Necklaces Of Semi Precious Stone

Varying in length, anywhere from 20 to 52 inches, each of the beautiful pieces are created from semi-precious stock. Stringed designs are fashioned from beads, chips, pendants, shell flowers, chunks, nuggets, and rectangular stones. Familiar names like turquoise, amethyst, pearl, jade and onyx appear quite frequently in these arrangements.

Each hand-made piece is created from genuine semi precious gemstones. The possibilities are almost endless when creating such pieces. The unusual names and variety of designs make each piece unique. Whether it is stunning smoky quartz or small, round carnelian beads, the many colors and choices of shape, order of items, and arrangement can be unusual as well as beautiful. Strands of beads can be combined to form a rope effect. Flowers can be formed from faceted crystals or shells.

Designs can be centered around these flowers, or have beads coiled in the middle. Cultured black or freshwater pearls can all blend to create the illusion of bubbles. Braided faceted moss agate can be combined with other green semi-precious stones to form necklaces that would be at home on Irish royalty.

For a fashion forward look, some layer pieces of different lengths. Closures for the necklaces can vary based on the composition of the rest of the piece. Some are available with a black onyx toggle clasp or with a jade toggle closure. Extenders are another option for varying the look of the same necklace with different clothing choices.

They can be worn at casual gatherings or formal events. Compliments usually come in the form of questions seeking to know the names of each piece and if there is a meaning that each bead represents. Knowing what each one is comprised of will create a conversation that may delve into the more esoteric view of each representation.

Unusual names are used often, but may not be labeled as clearly. Blue agate, African aventurine, cherry quartz, prehnite, Lapis Lazuli, and Amazonite chunks… Just to name a few. Many wonder where these names came from and may research the origins in order to connect meaning and personalize the order and arrangement of beads.

Sparkly faceted crystals are fashioned into beads. No two necklaces of the same style are exactly alike simply because semi precious gemstones are found within the layers of the Earth. When combined, the vein, pattern, and color will vary slightly with each piece since each bead has a unique appearance all by itself.

Most experts consider genuine to mean mined from the Earth. Simply because they are in a different list than the most familiar gems, such as diamond, ruby, or sapphire sometimes means it is assumed they are not genuine. Smoky quartz, turquoise, amethyst, ametrine, aventurine, black and blue onyx, white, pink, or gray cultured freshwater pearls, rainbow fluorite, lapis lazuli, moss agate, natural deep purple amethyst can all be considered natural, genuine gems.

Maintaining Your Pearl Jewelry

Be selective with certain pieces

Because pearls are a softer gem, you’ll want to make sure that you are limiting the use of rings and bracelets. Not only are you more likely to scratch a pearl ring or bracelet, you are also more likely to soil them. Save your rings and bracelets for special occasions. Earrings and necklaces are much better for daily wear, however, make sure that you are not wearing them when you apply makeup, hair products, or perfume.

Washing your pearls

Occasionally, you may need to wash your pearls. The best way to wash pearls is with a soft cotton cloth dampened with lukewarm distilled water. Tap water has chlorine which can damage your pearls. Gently rub the pearls until they are clean. If just water won’t clean them, you can use a natural soap as well. Stay away from steam, detergents and jewelry cleaners that do not specifically say they are safe for pearls. If the pearls are in a necklace, make sure not to pull or stretch the string in between, especially if they are not individually knotted. This can cause wear to the string and cause the strands to break. No one wants to crawl around searching for their pearls.


The best way to take care of your pearls is to make sure to check them at regular intervals. Make sure strands holding the pearls are still strong and supple. Make sure that pearls in settings are not loose. For stranded pearls, you should have them restrung by a jeweler every few years. Especially if you wear them a lot. Individually knotting them is more expensive but it pays off in the end. Having pearls on necklaces and bracelets individually knotted is more secure in case you do have a break. Better to lose one pearl than to lose all of them.

