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Famous Diamonds in the World

Hope Diamond

Despite its name, the hope diamond seems to only bring bad luck and misfortune to its owners. This is due to, according to some dubious reports, a curse that inhibits the diamond. There is supposedly a long list of tragedies that have befell those who have owned it, such as suicides, coup d’états, torture and destitution. Unfortunately, for those who love the supernatural, most of these are unconfirmed and have no historical sources to back them up. Although, the stone was owned by the infamous Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette, who were beheaded during the French Revolution which brought about the fall of the last absolute monarchy in France. There is not much evidence to suggest that this was down to the stone, but rather unequal taxation across France and famine in the previous summers. The curse legend can be attributed to the stones tendency to exhibit a red glow when exposed to short wave light rays, which is due to the traces of boron which can be found within its composition.

The SpoonMaker’s Diamond

The fact that this gem is so huge is not why it gains its fame, but rather the interesting legends that surround its origins. According to the tale, a fisherman near Istanbul found the diamond along the shore of a riverbank. After carrying it around in his pocket for a few days he took his findings to a local merchant, who told him that it was just a piece of glass. The merchant, apparently taking pity on the fisherman, offered him three spoons for his troubles, despite the stone being ‘worthless’, which the fisherman gratefully accepted. The merchant then sold the gem to a vizier for a hefty sum of gold, scamming the poor fisherman. This is how the gem got the name ‘spoon maker’.

The Great Star of Africa

This diamond gained its fame for its immense size, earning the title of largest cut diamond in the entire world. Otherwise known as the Cullinan Diamond, it is a whopping 3,106 carats and has 74 facets and was originally discovered in Transvaal, South Africa in 1905. The stone can now be found within the Tower of London set with The Royal Sceptre, after it was given to Edward VII as a gift, which he wasn’t going to accept until Winston Churchill persuaded him to.

The Orlov Diamond

The Orlov diamond has a truly extraordinary history, travelling from an ancient Indian temple to war torn Russia. According to legend, the diamond was originally stolen from India, and was located in the eye socket of the presiding deity statue of the Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple. Amazingly, it is widely reported that the stone was stolen by a French grenadier who posed as a converted Hindu to gain access to the temple and run away with the diamond. He then fled to Madras, where he found protection of the British army and a buyer for the diamond. The stone passed from merchant to merchant and eventually found its way to the hands of a Russian count known as Grigory Orlov. The count is best known for his relationship with Catherine the Great, who he helped rise to power, and would eventually gift the stone to her. According to another legend, during Napoleon’s invasion of Russia, his men tried to steal the diamond, but were scared off by a ghost that apparently rose to defend the diamond! It is now housed in a precious diamond collection in the Kremlin building in Russia.

Diamond With a High Resale Value

Buy Certified, Sell Certified

When you buy a diamond, it’s important to make sure that it comes with a Diamond Grading Report from a reputable diamond grading laboratory. The most commonly used and well-recognized laboratory in the USA is the Gemological Institute of America, or G.I.A. Well-respected laboratories like the G.I.A. perform independent inspection and testing on each diamond they receive and certify that the stone is a certain Color, Clarity, Carat Weight, Cut, and much more. This certificate is an essential tool for the customer when buying a diamond; otherwise they have no way of determining the true characteristics, and therefore value, of a diamond.

Similarly, it’s important to keep the diamond certificate with you to show the store or diamond supplier you are selling to. Without a certificate, you have to rely on the sales associate’s word on the color, clarity, etc. of the stone, and you could be offered a lower price than you wanted to sell for. A diamond grading report is an essential tool in determining the true value of your diamond, and is your best bet at getting a proper resale value for your diamond.

Check the Inscriptions

Many laboratories, including the G.I.A., have options to laser inscribe the diamond certificate number onto the girdle of a diamond. Under a microscope, you can then see this certificate number and easily tell that the diamond matches the diamond grading report. Without a laser inscription, it can be difficult for both the customer and the retailer to determine if the diamond matches the grading report exactly. A laser inscription is a quick and accurate way to match a diamond and its corresponding grading report.This will remove any doubt that the diamond does not match the certificate and will increase resale value.

