Choose Quality Cheap Beads

  • You should know that not all sellers disclose all the facts about the products they are selling in their product descriptions. There are many sellers who won’t say that the coral they are selling has been chemically altered or that it is dyed, or that their pearls are not natural but are cultured in fresh water – even though they are supposed to mention all that. So, if you feel that the wording of the product descriptions is vague and you are not able to make out what the product is like it is possible that the seller is selling you a lower-end product instead of a good one.
  • On the other hand, if they are selling something at a very high price, this does not necessarily indicate quality. There are many freshwater pearls that come with a thin nacre layer, and the only way you can actually test the quality is by taking a sample and putting it through tests.
  • If you are buying from retail outlets, always pay close attention to the number of beads that are in a strand. Usually most beads are sold in 16-inch strands. If you are buying beads online and you really do seem to be getting a great deal on cheap beads, make sure that you consider the number of beads you think there are on the strand. If it is short, don’t buy it, or if you have already bought one and you find that the number is small, send it back.
  • Before buying beads online, always check the size of the beads. The photos of the product online can be very deceptive. So, small beads may look really big and large beads can look small.
  • When you are buying online photos should be sharp and of a high resolution. Photos that have been enhanced or are blurry should be avoided. It is best not to purchase if you see that the photos are not clear.
  • If you are getting a great deal on cheap beads, and you are really tempted to buy them, always buy a small lot first. If they are okay, go on to buy them in bulk.