right unit you need to be very keen. Also ensure that you buy from a reputable jewelry store.

About Unisex Watches

From fashion icons to Hollywood heartthrobs, sport personalities, politicians, artists, entrepreneurs and others, everyone likes to sport a ‘Unisex’ watch. The reasons are not hard to find with designs that are baroque, futuristic, minimalistic or retro with ease of wear and maintenance and suitability for every occasion. In fact, it is these same qualities that have made popular watch designers turn to unisex watches by launching newer product lines that are finding lucrative markets.

Sensing the fashion consciousness, unisex watches are evolving to cater to different types of users. Features like sapphire dial windows vie with mineral dial windows, retro competes with digital all bringing to mind reminiscences of past era of gadgets as well as showcasing the advancement of technology in watch manufacturing.

Whether a high-end model or a budget version, Unisex watches are stylish and blend the attributes of design, durability, reliability and versatility in a neat and compact manner that is appealing to all.

Some of the timeless and evergreen Unisex watches to watch out for are:

  • Phillipe Starck Unisex Digital PH1116 – An extraordinary watch with an LED display for a watch face; the red digital display light up emanates from its stainless steel and resin case and can be ascribed to fit into futuristic, sci-fi worlds. Features include battery powered quartz mechanism, date and time display, convenience of usage in low-light conditions and water resistant up to a 100 feet.
  • Mulco Unisex Bluemarine Swiss Movement Watch – This Swiss model is one of the top-rated ones reviewed the most on sites; features include a round dial window in a stainless steel case, anti-reflective sapphire crystal, water resistant feature up to 330 feet, day and date display. It’s extremely youthful and reliable mechanism and use of high quality material like the watch band made of silicone speaks class and sophistication like none other.
  • Timex Unisex T2N651 – An ideal choice for both sexes looking for classic features and a functional design, the Timex Unisex offers great visibility from any angle; dark numbers on a lighter background, a dial encased in high-quality crystal window, luminescent hands for hours, minutes and seconds, and Indigo backlit system for night-time visibility are some of its standout features. A great retro-feel watch for anyone looking to sport an affordable unisex watch.
  • Swatch Unisex GZ209 – Swatch unisex watches are among the most popular models and have a huge fan following for the sporty and original look they carry. The round dial window is made from mineral crystal while the numbers outside the dial itself adds a very original look and feel.
  • Timex Unisex T2N649 – Another great model from Timex, it has all the features of the T2N651, and reviews from happy users say that it is a value for money model with its casual yet retro look and undisputed reliability.

Between Sapphire And Ruby

Color of Rubies and Sapphires

The properties of both stones are undefined: they both rate an 8.0 on the Mohs hardness scale, they both have a refractive record of 1.747 – 1.769 and they both have a particular gravity of 3.98 – 4.0.

The main distinction between ruby and sapphire gemstones is color. Rubies are red and all other corundum color varieties are known as sapphires. Corundum sapphires have different colors including blue, orange, pink, and yellow, while rubies are just red in color. Moreover, some white sapphires are so pale in look that they can without much of a stretch be mistaken for a diamond at a glance.

The thing is the different between pink sapphires and light red rubies are unclear. There are no particular principles on what shade of red constitutes (a ruby) and what shade of pink constitutes (a sapphire). In which some of the jewelry sellers take possession of these foggy difference and offer pink corundum gemstones as light rubies.

Availability and Price Differences between Rubies and Sapphires

Genuine rubies are to some degree uncommon, particularly the very attractive dull dark red rubies. Sapphires are more common than rubies and they are much found in carat sizes that surpass the size of most ruby gemstones. The distinctions in the accessibility between natural rubies and sapphires directly affect the price difference between these two gemstones. If in doubt, rubies are valued much higher than sapphire gemstones.

Different Meaning of Rubies and Sapphires

While both stones are for all intents and purposes the same, they have totally distinctive meaning:

Rubies are associated with strong zeal, good fortunes, protection from a setback, and individual motivation. The ruby is the great birthstone of December and birthstone of July.

Sapphires are connected with endowments, divine information, truthfulness and unwaveringness. The sapphire is the great birthstone of April and the cutting edge birthstone of September.