It’s also important to keep in mind that some companies laser inscribe their own logos or trademarks onto the girdle of the diamond, next to the certificate number. This tends to reduce resale value, since a company is going to be unwilling to sell a diamond with another company’s logo on it. Your best bet is to only purchase a diamond with a diamond certificate number laser inscribed onto the girdle, and no other inscriptions. Most diamond grading reports (including the G.I.A.) will list all inscriptions present on the stone at the bottom of the certificate.

Choose Your Diamond Shape Wisely

When buying a diamond, it’s important to remember that certain diamond shapes are more costly when in high demand, and that they will lose value if demand for that shape falls. A good example is the marquise diamond shape. During the early and mid 90’s, marquise diamonds were very popular and were therefore more expensive. During the early 2000’s however, public demand for marquise diamonds fell drastically, and so did their resale value. Consumers who purchased a marquise diamond in the early 90’s and sold it in the early 2000’s saw a massive drop in the resale value of their stone.

It’s always important to buy the diamond shape that’s most appealing to you and your loved one, but if you are open to many options I would always recommend buying a round diamond. Round diamonds (also known as Round Brilliant Cut) have been the most popular and widely purchased shape for decades, and they have relatively stable price values when compared to other shapes.

Get Some Bling

You need to be very careful before the proposal. First things first, select the date, time and place when you will be proposing here. Remember, this is going to a very important event in your life. Therefore, don’t leave any stones unturned to make it a special one. Always make sure that things are decided in advice. If not, you will likely be making a number of mistakes, because of which the whole event will take the opposite turn. Don’t just make irrational plans. If you wish to propose her next Sunday, make sure that she is free next Sunday and wants to spend some time with you. If you fail to honor this, you would likely be alone with your Champaign glass and there will be no one else who will be able to provide you company. Therefore, tell her in advance that you wish to spend some time with her and get going. Specify the time as well. If you are taking her out on a fancy date, tell her that and let her get all dressed up for that occasion. If you are a gamer couple and looking for a gaming date, tell her that too. No matter what the occasion, just let her know in advice so that there are no last moment disappoints for you.

Now, you need to select your own wardrobe. Hey, wait! Don’t feel like we are asking for a lot. You will be proposing to the woman of your dreams. So make sure that you are trying to do as much as possible to make sure that you look good to. By good, we mean dressing appropriately for an occasion. Don’t overdress, just be comfortable and look good. Don’t forget a good quality perfume as well. After all this is done, comes the most difficult part. You now have to buy blue diamond rings for your lady. While buying these rings, the biggest consideration would be the money. As the blue diamonds are extremely rare, the natural blue diamond rings are very expensive. Plus, the larger the stone, the better the cut and the higher the price. Try to find something reasonably priced unless you are not too keen on the budget.

However, if you are really on a budget that you can opt for the synthetic diamond rings. These rings are produced by infusing the usual diamonds with color. They also have a very deep and rich hue. However, they are not as expensive as the real natural blue diamond rings. You can chose them if you cannot really pay for the expensive rings but love the look of the blue diamond. The styles and design options are many in either of the categories.

Just be like you usually are. You can try to make her feel extra special. Lose the game, walk holding her hand and kiss her on her cheeks. Yeah, just a small peck. Steal it every single time that you can and you will definitely have a great time together. When you find the right time, go down on your knees, bring one of the best of blue diamond rings out of your pocket and propose her. She will be startled, surprised, happy, excited and so much more. There will be a surge of emotions. Let her take her time. She will say yes!

You don’t need to do anything much but thank her for being so caring and loving. Just one line that appreciates the way that she has changed your life. She may only respond with a smile but that will definitely be the most precious smile in the world. So make sure that you are making enough efforts to find the right blue diamond rings for her. You will only be receiving a lot of love in return.

Custom Jewelry Without the Wait

To cater for these people, many custom jewelers carry a selection of ready to wear jewelry that, while already made, are all as unique as the bespoke pieces they are famous for producing. For those looking for unusual engagement rings, these collections are a veritable treasure trove.