Gold Belly Button Rings

In the past, body piercings other than pierced earlobes were generally frowned upon, and looked at as something negative and on the dark or esoteric side. Many people that had body piercings were forced to cover them during work or in other social situations to avoid the negative stigma attached to pierced body parts. These negative attitudes led to many people piercings their body in places that are usually covered by clothing. That is one of the reasons that belly piercings became one of the most popular forms of body piercing.

Over time, the stigma associated with body piercing has largely subsided, leading people from all walks of life to get their navels pierced for the purpose of wearing gold belly rings and other types of navel jewelry.

Wearing gold belly button rings is a great choice if you do not want your piercing to be shown all of the time. With most kinds of clothing, your piercing will be completely covered up and invisible. However, if you choose to wear clothes that show it off, you have many choices. Besides that, it is almost always visible when you are wearing a bathing suit.

Even though belly button rings are available in many different styles and colors, gold belly button rings are by far the most popular. This is most likely for a few reasons. First of all, navel jewelry is very easy to obtain, as most jewelry stores and even department stores carry them. Also, the classic yellow color of gold is perfect to accessorize with almost any outfit you decide to wear.

In addition to traditional brick and mortar retail jewelry stores, you can also find a wide selection of belly button jewelry online. Some online stores may give you a discount or free shipping if you buy multiple items or a reach a minimum threshold price.

Every Stone Has a Story

Embracing Emerald

Considered the most valuable of the green gemstones, emerald is rare, durable and stunning in appearance, making it highly sought after. Adding to its appeal in custom jewelry is the belief that it boosts mood, eyesight and even fertility. There’s even some thought that it could arm your mate with psychic powers, but be careful. That one could backfire.

Soothing Sapphire

What emerald is to green gemstones, sapphire is to blue. Thanks to its exceptional color, lustre and hardness, it’s extremely precious. Try it as the centrepiece of custom jewelry and watch the heads turn at your next dinner party.

Legend connects the sapphire with peace and happiness, as well as insight, intuition and communication. And ladies, if it can help your man with that last one, it’s worth its weight in gold.

Tranquil Topaz

Topaz occurs naturally in a variety of hues and is renowned for its gorgeous shapes and colors. The range of options makes it ideal in custom jewelry for different ages, tastes and styles.

So perhaps it’s fitting that topaz is linked with so many benefits, from increased clarity and confidence to a reduction in worry, fear and mood swings. If it sounds appealing, you might want to add it to your custom jewelry as soon as possible. Once your jeweller learns of all the benefits, they may have to charge more.

Timely Tiger’s Eye

If you’re looking for custom jewelry to help you pop the question, it helps to have the “eye of the tiger” in your arsenal. That’s where tiger’s eye comes in. Marked by waves of brown and yellow in a silky lustre, this gem is reputed to turn fear into action and enhance strength in difficult times. It’s also said to relieve doubt, and when you’re down on one knee with your heart on your sleeve, that could come in handy.

Organize Your Jewelry

One of the most effective ways of keeping necklaces organized is using a hanging wall display. In addition to the organizer helping you to keep the necklaces organized, it’s also a unique and visually-appealing wall art. All you need to do is to vertically drape the necklaces so that they don’t get entangled in themselves.

The cool thing with a hanging wall display is that it takes a very small space; therefore, ideal for people living in small houses. The displays are made from different materials such as leather and wood.

Another way of organizing necklaces is putting them in container with a lid. This idea is ideal when you are planning of storing the necklaces for a long time. For ideal results you should wrap the necklaces with acid-free tissue paper.

Since they are small and easy to lose track of, earrings need their own system. One of the best systems that you can use is a jewelry box or case. For ideal results you should ensure that the box has many small pockets that will help you in keeping the pairs together.

If you can’t afford a jewelry box or a wall display, there are many other options that you can go with. These options include:

Tree branch: here you need to collect a number of twigs and then paint them in your favorite color. For the twigs to compliment your jewelry you should consider painting them silver or gold. After painting them you should place them in a vase and hang your jewelry on them.

Towel hanger: you most likely have the “c-shaped” hooks in your house, don’t you? You should use them to hang your necklaces and bracelets. To avoid damage you should ensure that the jewelry is light weight and non-elastic.