Metaphysical property of Rubies and Sapphires

In addition to the exceptional implications associated with gemstones, there are many who trust that the unique vigorous marks of these stones give metaphysical properties of both stones. For example, the “follow your bliss” kind of vitality rubies own is prized for its capacity to detoxify the blood and fortify the circulatory framework. Blue sapphires, on the other hand, are thought to quiet over movement in the body and get rid of stress.

Pick Out a Promise Ring

When exchanging the pre-engagement variety of commitment ring, it is important to make sure your partner knows what is going on, especially if the two of you have been together a long time and your partner is expecting an engagement. You don’t want to make a point of surprising them, only for them to misinterpret what it is and think of it as an engagement ring; this will only end in disappointment! A good idea is to arrange with your partner that promise rings will be exchanged, this way you don’t leave anything up to chance.

The pre-engagement variety are usually the most ornate and decorative of the promise rings, often containing gemstones or detail in the metalwork. The other types are more likely to be less ornate, though engravings are a popular way to personalize all types of commitment rings.

Some popular types, especially exchanged among couples, include the Irish Claddagh ring (which depicts two hands holding a heart), matching ring sets (usually half a heart on each), or rings with personally significant gemstones such as the recipient’s birthstone. Alternatively, you could go for one with each person’s birthstone on it; these make for great pre-engagement rings, as well as friendship rings.

Like all forms of jewelry, commitment rings vary greatly in cost. Those with high quality gemstones are obviously going to cost you a whole lot more than a basic ring. Most people feel it is wise not to spend a great deal of money on a promise ring; its main purpose is to symbolize the commitment you have made, not to make a fashion statement. In the case of the pre-engagement variety, couples tend to go for the cheaper promise rings and then spend much more money and their engagement and wedding rings.

Aquamarine Engagement Ring

Aquamarine is known for having spectacular stone clarity and can often be found in big sizes, which makes them the perfect choice for an engagement ring. Surprisingly, this stone is found in a variety of places both abroad and here in the USA. Miners search for aquamarine in Brazil, Africa, Asia, and in the Colorado Rockies. Actually, the gemstone is the state stone of Colorado.

You should mistake aquamarine for blue topaz as they closely resemble one another and the latter is far more expensive due to its rarity and natural shading. Topaz is not a rare gem and gets it color by man made method such as being treated with radiation.

There are many legends and stories that surround aquamarine and one of them states that the gem brings about mental clarity and good health. Other legends suggest that whoever wear the gem will be protected against those who wish to bring them harm. Warriors of days gone by would wear the gem during battle. Giving this gem as an engagement ring symbols your willingness to protect your mate.

At one time, aquamarine was referred to as the “Sailor’s Stone,” because sailors of ancient eras believed that the gem would provide a protective shield around them during sea storms and other tragedies that might occur while sailing. During WWII, the US Navy named a coastal patrol ship the USS Aquamarine in honor of the gemstone.

Did you know there were numerous royals who enjoyed sporting jewelry made with this beautiful gemstone? For instance, Queen Elizabeth II was given and aquamarine necklace and earrings set from the Brazilian Government during her induction in 1953. Queen Elizabeth enjoyed the jewels so much that she had other pieces made to add to her collection of royal gems, including a tiara.

There are many ways to wear this type of gemstone and aquamarine typically looks great with just about anything, especially when paired with neutral tones. However, if given to the wearer as an engagement ring, she will be sporting it all the time so make sure she is a fan of wearing colors like black, white, navy blue, or tan.

On the hardness scale, this type of tone has a score of 7.5-8, which signifies that the gem is strong enough to be worn as jewelry but being exposed to consistent roughness can result in scratching. It is best that if the wearer works a tough hand son job, the ring should be removed. Try to avoid exposing the jewelry to extreme heat, however, normal exposure to sunlight is perfectly fine.

Aquamarine rings and other jewelry like it can easily be cleaned with basic soap and water. You truly do not need and fancy jeweler cleaner of harsh chemicals. Take care of this gorgeous gemstone just like you would any other fine piece of jeweler and it will be yours to enjoy for a lifetime.

Laurie Sarah Designs is a successful jeweler that is based in Los Angeles, CA. Just as every relationship does, owner Laurie Sarah started her business out slowly and over time molded the company into something amazing. After meeting up with a renowned diamond setter, Laurie Sarah began designing and creating jewelry for her own clients, making each piece a personal token of love.