But where did they come from? How can they help a jeweler and their customer find the perfect piece? And can they too be customized before selling?

Ready to wear, from anywhere

The pieces found in a custom jeweler’s ready to wear collection could literally have come from anywhere, and each will have its own history.

Some may come from a customer trading up, using the piece in part-exchange for something more expensive or custom made, or simply be a piece that was no longer worn and traded in to be given a new lease of life with a new owner. Others may have been sold on as damaged goods before being restored or repurposed by the jeweler and placed on sale in as-new condition.

It’s even possible that the ready to wear pieces you may look at in your search for unusual engagement rings were made as an entrant in the annual industry AGTA Awards, which would bring a guarantee of excellence like no other.

Ready to browse, ready to buy

Looking through a custom jeweler’s ready to wear collection is a fun and easy way to find your unusual engagement ring. Anything you find could provide the inspiration for your own custom-made piece, but you may also fall in love with something that is already there.

Even if you think you know how you want your custom-made jewelry to look, browsing a ready to wear collection is always a worthwhile part of the process, as they are fantastic idea beds.

And if you do happen to see something you like, be it vintage or brand new, the buying and shipping process will have it with you much quicker than a custom-made piece.

Ready to rework, ready to resize

While jewelry found in a ready to wear collection is exactly that, ready to wear, that doesn’t mean it can’t be customized if required or desired.

Finding the perfect piece for your unusual engagement ring and finding it to be the perfect size too might be asking too much, but your custom jeweler is the expert in resizing rings.

The same is true of any modifications. There might be one aspect of the ring that the customer asks to be reshaped, or they may wish to replace the stone with one of their own. For custom jewelers who are used to creating exquisite pieces from nothing more than an idea, reworking existing pieces is a task that can be accomplished quicker and with no less quality in the final result.

18 Carat Gold

Gold, an element that is yellowish in nature in its true essence is too soft in its purest form to be utilized as jewelry. This is exactly why most of the cultures make sure that gold is processed in order to harden it and make it usable as jewelry. In order to give you a better idea, it is to be mentioned here that preparation of a perfect combination of gold with other metals to form an alloy is what determines the strength, resistance, and appearance of gold in the jewelry form.

There is a particular proportion of gold in each kind of the alloy that is prepared to be used as jewelry. The unit that elaborates the proportion of gold in each alloy is called carat. 1/24 is what is termed as carat jewelry; this means one part in 24 KG of weight. This implies that 18 carat gold implies ¾ gold.

According to the above-mentioned formula, a 9-10 carat gold jewelry is going to be comprised of around 38% gold with the rest of it being made up of a certain metal. This implies that such a gold like any other metal is prone to getting tarnished or turning black or probably green and damaging your skin as well as clothes. It won’t be wrong to state that such a gold only has the advantage of affordability or cheapness over the 18 carat one.

There is no argument over the fact that the 14-carat gold is a huge improvement as compared to that of the 9 or 10 carat gold. It is going to contain around 58% gold that is a higher concentration than the base metal. However, this concentration of gold is still not sufficient to prevent it from getting damaged or tarnished. Brittleness may also be a part of 14 carat. Moreover, if you take a closer look at the percentage by volume of metals being utilized in 14 carat gold, the base metal still has a higher concentration.

As mentioned earlier, the more pure the gold is, the more soft it is going to be. Therefore, while it does have certain features to offer like a brilliant color, however, it is going to be considerably softer as to not make it a preferable choice for jewelry. To put it simply, the 22-carat jewelry is certainly going to compromise on durability.

There is no argument over the fact that there are a number of other features, which can be mentioned in favor of the 18-carat being the most appropriate one. However, in the light of the above mentioned information, it is already explicit enough that the 18 carat gold is going to come up with a number of different benefits that the rest of the kinds are going to fail at.

Taking this into perspective, it can almost be taken for granted that making an investment into the 18 carat gold is going to be the only reasonable and wise choice as far as the gold is concerned.

