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Aluminium Chain

  • Chunky Link Chains
    These chains look thicker and feel heavier than some other styles of chain. The metal bits themselves are often so chunky that there is barely a hole visible in the centre of each chain link. These chunkier, heavier aluminium chains are a very popular choice for jewellery for men.
  • Decorative Link Chains
    These chain links are much more delicate than the chunkier alternative style of links. Even though they are still strong, they are usually very light in weight. It is possible to get chains with tiny links, or with links which are bigger, but still using very thin pieces of aluminium. These types of aluminium are usually used for pieces of jewellery which are more delicate, such as a beautiful pendant which may be worn for a wedding or another special occasion.
  • Cross Chains
    These chains are an alternative style. Whereas the links in twist chains are slightly twisted to allow them to sit next to each other smoothly, the links in cross chains are straight, and they have been set at right angles to one another, to give a striking effect. These chains are often used for slightly more casual items of jewellery which still look delicate.
  • Gold or Silver Plated Aluminium Chains
    Gold or silver plated chains are a great value way to add a touch of class to your jewellery projects. Whilst the inside of these chains is made from aluminium, the outside of these chains had been covered in real gold or silver. These chains are strong and very versatile. If you want to make gold or silver jewellery, plated aluminium is a great way to cut costs, compared to buying solid gold or silver chains.