Beauty From the Water

Getting fresh with the mollusks

For most customers visiting high street retail stores looking for pearls, the freshwater type will most likely be the higher class option there.

Freshwater pearls are formed when an unwanted grain of sand enters into the mollusk, who understandably isn’t very happy about it. If you’ve ever had a grain of sand in your mouth, you’ll know it isn’t pleasant. Unable to remove it, the mollusk will begin covering the grain with nacre, the same substance that its shell is made from, to protect itself from the irritation.

With the continued build-up of nacre, we eventually have ourselves a pearl. The whole process may take around three or four years, meaning the mollusk has been one long step ahead of you when thinking about your thirty-year wedding anniversary gift idea.

Learning the cultural difference

Cultured pearls are easier to find and less expensive than freshwater, which is due to how they are formed, and farmed.

A small bead, made from glass or sometimes plastic, is placed inside the mollusk by hand, which triggers the same reaction as the grain of sand does in the freshwater variety. Again, the mollusk begins to coat the bead in nacre until we eventually have a pearl that we can take from him.

For a pearl wedding anniversary gift idea for residents, cultured pearls are not only more affordable, but can also offer more choice in style and color, due to both dyed and undyed examples being available. It should be easy to tell which have and which haven’t, due to some common sense in how natural they look; a cultured pearl in deep purple probably has been.

After thirty years of marriage, you should probably know what your partner likes, and cultured pearls make a wonderful wedding anniversary gift idea for those with a taste for eye-catching jewelry at reasonable prices.

The comeback kid who never went away

Teaming a white pearl necklace with that little black dress is a look that will never get old, even if cigarette holders are no longer in vogue. Thanks to the recent Great Gatsby movie inspiring a new look for the younger generation too, pearls are shedding their image of being an old person’s gem and once again becoming a fashionable look for the young.