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Celtic Engagement Rings

When you’re looking for something with meaning, Celtic jewelry has the answer. In any aspect of fashion, there are sources of inspiration for each and every piece. The inspiration can come from a number of sources such as the natural world. Flowers, trees, gardens, fish, animals, landscapes to name a few can all act as catalysts for design ideas.

Other sources of inspiration can be color, shape, texture or material. Yet more can be from our youth, education, likes, dislikes and history. In the case of Celtic engagement rings, it’s history. Each design draws on two thousand years of culture and history. From before the time of Christ, the Celts were creating works of art for their own benefit, and for trade. Celtic art is still being produced to this day, with much of the original influence still present. That makes it one of the longest lived artistic movements around.

It is a very particular influence that uses specific characters to signify it’s Celtic origins. Shapes such as the Celtic cross, knot, Claddagh, love knot, inscriptions, pentacles and even plain metal rings. There is always a specific signature such as flowing lines, endless lines, and bold edging that signifies it’s Celtic origins.

An engagement ring is one time in someone’s life when they have to put themselves into the mind of their intended. While the ring is certainly for both of you, it has to appeal, and mean something to the recipient. That’s why Celtic engagement rings are popular for couples.

With a history as rich and romantic as that of the Celts you can take a whole host of meanings from it. From the literal, as in the endless or love knot, to the symbolic, in the Claddagh. You have over two thousand years of history and meaning to choose from when you give a Celtic engagement ring.

Jewelry designers are inspired by such a wide variety of things that we can only marvel at how they turn their inspirations into wonderful pieces of jewelry. With something as remarkable as the Celtic design, it’s even more impressive how they can use and reinvent that culture to fit the modern day.

Even the newest designer Celtic pieces manage to make the balance between honoring their past, while also appealing to the modern. It is the truly inspired designer that can take such a historically rich, and fairly specific design school as Celtic, and make from it something new.