Gold Belly Button Rings

In the past, body piercings other than pierced earlobes were generally frowned upon, and looked at as something negative and on the dark or esoteric side. Many people that had body piercings were forced to cover them during work or in other social situations to avoid the negative stigma attached to pierced body parts. These negative attitudes led to many people piercings their body in places that are usually covered by clothing. That is one of the reasons that belly piercings became one of the most popular forms of body piercing.

Over time, the stigma associated with body piercing has largely subsided, leading people from all walks of life to get their navels pierced for the purpose of wearing gold belly rings and other types of navel jewelry.

Wearing gold belly button rings is a great choice if you do not want your piercing to be shown all of the time. With most kinds of clothing, your piercing will be completely covered up and invisible. However, if you choose to wear clothes that show it off, you have many choices. Besides that, it is almost always visible when you are wearing a bathing suit.

Even though belly button rings are available in many different styles and colors, gold belly button rings are by far the most popular. This is most likely for a few reasons. First of all, navel jewelry is very easy to obtain, as most jewelry stores and even department stores carry them. Also, the classic yellow color of gold is perfect to accessorize with almost any outfit you decide to wear.

In addition to traditional brick and mortar retail jewelry stores, you can also find a wide selection of belly button jewelry online. Some online stores may give you a discount or free shipping if you buy multiple items or a reach a minimum threshold price.