Comfort Fit Ring Bands

The main difference between these custom-fit bands and standard ones is their interior. Comfort-fit engagement ring bands use extra metal to make the inside of the ring slightly more domed, allowing it to slip over the finger better, particularly if the wearer has large knuckles. This makes them ideal for men, whose slightly wider and bulkier knuckles often make wearing engagement or wedding rings uncomfortable. Grooms with extra-large knuckles can even opt for ‘heavy domed’ bands, which make the dome even higher, and therefore more comfortable.

Not all comfort-fit bands are domed, however. This style of ring is also available in a ‘flat’ variant, which provides a slightly more understated look while losing none of the comfort or breathing room domed bands provide. These can be a good option for people seeking a slightly different and more elegant type of band, while still wanting or needing the advantages brought about by domed engagement ring bands.

Couples interested in these types of bands are advised to look into tungsten or titanium as the material for their ring, since these metals automatically come fitted with a comfort setting at no extra charge. For more traditional metals such as platinum or gold, this process entails a degree of customization which might make the price go up slightly compared to a ‘standard’ band of the same material. As such, couples are advised to consider what the best option will be prior to placing their order, taking into account their budget as well as each partner’s personal preferences

In short, if you or your partner feels ‘regular’ engagement ring bands are potentially too constrictive or uncomfortable, definitely do look into comfort-fit styles as a likely solution!