Eternity Rings

When your wedding day begins drawing closer you’ll need to begin thinking about your wedding bands. Men naturally opt for the plain platinum, silver or gold bands however for women the options are endless and today, thanks to the range of specialist jewellers whether the small local companies or large world-renowned brands; the thought of having even more diamonds are too good to resist.

From claw set to channel set, to princess cut and round cut; today eternity rings are growing becoming a popular alternative to wedding bands. Traditionally meant to commemorate an anniversary or the birth of a child; the symbol of endless love makes it the must have choice.

Not sure whether you want the traditional wedding band option or whether an eternity ring is the best idea? Below are a few basic facts and points that may hopefully help you make the right choice for the special woman in your life…

  • Eternity rings are called so as they are considered a symbol of everlasting, eternal love. In many instances the rings are often even used in place of a standard engagement ring as they are deemed more meaningful.
  • Rings are commonly stone set.
  • Full-set rings are often considered impractical as the diamonds are more likely to chip and be exposed to daily wear and tear
  • Half-set rings are the most popular choice as the diamonds sit perfectly on the top head of the band for maximum show, complimenting the engagement ring and adding additional dazzle!
  • Today it is used in many different occasions but the eternity ring dates back to Egyptian times where it was used as a token of eternal love.
  • The 4C’s are essential when shopping for a ring. The cut, colour, clarity and carat of the diamond should be considered before you make any decisions.
  • Although not essential, choosing the same metal setting as the engagement ring is considered the best choice although in many instances women have opted to mix and match but it really is all a matter of personal tastes.
  • The majority of the rings use princess cut or round diamonds in channel or claw settings of different widths.