Wooden Jewelry Boxes

When looking for a box to put your jewelry, it is important to go for quality ones rather than decorated ones that may not last as long as you would wish them to. Wooden boxes last amazingly long giving you all the service you require. Some come with small drawers which help you organize your jewelry just the same way you do with clothes. You can separate your precious little things just the way you want to make it easier to get what you want when you want.

The wooden boxes come in various sizes, making it very easy for you to choose the right size for your jewelry according to their volume and the amount of space you want the box to occupy. You can choose from teak, mahogany, burl wood and oak and you can choose them according to your d├ęcor likings. There are sizes that are as big as dressers and have cabinet doors and drawers although with this size, the name box does not apply as they are considered furniture.

A box that has drawers is easy to arrange as you can separate your bracelets, rings, earrings and necklaces making it easy to get what you are looking for. The boxes are not hard to find as almost all department stores have them and so does the stores dealing with jewelry. It is important to get quality boxes which will give you credible service at fair prices.

Lustrous and Fashionable Jewellery

The jewellery is not made up of only a single item, but of various other supportive materials which include gemstones and a few other metals such as silver, gold, platinum, titanium, palladium, rhodium etc. Generally, people believe in zodiac charts and love to wear different types of adornments with zodiac gems and Birthstones. Their selection of gemstones is dependent on their sun signs or zodiacs. Each gemstone has its own importance. There are various types of gemstones for example Diamond, Emerald, Ruby, Amethyst, Aquamarine, Sapphire, Alexandrite, Citrine, Tourmaline, etc. which are thought of to be suiting a particular zodiac sign. But, it is not necessary that you wear gemstones only according to your birth signs. Each stone has its own grace which helps to upgrade the appearance of any person.

Diamonds are considered among the precious stones. It attracts most of the people with its extraordinary sheen and cuts. One can beautify themselves with differently designed ornaments with attractive shapes of diamonds. If we talk about emerald then it is considered as high esteem gems since the old-ages. It is preferred by most of the people due to its attractive green color. Its hardness protects it from scratches due to hard surfaces. It occupies a special position in the heart of many people who belong to various religions and cultures. Ruby is also one of the most prized crystal gems. It is preferred by most of the people due to its hardness, durability, luster, and rarity. People can find four types of red colors in this stone including Bright red, brownish-red, purplish-red, and dark red. Sapphire is the most desirable blue stone. Sapphire is also available in other colors like green, orange, pink, gray, colorless, black, etc. In short, all the jewellery stones are very much effective in order to enhance the elegance and bring out the inner glow of a person. They increase the value of the adornment in an efficient manner. An individual can easily buy jewellery online as per their requirements.

Jewellery is really one of the most important parts of human culture. Most of the people like to prefer different types of jewellery occasionally. It doesn’t mean that ornament is not being preferred by the people on a regular basis. Adornment in our daily life is as important as it is at various outdoor functions. Many people are huge fan of ornaments and they wear earring, ring, chain, etc. on a daily basis. It makes a positive impression in front of friend circle, relatives, colleagues, family members, etc. Indeed, jewellery is considered to be an excellent gift that can be given to the dearest ones. It helps not only to upgrade the prestige of a person, but it also contributes to make the moments memorable.

Jewellery can do a lot with tempting and attractive designs. It basically gives shape to the style of all. It is one of the ways to know a little about the choices of the person towards the ornaments. Most of the non working women are very passionate about purchasing the heavily designed adornments while working women prefer simple and light weighted adornments. No doubt that there are unlimited jewellery online stores which provide A-one quality adornment with the latest designs for both the genders. In fact, it is very hard for anyone to resist themselves from purchasing attractive and lustrous ornaments. But the most important point one should always keep in their mind is that they should always purchase from the most reliable online shopping portals. I hope this article will help you a little in order to make the right choices about the jewellery.

Care For Your Pearls

Maintenance Dos

  • Clean your pearl jewelry with a soft, damp cloth. The cloth should not be too wet. When you buy pearl jewelry, then there include a soft cloth with the jewelry which can use for cleaning purposes.
  • Keep your pearl jewelry in a separate pouch or box. A pearl’s surface is not very hard, so it’s easy to be damaged by other pieces of jewelry if you store them together. According to the Mohs hardness scale, pearls, or Calcite, are only on level 3, which is right between a fingernail and a copper penny. Diamonds are on level 10. Wrap pearls with a soft cloth and store separately.
  • Pearls are living organisms, so they need fresh air to breathe. Take them out of their storage space and wear at least once every season; otherwise, the color of the pearls will quickly start to change over time.
  • When dressing and undressing, put on your pearl jewelry last and take them off first. This will help them keep their luster. Cosmetics such as skin products, makeup, and perfume may have an erosive effect on pearls. Pearls can absorb these chemicals, so try not to let it get in contact with cosmetics.