Frame: if you have a frame that you don’t use you should stick some curved hooks into it and then paint it with a bright color such as red, green, blue or orange. You should then hang your jewelry on it.

Pick Your Bridal Jewelry

You can find numerous shades of white loved by brides today. Distinct metals look much better with various hues of white. Though this may seem subtle, matching the colors well increases the bride’s look. When wearing bright, note that yellow platinum does not look good. Yellow gold requires a dimmer shade of the white, with orange tones. Both stone white and ivory complement platinum. If a bride is wearing any white gown, platinum, sterling silver, and pearls are great go-toss. Diamond white is extremely versatile.

Not only does it complement the abovementioned gold, but furthermore silver, rose rare metal, pearls, and many other acceptable pairings. Pale yellow is most gorgeous with gold, since its metal highlights the creamy tint of the gown.

You’ll want to match the sorts of jewels and metals while using the gown and jewellery. Nothing looks worse than a mismatch of the materials. Cubic zirconia, Rhinestones, and diamonds will surely have entirely dissimilar glimmers. Pearls and colored jewels could be well incorporated, but you have to make sure they do not look odd. Some gold bracelet and also white gold look mismatched. Moreover, a ruby diamond necklace and sapphire bracelet do not go with one yet another, and just make the looks appear unplanned.

Obviously any good lattice necklace or Y-shaped looks best with a V-neckline dress. However, if the bride opts for a nice neckline gown, a ring seriously isn’t often a fantastic choice. A bride may want to beautify with a headpiece or chandelier ear-rings. If the bride does choose to necklace with a neckline gown, make sure you keep it tighter on the neck.

Diamond Bracelets For Women

Yellow Gold

Many people find that yellow gold bracelets go best with summer-style outfits, which are often bold and brightly coloured. They will also make the diamonds really stand out. It is important to note, however, that yellow gold will clash with some colours (such as a handful of green shades). This is why it’s a good idea to think about the colours and shades that the recipient likes to wear so that you can determine whether yellow gold is an appropriate match.

White Gold

Many people find that white gold bracelets go with pretty much any style outfit, but that they do tend to look best with winter ones (as the sparkle will really stand out against darker and neutral colours).

Rose Gold

When it comes to choosing diamond bracelets for women, rose gold tends to be the least popular choice. The red-pink, coppery colour of the metal means that it usually goes best with autumn-style outfits. It is important to note, however, that rose gold will clash with some colours (such as orange and even blue). This is why it’s a good idea to think about the colours that the recipient likes to wear so that you can determine whether rose gold is a match.

How to wear them?

There are actually a few fashion rules when it comes to wearing diamond bracelets for women. They should, for example, be worn on the right hand. If they have a single diamond at their centre, you shouldn’t let it dangle (as this can make it look sloppy). If they have several segments as opposed to a single large stone, it will look best when not worn too tight. A single bracelet can make a powerful statement, whereas too many will actually detract from your style.

Cat Rings Jewelry

One Size to Fit All Fingers

No longer do you have to worry about whether the ring you order will fit your finger. There are many absolutely beautiful rings that are adjustable and are suitable for all finger sizes. Simply bend these cat-themed rings into shape around your little finger, and experience the comfortably snug fit that will instantly remind you of your little feline friend at home. These adjustable cat rings will surely bring back memories of you and your furry cat cuddling together. Each time you put on a cat ring from your jewelry collection, you can carry your love for your favorite pet on your finger all day long. Wear them on your ring finger, or on all fingers if you like, and show off your crazy cat lady side.

An Amazing Range of Designs and Styles

Cat rings jewelry is available in so many styles and patterns, you’ll have a hard time deciding which one to pick! If you find the idea of wrapping a cat tail around your finger appealing, then you might want to consider an adjustable ring that features a long cat tail. Or, if paws and ears are your fancies, then you could choose a ring that shows off these adorable parts of your cat. If a sphynx cat is what catches your fancy, then you might want to pick one of that style as well, for good measure! Whether you want a glossy finish or matte, silver or rose-gold, there is a jewelry piece for every cat-loving woman out there. So, bring out your playful side, slip on one of these babies and get rocking! With the mind-boggling range of patterns available you can wear a different ring for every day of the year if you like!

