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Classic Designs in Modern Jewelry

Making a statement

One of the most eye-catching pieces a lady can wear, stunning necklaces and pendants have long been an integral part of an evening outfit.

Dating back to Victorian times when necklines began to plunge, statement pendants now make an ideal unique anniversary gift. Incorporating the colors of the era in deep reds, blues, blacks and turquoises only helps with the feeling of authenticity, while pieces made without stones or pearls can look just as elegant with the right dress.

The distinctly intricate pendants of the Victorian era allow a huge amount of freedom for you and your custom jeweler to work with the design, resulting in a truly unique anniversary gift.

Ringing in the changes

Harking back to the heady days of the 1940s and 1950s, two throwback ring styles are proving particularly popular today.

Featuring four or more diamonds or other stones, cluster rings became the must-have jewelry piece when Hollywood’s influence made big and bold the style to be seen in. Combining smaller stones in one design creates the shimmer of a larger rock at a more affordable price while giving more scope for a truly unique piece.

From around the same period, cocktail rings incorporated just one large stone to produce a beautifully glamorous look. Utilizing semi-precious rocks such as topaz, amethyst and opal, cocktail rings offer another cost-effective way to give a unique anniversary gift.

Revel in the details

While modern jewelry design often promotes simplicity, classic pieces from eras past regularly featured more intricate elements that have since found themselves forgotten.

While engraving names and dates on engagement and wedding rings remains popular, examples of filigree and milgrain can be more difficult to find. The former a technique that sees finer strands of metal worked into intricate patterns and the latter a method of producing small beads along the edge of a ring, such embellishments have for a while been out of favor in high street jewelry.

Speaking to a custom jeweler with a view to including either filigree or milgrain in a piece is yet another option for a genuinely unique anniversary gift.