How to Make Fabric Christmas Beads

In the past, where we would have gone out and purchased new clothing or some other textile for your house, now more people are reusing, or recycling what you already have or buying their very own fabric, instead of spending the surplus money for brand spanking new items, when it’s possible to just do it yourself; in the present economy, people are attempting harder than in the past to save cash and reduce unneeded spend. Reusing left-over material is a handy way to have the adjustments to your textile projects without the need to spend much money, and if you are dealing with leather, cloth, wool, or some other material; there is always a way of making use of the materials rather than just throwing them out when you’re over them.


If you are crazy about the material, then consider how you can change it out. Really patterned sofas have gone away from style. Now it is all about the neutral colors of sofas and solid fabrics. However, a couple of decades ago floral prints and stripes were all the craze. This is very common when you go with secondhand sofas. You can just break this up by just changing out most of the throw pillows and neutralizing the couch with solid colors of pillows and throw blankets.

A pergola is a variation of gazebo that is much older in concept. The pergola is actually always a wooden product. It does not have any fabric printing, and thus includes a different means of giving shading. A lattice setup in the top serves as a mounting point for plants. Users manually install plants such as vines which crawl and creep to the top. Over the course of 12 months, the plant life can get progressively larger, eventually in the whole top. To maintain the shade, the plants has to be kept alive. For the green thumb gardener, a pergola could become an exciting structure to take care of. Pergolas are available in kits, however, are actually fun pieces to develop on your own.

Various products

It is now found in quite a number of various products including outerwear, window dressings, and even upholstery. The feel of this type of fabric is very hard to match. It is recognized for its softness as well as a sheen that can’t be matched by another fabric. Reflection effect will be the appearance which allows it that special look which make it in these sought after. Due to this effect, throughout the manufacturing, the direction with the pile have to be controlled.

Is quickly apparent when visiting retail stores including shopping centers, where it is extremely easy to see and compare the ways where polyester fabrics are being used in promoting brands and fashions. Many leading retailers are specifying polyester fabrics and textile printing as their preferred media of choice. It offers them many choices like Flame Retardancy, excellent show-through or total blackout but always with strong, bright colors and with the ability for polyester fabrics to become recycled this further enhances its appeal. This emphasizes the value of digital fabric printing philippines.

Gold Bangles or Diamond Bangles

Having said that all the rage to purchase jewellery has shifted to the digital space in past years and rightly so as you can get tons of designs to choose from while bangles online shopping.

If you’re going for a traditional look and pairing up jewellery with Indian attire going for diamond studded bangles could be a good choice. Bangles are versatile accessories and hold a precious place in women’s hearts especially of the Indian descent. Diamond bangles are affordable and available in range of designs.

Well, we also like to spice up the look sometimes with semi-traditional attires that blend into the modern look to show off both the sides to our playful self. Gold bangles are an easy choice here, as they compliment colors pretty well and remain subtle accessories when worn with fusion ensembles. In fact, gold bangles online in India are highly searched for by all ages of women preferring lightweight jewellery in the most novel designs.

Some things to keep in mind while making a purchase online –

Bangles size – if you’re buying bangles online for the first time refer to a bangles size-r or simply select the size you currently wear. (Tip – check to see if the sizes mentioned are Indian sizes or not, or whichever unit you measure in)

The gold weight used – this is important if you’re going for just gold and if you are looking for light weight or fuller weight bangles.

The diamond quality – diamonds need your attention, check the cut, clarity, carat weight, and color.

Certificates – this one is extremely vital; you should receive separate certificates for gold and for the diamonds.

Gifting – Bangles are good option for gifting to newly wedding couple. Keeping this tradition alive opt for chic designs that the everyday working women can flaunt too.

Moissanite Bridal Rings

Imitation diamond rings they may be but you would be excited to know that all moissanite bridal rings are given the stamp of quality before they leave your jeweler’s store. Skilled craftsmen get to the last handcrafted detail and make every single ring a piece of enviable jewelry. Each ring is measured meticulously in the laboratory for its refractive index, its color, clarity and its hardness. Moissanite unlike diamond does not crack under pressure since cracks and fissures are absent and research has proved that a piece of moissanite jewelry can well last beyond its lifetime.