Beautiful Irish Jewelry

Jewelry as beautiful as Ireland itself steeped in symbolism and tradition.

While jewelry is usually designed to be beautiful, Irish jewelry truly stands apart because it isn’t just pretty to look at, it has deep meaning and cultural ties.

There are many Celtic symbols but there are five beloved symbols translated into beautiful Irish jewelry time and time again.

The Claddagh Ring, Irish Harp, Celtic Cross, Trinity Knot and last but not least the Shamrock.

The Claddagh Ring is the most famous of all Irish symbols isn’t just for the Irish anymore. Named after a tiny fishing village Galway on the west coast, this popular design universal symbol of enduring love. The claddagh design has two hand holding a crowned heart. It’s a symbol of friendship, love and loyalty.

The Irish Harp, although not as renowned as the shamrock is the official emblem if Ireland. The harp can be found on various official government documents such as the Irish presidential seal and passports. Irish harp jewelry is elegant and a true symbol of what it means to be Irish.

Legend says that the Celtic Cross was basically created by St. Patrick who drew a circle through a cross to tie in the symbolism of the Moon Goddess to teach the pagans about Christianity. Today it is viewed as a symbol of God endless love synonymous with the Irish faith.

The Trinity Knot like the Celtic Cross is a symbol of faith and heritage. Ancient Celts believed the triple knot was sacred. Christians adopted it as a symbol of the Holy Trinity. Today the trinity knot is viewed as the Irish love knot.

Last but certainly not the least of the Irish symbols is the beloved shamrock. This lovely three leaf clover is adorned by all of Ireland. Like the trinity knot St. Patrick also used the shamrock to explain the Holy Trinity. The shamrock is the flower of Ireland and beloved as jewelry worn as a symbol of good luck by all.

Ireland the land of magical beauty, rich in tradition and culture. When you give a piece of Irish jewelry you carry on Irish tradition one gift at a time. Irish jewelry can be found at reputable online stores. We suggest checking the company’s Facebook page and searching for online complaints before purchasing.

Vintage Jewelry

This will be a great fun to show newly acquired silver vintage rings to family and friends, be it made up of gold, silver, stainless steel, brass or bronze. Remember, by purchasing vintage jewelry one is making a long term investment because prices of these articles keeps on increasing. This does not mean that one needs to buy only expensive pieces, even less expensive and beautiful articles posses same importance. A ring belonging to one’s grandmother or mother bears the same significance like newly purchased expensive jewel.

People having a rich historical background like creative ancestors are really lucky as they have the chances to posses something originally vintage. Those who do not have any belongings from their ancestors, just do not worry, there are hundreds of online stores offering great collection at reasonable rates. The most popular vintage items include earrings, silver vintage rings, bands and gorgeous vintage gold rings. Wedding is one of the most important and auspicious occasion that demands for something very pleasant. The wedding rings are available in plenty of designs, colors, shapes, patterns and sizes, being perfect for both man and woman.

When talking about wedding, no one can forget the role of wedding bands; they are really outstanding and luscious. One can browse an exquisite collection of wedding bands beautifully crafted offered by different websites. From plain and simple designs to outstanding hand crated designs, everything is available under one roof. These bands are designed in a manner to provide exceptionally wonderful spirit and belongingness. The contemporary designs are dramatic results of great components including hand fabrication, design and perception. Wedding bands are perfect source to express love and companionship. The artistic acumen is reflected through their original design which makes the occasion extraordinarily special.

Vintage jewelry plays a sparkling role in everyone’s life by making them feel like flying in the white clouds. The precise refinement and classic overtone demonstrate the crowning achievement of the jeweler’s art. These vintage gold rings jewelry pieces are perfect inheritance of inspiration and form the basis for outstanding charm and beauty. There are many online stores that offer wide variety of vintage jewelry, but choosing the right one demands for little homework and consideration.