Every Stone Has a Story

Embracing Emerald

Considered the most valuable of the green gemstones, emerald is rare, durable and stunning in appearance, making it highly sought after. Adding to its appeal in custom jewelry is the belief that it boosts mood, eyesight and even fertility. There’s even some thought that it could arm your mate with psychic powers, but be careful. That one could backfire.

Soothing Sapphire

What emerald is to green gemstones, sapphire is to blue. Thanks to its exceptional color, lustre and hardness, it’s extremely precious. Try it as the centrepiece of custom jewelry and watch the heads turn at your next dinner party.

Legend connects the sapphire with peace and happiness, as well as insight, intuition and communication. And ladies, if it can help your man with that last one, it’s worth its weight in gold.

Tranquil Topaz

Topaz occurs naturally in a variety of hues and is renowned for its gorgeous shapes and colors. The range of options makes it ideal in custom jewelry for different ages, tastes and styles.

So perhaps it’s fitting that topaz is linked with so many benefits, from increased clarity and confidence to a reduction in worry, fear and mood swings. If it sounds appealing, you might want to add it to your custom jewelry as soon as possible. Once your jeweller learns of all the benefits, they may have to charge more.

Timely Tiger’s Eye

If you’re looking for custom jewelry to help you pop the question, it helps to have the “eye of the tiger” in your arsenal. That’s where tiger’s eye comes in. Marked by waves of brown and yellow in a silky lustre, this gem is reputed to turn fear into action and enhance strength in difficult times. It’s also said to relieve doubt, and when you’re down on one knee with your heart on your sleeve, that could come in handy.