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About Matching Gems With Eye Colours

For blue eyes, the immediate thought is the sapphire engagement ring. Their luxuriant blue tones are a great highlight to piercing blue eyes. Kyanite and lapis lazuli are good alternatives, a much better match to darker shades of blue and would look great on a yellow gold coloured engagement ring band. If your intended has a paler shade of blue eye colour, then you might prefer to try an aquamarine side stone in an appropriate hue.

Bring out the verdant hues of your partner’s eyes with a green garnet or emerald gem. No one knows her better than you, so you should also consider dazzling alexandrite and turquoise stones. Peridot is also a good option for the green pigment.

Uncommon but beautiful golden eyes will be well suited to a topaz gold gem. If her eyes have a subtle orange tint, orange hyacinth stones will be an ideal match.

For brown eye tones, the varying hues of fire opals are sure to be a wonderful match. From yellow to burnt red orange tints, this tone will make for dazzling engagement ring side-stones. For hazel eyes, dark amber gems are an ideal match, sure to reflect the varying colours of her irises.

The smoky hues of moonstones will suit a girl with grey eyes, whilst the stone’s incandescent properties will be sure to dazzle her. Opals are also available in a range of grey tones and their flecks of colour provide lovely accents.

Make sure to explain to your fiancée why you chose these accent stones. To settle on a brightly coloured stone for an engagement ring is not a traditional choice. However, explaining the reasons behind these personal touches is sure to make your choice of a ruby or sapphire engagement ring seem loving and thoughtful.