Maintenance Don’ts

  • Don’t use direct water to clean the pearl’s surface. Pearls can absorb the water which is difficult to dry out again, and can, therefore, cause fermentation inside the pearls. Fermentation will cause the pearls to change color and lose their luster. Clean as described in point 1 above.
  • Don’t let the pearls lie under direct sunlight for a prolonged period or store them in a too dry place, as this will cause pearls to lose the water inside. Since pearls consist of only 4% water, drying out will cause them to lose their luster.
  • During storage, don’t hang pearl necklaces but rather store them inside a pouch lying flat. The silk thread may become slack if hung for an extended period. Check the thread every two to three years to see if the thread is still in good condition and change if necessary. The last thing you want is for the thread to break and lose your pearl beads.
  • Don’t give up on your pearls if they start to turn yellow. Pearls can be immersed in diluted hydrochloric acid, which will cause the outside nacre layers to melt off so the inside luster can come out again. Your necklace will look new again. If you don’t know how to do this, rather leave it to the professionals!

Styles Of Engagement Rings

  • The beauty of a modern woman can be harmonized only with a style of jewelry that is equally swanky and classy. Two stone bands are crafted in delicate patterns that suit the feminine loveliness while its elegant luster perfectly suits a glamorous lady. Brilliantly chiseled diamonds as well as gemstones are studded to enhance their beauty and everlasting grace.
  • Answering to the wish of the women who desire a unique piece of jewelry, the two toned metal bands are carved. When the pinkish shine of rose gold is highlighted by the glittering shade of yellow gold or the vanilla sheen of white gold is accentuated by yellow gold, the ring creates a soulful symphony.
  • Natural beauty gifted by God is incomparable. Acknowledging that fact, the rough cut diamond rings are assembled. The unshaped and unpolished diamond of excellent quality elicits an ethereal charm that readily complements a debonair person. But, while picking the desired piece, the setting must be selected wisely.
  • Studded with effervescent gemstones ranging from spectacular sapphires to regal rubies, the colored rings are climbing the peak of fashion nowadays. Cut in diverse shapes and arranged in impressive designs, these add jovialness to the brides. Fancy diamonds in vibrant and intense colors like pink, black, blue, etc. are also used to attain a glorious assortment suitable for all ladies.
  • Some styles never fade with time, solitaire rings fall under that classic category. The sands of time could not erase the eminence of these classic beauties featuring a sole diamond at the center. Marquise cut, round cut, princess cut and numerous other diamond shapes are used in solitaire patterns that were extremely popular back in time and in present time also, the fame has not diminished a bit.

Symbolism of Sapphire

Apparently, despite the rise to prominence of the diamond, since their discovery in the 19th century, as ‘the’ stone for an engagement ring, more classic and history-filled gems continue to hold a comfortable place in the market diamonds dominate. Emerald and sapphire engagement rings, for example, continue to have their audience, even if it is hardly as widespread as a diamond’s.

Millie suggested that the explanation for these stones’ continued success might have to do with more specific reasons than those fuelling the rise of the diamond. While the latter stone’s appeal does not go much beyond ‘shiny and expensive’, gems such as sapphires and emeralds have an entire historical and symbolic background on which to fall. As such, choosing from ruby or sapphire engagement rings is likely to be done so for different reasons than those opting for diamond rings of the same type. In the case of the sapphire, this preference might have a lot to do with the symbolism of the stone, even as much or more as with its visual appeal.

In the colour palette of precious gemstones, sapphire is the ‘blue stone’, a fact made clear by its name, which is translated precisely from the Latin word for blue. Usually a rich, deep colour, its seemingly fitting meaning is naturally linked to Heaven, with the gem believed to help preserve innocence and purity, as well as to give good health, protect the wearer from envy and harm and symbolise truth. Not an altogether unenviable set of characteristics for an engagement ring stone!