Moissanite Imitation Diamond Rings Make A Great Fashion Statement!

A moissanite ring on your bride’s finger is more than mere sparkle. It is an affirmation of the everlasting commitment and love you feel for her. On her part, she may feel very special wearing her moissanite bridal ring on her special day, its shine and fire adding to the brightness of her eyes.

Finally do not get carried away by someone telling you that you made a mistake settling for imitation diamond rings. You know your finances best and surely you would not want to spoil the magnificence of a once-in-a-lifetime experience by having to worry about debt repayments. It is the wise couple indeed who recognise that a diamond ring might be nice but isn’t essential, and that there are some things in life more important, like kids and a house, and that it may not be so smart to go into debt just for the ring.

Enjoy Sparkling Years

Carat is the weight of the diamond. The diamond weight could be expressed as a fraction of a carat, as it is quite rare to find large stones.

The cut is by far the most important feature, as it determines the sparkle of the diamond. Cut is all about how light enters the diamond, bounces off its various dimensions and leaves, leaving behind a trail of brilliance and fire (as the white and rainbow colors are referred to respectively).

Color of diamonds – White is considered the purest of diamonds, but the color is difficult to distinguish when it has been set in metal. The Gemological Institute and the Gemological Society of America have standardized grading scales where the grade is set for each color.

Clarity – Almost all diamonds have inclusions or some impurity that may be very difficult for even a trained grader to discern, or they may be such that they spoil the brilliance by losing the transparency of the diamond. The clarity grade is set by a competent grader while viewing the diamond under a ten power magnification.

It is easy to buy diamonds from your reputed jeweler. Maybe you could take along someone who has bought them before. When buying online, the highest rated gemological laboratory in the country has the following guidelines:

  1. 1Know about the 4cs – research a little more than what is given above on the subject
  2. Look for specifics on the 4Cs rather than a range
  3. For diamonds graded by a particular gemological laboratory, there should be an accompanying Grading Report
  4. Do some research on the seller
  • Is it a reputed company
  • How long has it been in business
  • What are the customer reviews like
  • Does it belong to any diamond jewelry trade associations? ( associations call upon members to follow certain ethical guidelines)
  • Do they offer secure money transactions
  • Is the customer service satisfactory?
  • Do they have a return policy in place, where is the seller located?
  • What is the mode of shipment and do they offer shipment insurance?

Art Of Jewellery Designing

The art of designing marvelous gemstones engraved in the delicate patterns of the malleable gold and silver requires not only creativity but intense passion and inspiration. The skill of jewelry designing is not easy and is not to be taken as an effortless task. Most of the other professions require a definite framework but jewelry designing essentially requires random and detailed creativity. An out of the box thinking is required to create the most sensational jewelry.

The designers work more than 9 hours, 6 days a week to get the perfect combination of all the ideas and designs before merging them together. The main quality a jewelry designer is to be flexible. Any type of rigidity in the mindset of the designer may invariably reflect in his or her piece of work. The more naturally inclined designers let the ideas flow to get the unique blend of contrasting elements to blend together to produce a master piece. Although symmetry is a very important aspect of jewelry designing but being obsessed with it, makes the designs just flat and lacking the attraction they should possess.

The fabulous jewelry doesn’t just pop out from the hand of a jewelry designer. It is a meticulous process of creatively planning out the design concepts. The designer puts on their creative cap to think of alluring deigns which are followed by rendering those designs on paper. The next task is to plan out the technical drawings and the mathematics of proportion, symmetry and material. This task is followed by fabrication and planning the wearing ability of the jewelry article.

At the concept stage, the traditional method of using the paper is used but now the trend is shifting towards using the computer-aided software’s which are preprogrammed to structure out the wear ability, symmetry, proportion, composition and other technical aspects to help the designers. Some of the famous softwares used are Matrix and Rhinoceros 3D.

Lastly, the market trends are considered and the occasion for which the particular piece is to be designed.