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Birthstones in Engagement Rings

Amateur astrologers will know, for example, that sapphire rings will be more suitable for and appreciated by people born in September, since that is the month the stone is associated with in the birthstone calendar. Similarly, fans of star signs will know that the dark blue hue of this stone represents heaven and serenity, and will base their choice on this knowledge as well.

Sapphire engagement rings are not, however, the only type of non-diamond ring to contain birthstones. Each month of the year contains a birthstone and, with some offering brides and grooms more than one choice, there is no shortage of unique, original and symbolic stones from which to choose.

Personality also plays a big part in the choice of birthstones. Because each of these types of gems represents a certain personality trait or natural element, some stones will naturally suit people with certain dispositions better than others. Individuals who value friendship and trust, for instance, will be pleased with a garnet engagement ring, as will those born in January, as it is their birthstone. Emerald rings represent youth and prosperity and, with their green hues, perfectly symbolise the verdant nature of their associated month, May. Sapphire engagement rings, as noted, symbolise serenity, which makes them perfect for September, the month that marks the winding down of summer and the quietude of early autumn.

For people born in March, June, November or December, this choice is slightly more complicated, as these months have numerous birthstones. However, as with other months, each of these gems represents the ‘character’ of the month of their association: June’s gems being generally light-coloured and December’s being somewhat more heavily hued. Shoppers buying for natives of these times of year will therefore have to exert discretion when choosing an engagement ring stone.

Choosing stones based on birth months and significance can, therefore, be a fun and original way to build custom engagement rings for astrology aficionados.