But aside from what it represents or says about its wearer, the sapphire has a deeper, more majestic meaning. The stone is believed by some cultures to be the foundation upon which Earth is built, explaining the planet’s primarily blue colouration as well as the blue hue of the daytime sky.

Historically, sapphire engagement rings have been popular since the Middle Ages, for representing the qualities required in a healthy relationship, such as trust, loyalty, reliability and faithfulness. This also makes them popular presents among friends, lovers or married couples, as the gift of a sapphire represents sincerity, faithfulness, and the hope of a long and solid relationship.

Jewelry Collectors

The quality of gold tends to deteriorate, so manufacturers can be using less quality now, than they did in the 50s. So, if you have some gold jewelry from the 50s, you should consider selling the items. You could make thousands back.

People that collect jewelry tend to think of it as an investment and they do resell when the items are priced at more than they were bought for. However, other people fall in love with their jewelry and they will never sell it. There is no right or wrong answer here. You can collect jewelry for whatever reason you like.

If you are thinking of collecting jewelry, then read on for some information about things that you might need to think about.

Before you have started collecting, you will have to think about where you are going to keep the jewelry. It is probably best that you don’t just leave the items out, on your dresser because they will get dusty and you will notice that there is a loss of sparkle and the gold will look dull. Therefore, you will spend a lot of time cleaning the jewelry.

Once you have thought about it a bit more, you will decide that you need to invest in some jewelry boxes. In the beginning, you can save a bit of money and only buy a small box, but as the collection grows, you will have to buy a bigger one.

Some collectors find that they have spend so much money on boxes in the past, that it is better value for money to have a jewelry box custom made. Therefore, they can add tiers and different storage options for items like rings and necklaces.

If you have bought a jewelry box and you know that you will want to sell the items later, then you should keep the boxes that they were sold to you in. This is because you will get more money for the item if you have the original box. Some buyers will want the original receipt as well.

You should buy a storage box, but the receipt in the original box, and then but the boxes in storage. That way you won’t have empty boxes lying around the house and when you do try and sell the items, you will know where everything is.

Some people find it beneficial to find a jewelry store or brand that they like and they will only buy their jewels from there. This is because they trust the store, and they know that they are selling authentic items. If they advertise that they are selling precious stones, then you know that they are, and non of their items are fake.

Some stores will sell specialty items that you can’t get anywhere else. These items might be a bit more expensive but that is because they are one of a kind and they will be worth more money later.

Effects of Getting Engaged

In one’s personal outlook on commitment and marriage, the side-effects of getting engaged can manifest themselves in a number of ways. The most blatant ‘symptoms’ in this regard are likely to come from the bride’s side, but the groom will also undoubtedly be affected, though he may demonstrate it in a slightly more subdued manner.

One of the most common collateral effects of an engagement proposal for a bride is to stare incessantly at her own hand. The reason for this is, of course, the sudden presence of a relatively large and undoubtedly appealing ring on her finger, one that bears admiring repeatedly, as well as displaying to friends and family. Furthermore, programmes and films revolving around weddings will begin, in the bride’s eye, to take on a different nature, and detailed wedding plans may begin to form in her mind.

For the groom, on the other hand, this change will manifest itself mostly through a perceptible but impossible-to-define change in his relationship to his future bride. Even couples who have been living together for years are not immune to this change, which tends to lead to a lot of decision-making and future-planning in the period immediately after getting engaged. It is important that couples do not interpret these changes as the end of the ‘fun’ in the relationship, but rather as necessary steps in the process of spending the rest of their lives together.

Even more than for the bride and groom, however, an engagement proposal is likely to affect their immediately family and closest friends. These will be the people endlessly extending congratulations, asking to see the ring and wanting to hear detailed accounts of the proposal as many times as the couple are willing to relay them. Future brides and grooms should also be prepared to hear a considerable amount of unsolicited wedding advice and to fend off an inordinate number of questions regarding wedding dates.

It is important, however, that couples do not expect every member of their circle to immediately be ‘on board’ with this important new step in their lives; there will most likely be the occasional naysayer, and the bride- and groom-to-be should be prepared to hear criticism, so that they do not allow it to destroy their relationship. Best friends and parents can also provide much-needed support should a situation like this arise.

