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Make Clay Beads

Polymer clay is a colorful material which you can mix and match. This makes the purchasing of the material fun and exciting. You will be inspired to create many beautiful and useful things when you see these stunning, colorful materials. While you can make clay accessories as simple as you like, you can activate your inner creativity and try using other materials to make your creations more colorful, more fashionable and more unusual; in fact, whatever you choose as you will come up with so many great ideas. You can use glitter, paint or any other art materials you can think of. It is your choice, your design, your creation. There are even starter kits available to help you get started. You can also find books on how to make polymer clay beads and learn about different styles and techniques in making different accessories using polymer clay.

Learning to make clay beads is not at all difficult. In fact, you will find it simple and easy to do. First, you will need to cut your clay into little pieces and knead them to make them warm so that they become flexible. Mold the clay into whatever shape you want. You can do whatever you want; you can experiment and bring out the creativity in you and make your very own designs. You need to pierce a hole at the center of your beads using a big needle that is dusted with either cornstarch or talcum powder so it will not stick to the bead. They are now ready to bake. Arrange them on a baking tray and bake as instructed on the packaging label. Put a sheet of parchment paper beneath the beads to keep them from sticking and another sheet on top of the clay to prevent them from burning.

After the clay has been baked and cooled they are ready for decoration. You can use paint of different colors; you can add glitter, colored stones or anything you fancy. You can use sponges or brushes to apply your colors. Try to come up with unique designs that are your own.