Custom Jewelry Without the Wait

To cater for these people, many custom jewelers carry a selection of ready to wear jewelry that, while already made, are all as unique as the bespoke pieces they are famous for producing. For those looking for unusual engagement rings, these collections are a veritable treasure trove.

But where did they come from? How can they help a jeweler and their customer find the perfect piece? And can they too be customized before selling?

Ready to wear, from anywhere

The pieces found in a custom jeweler’s ready to wear collection could literally have come from anywhere, and each will have its own history.

Some may come from a customer trading up, using the piece in part-exchange for something more expensive or custom made, or simply be a piece that was no longer worn and traded in to be given a new lease of life with a new owner. Others may have been sold on as damaged goods before being restored or repurposed by the jeweler and placed on sale in as-new condition.

It’s even possible that the ready to wear pieces you may look at in your search for unusual engagement rings were made as an entrant in the annual industry AGTA Awards, which would bring a guarantee of excellence like no other.

Ready to browse, ready to buy

Looking through a custom jeweler’s ready to wear collection is a fun and easy way to find your unusual engagement ring. Anything you find could provide the inspiration for your own custom-made piece, but you may also fall in love with something that is already there.

Even if you think you know how you want your custom-made jewelry to look, browsing a ready to wear collection is always a worthwhile part of the process, as they are fantastic idea beds.

And if you do happen to see something you like, be it vintage or brand new, the buying and shipping process will have it with you much quicker than a custom-made piece.

Ready to rework, ready to resize

While jewelry found in a ready to wear collection is exactly that, ready to wear, that doesn’t mean it can’t be customized if required or desired.

Finding the perfect piece for your unusual engagement ring and finding it to be the perfect size too might be asking too much, but your custom jeweler is the expert in resizing rings.

The same is true of any modifications. There might be one aspect of the ring that the customer asks to be reshaped, or they may wish to replace the stone with one of their own. For custom jewelers who are used to creating exquisite pieces from nothing more than an idea, reworking existing pieces is a task that can be accomplished quicker and with no less quality in the final result.