These are only a few of the collateral effects couples can expect as a result of announcing their engagement. Should they be able to take them in stride, however, these changes in daily life and behaviour are unlikely to have any major or lasting effect on their happiness.

Get a Variety of Engagement Rings

When you walk in, it is possible you will begin to feel overwhelmed again, after all, the thought of picking the perfect ring, especially if you don’t know what you are looking at can be tremendous. A specialist should greet you. Simply explain that you are looking at diamond engagement rings and you need one that will tell a story but you know nothing about diamond rings. The specialist may have a G.I.A. graduate talk to you about diamonds. They will begin to explain how the cut of the diamond impacts the way the light reflects off it. Then he or she will tell you about how the color and clarity of the diamond are graded from yellow to clear and flawless to imperfect. Finally the G.I.A. graduate should explain that carat weight is the general measure of how large the stone is. When you have enough information and are comfortable, return to the specialist you can begin to browse the diamond rings.

When you are back with the specialist, he or she should explain that there are several different band styles to choose from. Classic styles never seem to get old. The halo has several smaller diamonds surrounding the main center diamond. The vintage pieces are a style from another time that brings a little piece of history. The Infinity diamond rings symbolize forever, like a couple’s love for one another. The nostalgic collection is more simply designed with fewer gems, but their beauty is still unmistakable. And for the unique couple looking to make a statement all their own, the Pink Collection offers a splash of color with all of the class found in the other styles.

As you continue your journey through the collections, and your education on diamond engagement rings, be sure to ask questions about the shape of the diamonds. The specialist will explain that there are several different shapes to choose from. Among the choices are the round, princess cut, marquise, cushion or oval shaped diamonds. Many of the diamond shapes will fit many of the different ring styles, offering a variety of diamond engagement rings to choose from.

Armed with all of the information you received on diamond engagement rings, you will be able to find the ring that tells the story you want to tell. Perhaps an infinity style ring from the Pink Collection, with a pear shaped, 1.5 carat center diamond with a high clarity and color grading for intense sparkle in the light.

Black Diamond Jewelries

It forms a lovely combination with other colorful gemstones. The jewelry item becomes one of a kind and tantalizing. The precious gemstone in dark color has been used in several ornaments with architectural designs combined with sensual curves. Sarah Jessica Parker wore a black diamond ring for the cover of Harper’s Bazaar to add dynamism to her photo shoot. That ring made a strong fashion statement and since then the precious gemstone has made it to the jewelry box of various celebs who like to experiment with their wardrobe.

In an excellent example of fusion cuff, the gemstone has been combined with rhodium to bring out the monochromatic chic appearance. The black diamond jewelry plays with the sharpness of rhodium and smoothness of diamond to bring out the edgy side of personality. It is an extremely versatile item as it goes well with the leather jacket, ball gown and also with a pair of battered jeans. An edgy and avant-garde designer ring could be the missing piece in your jewelry box modifying the classic black and white diamond stones combination.

If you wish to possess an entirely black diamond suite, the Turkish jewelry designers have crafted a necklace and earrings suite for you. A constellation in the form of necklace gently trickling down the neck completed with a pair of earrings representing an entire galaxy is a marvel to die for. Gothic designs use dark and mysterious colors. A solitaire engagement ring with a staggering 7 carat pear-shaped black diamond center stone makes the perfect ornament for a Gothic follower.

Types Of Bracelets

Charm: a charm bracelet comes with a single open-link chain where you attach small charms. The small charms are usually minute figures that are made from a given metal such as gold or silver.

The good thing with these bracelets is that you can easily make them. You can also make them in different shapes that you want. For example, if you are musician you can go for a bracelet that has a shape of a violin, guitar or piano. If you are giving the bracelet as a gift to a loved one you can make a bracelet that has a heart shape.

Chain: these are the most common bracelets and are made up of interlocking links. The links come with different shapes and sizes. Due to the designs, these bracelets are very flexible and you can wear them with almost any outfit.

Bangles: they are made from wood, metal or plastic. They are usually made from one rigid piece thus they aren’t as flexible as the chain bracelets. When wearing them it’s wise that you wear them in multiples. For a unique look you should consider curving them outwards.

Bead: they are popular with women and young girls. The bracelets come with a strand of string, wire or hemp. Beads made from wood, plastic or metal are then strung to the strand. Although, most of the bracelets are simple in design, there are others that have complex designs. In most cases the bracelets with complex designs have many strands.