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Bulova Watch

In 1923, the company perfected it’s new concept in wrist watch making by standardization of all parts. The parts were made with such a high precision (ten thousandth part of an inch) so that it was interchangeable with any other Bulova watch of the same model. It became a renowned watch company the same year and in the following year it introduced it’s first complete line of ladies wrist watches. In 1926, Bulova created the very first watch commercial on radio, an advertisement that was heard by millions all over the United States. In 1927, Charles Lindbergh earned a Bulova watch and a check for a $1000 by being the first pilot to fly across the Atlantic non-stop on a flight from New York to Paris. He also became an emblem for the “Lone Eagle” model of Bulova watches which were made with his likeness. The company introduced electric clocks in 1931 and produced the first ever television commercial in 1941 before a baseball game. Joseph Bulova School of Watchmaking was founded in 1945 to teach disabled veterans watch making skills. Graduates from the school were guaranteed employment by Jewelers all across the United States. The company developed the Photo-timer in 1948, which is photo-finish camera combined with a precision electronic timer.

The Bulova Accutron, which revolutionized the watch making industry was invented by Max Hetzel and was introduced to the US market in 1960. The watch used a miniature turning fork as the time keeping element instead of the balance wheel seen with mechanical watches and it has a guaranteed accuracy of within one minute per month. This was the first watch to qualify as an “electronic watch”. In the same year, the company was asked by NASA to incorporate Accutron into NASA’s space program computers. This watch was used in 46 missions of the US Space Program. The watch was also declared as the “White House’s Official Gift of State” by President Lyndon Johnson. In 1962, the Bulova Accutron was the first watch to be certified for use by the Railroad Commission for it’s employees and in 1967, the Accutron clocks were the only ones aboard the Air Force One. The Bulova Watch Company was bought by Citizen Watch Co., in 2008, and today they are the world’s largest manufacturer of wristwatches.