Hypoallergenic Bands

Typically, a metal allergy will be caused by the presence of nickel in any given alloy. This does seem to be the most easily allergy-inducing component utilised in the manufacturing of jewellery, and therefore, couples seeking hypoallergenic rings should make sure that it is not a component of the band’s material. Provided that is the case, people with metal allergies may even be able to wear certain types of metals, including some which are typically alloy-based, such as white gold.

When it comes to suitable options for hypoallergenic engagement ring bands, stainless steel, titanium and niobium, for instance, are all good choices. Platinum, which seems to be the solution to 90% of all ring-centred problems, can also be a good choice since it is zinc-free and therefore also hypoallergenic.

Lighter alloys such as brass, copper, and certain types of gold or silver may also be allergy-free, although it can be slightly more problematic to know for certain what the effect of each of these types of metals will be on a person with this type of sensitivity. This is because, with gold in particular, different colours or types will generally be fashioned from slightly different alloys, which will probably have different effects on people with metal allergies.

Couples who really wish to err on the side of caution should look for materials which are devoid of metal altogether. Ceramic, wood, porcelain and stone, for instance, are all becoming increasingly popular choices for engagement ring bands, and even a material such as aluminium has its advantages. These rings can, admittedly, be a little harder to find than your standard metal ones, but your peace of mind and physical health are certainly worth a bit of engagement ring hunting!

In short, should you find yourself burdened with an allergy to metal, do not despair – talk to your partner, let him or her know about your condition and go over the available options together. This simple precaution can help ensure many years of rash and itch-free happiness!