Diamonds on Men’s Wedding Rings

The most popular forms of wedding rings are plain bands. Men are partial to this style. Women, on the other hand tend to prefer designs that are more ornate. The more affluent couples who can afford to add settings with precious stones on their wedding bands may choose diamonds as adornment. From this, the question regarding the appropriateness of diamonds on wedding rings for men now arises.

A primer on male jewelry

Most men do wear no other piece of jewelry other than their wedding ring, if they are married, and a wristwatch. For men who wear suits, cuff links are a necessity. If a man chooses to wear a necklace or a bracelet, it is usually plain and straightforward in design. There are many schools of thought on the art of “manliness,” but in general, social convention dictates that men minimize the wearing of jewelry when they are in public.

Among men, wearing too much jewelry is taboo, and because of this convention, those who prefer to wear one or two additional pieces of accessory limit their choices to simple items made from gold, white gold, platinum, or silver. Still, a man can still be considered well dressed even when he is wearing more jewelry items than considered “appropriate.” This depends on how the person carries himself and whether the choice of jewelry pieces complements the look that the person projects to the world.

Men may not care too much for jewelry, but they know enough to realize that jewelry pieces convey meaning to other people. Moreover, a piece of jewelry may be interpreted by one person in a certain way and the next person very differently. For starters, the choice of jewelry of a person reflects certain aspects of his personality. His peers may think of some men who wear more jewelry pieces than socially acceptable as too flashy or a tad eccentric.

The verdict: Diamonds on a man’s wedding ring

Nevertheless, interpretation is always subjective. On the matter of having a diamond setting on a wedding band, the dominant thought is that men may opt for such a design but keep the setting simple. Diamonds are beautiful and valuable precious stones. If the couple decides on diamonds as a component of the symbolism of their eternal love, then it is their personal choice. However, if they wish to abide by social convention, the ring of the husband to be must be designed in such a way that it will not be perceived by the observer as an ornamental ring fit for the hands of a flamboyant and ostentatious individual.