Art Of Jewellery Designing

The art of designing marvelous gemstones engraved in the delicate patterns of the malleable gold and silver requires not only creativity but intense passion and inspiration. The skill of jewelry designing is not easy and is not to be taken as an effortless task. Most of the other professions require a definite framework but jewelry designing essentially requires random and detailed creativity. An out of the box thinking is required to create the most sensational jewelry.

The designers work more than 9 hours, 6 days a week to get the perfect combination of all the ideas and designs before merging them together. The main quality a jewelry designer is to be flexible. Any type of rigidity in the mindset of the designer may invariably reflect in his or her piece of work. The more naturally inclined designers let the ideas flow to get the unique blend of contrasting elements to blend together to produce a master piece. Although symmetry is a very important aspect of jewelry designing but being obsessed with it, makes the designs just flat and lacking the attraction they should possess.

The fabulous jewelry doesn’t just pop out from the hand of a jewelry designer. It is a meticulous process of creatively planning out the design concepts. The designer puts on their creative cap to think of alluring deigns which are followed by rendering those designs on paper. The next task is to plan out the technical drawings and the mathematics of proportion, symmetry and material. This task is followed by fabrication and planning the wearing ability of the jewelry article.

At the concept stage, the traditional method of using the paper is used but now the trend is shifting towards using the computer-aided software’s which are preprogrammed to structure out the wear ability, symmetry, proportion, composition and other technical aspects to help the designers. Some of the famous softwares used are Matrix and Rhinoceros 3D.

Lastly, the market trends are considered and the occasion for which the particular piece is to be designed.