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Make Your Proposal Memorable

Ask the father’s permission

This may sound too old fashioned for some people, but it is also seen as sign of courtesy and respect to the father. Most women see this as a polite gesture. I know that when I am in a serious relationship that I want my boyfriend or future fiancé to ask my father’s permission for my hand in marriage. I see it as a sign of respect to me as well as my dad. He would be delighted to give away my hand and would respect the man for being brace enough to ask. I have talked to many people who see this as a sign of weakness. I also have heard that this is too old fashioned or doesn’t fit with the times today. Although people argue this, I still believe that it is a sign of respect. It shows that he respects not only bride, but also the father because he raised her and loves her so dearly.

Make it romantic

Most women want the men that propose to them to make it romantic. Women have been planning their weddings since they were little and imagine the dress, the reception, the ceremony, the colors and especially the proposal. They imagine the man setting up something really romantic with candles, sting lights, music and an incredible speech that will make her cry and be speechless. The ladies want it to be romantic at a park or a special place that is sentimental to both of you. It needs to be romantic be you’ll only be doing to once… (hopefully). So put some time and effort into it. Invest in some help or ideas if you need something to start from.

Let it be a surprise

A lot of woman today know when men are going to propose because they drop hints or hide the ring in a place that his girlfriend will obviously look in. Is it too much to be surprised? Most times today it is hard to surprise women. They know when you are doing something suspicious or out of the ordinary. When this behavior starts, women know that their man is up to something whether it is a surprise party, a different surprise or even the proposal. Women also like to snoop especially when they know that their guy is up to something. So men be aware of this and hide the ring in a place that she will never look, like at work, someone else’s house, your car or even for extra precautions, a safe deposit box. Make sure you hide the ring or any inclination that you might propose that she will never find it. Some people choose to through the woman off by talking about never getting married. This may work for some people, but most women don’t want to hear that and it may end in sorrow or heart break.

This idea always reminds me of the Friend’s episode where Chandler tells Monica that he never wants to get married. He thinks it is over rated. He is only doing this to throw her off because he actually going to propose that night. She doesn’t understand this and is faced to reconsider her past boyfriends and where her life is heading. She runs to Richard who embraces her and tells her that he will marry her. She leaves, as Chandler shows up. He gives this huge speech that Monica is the one. He runs to find her, and finds he at the apartment with hundreds of candles, down on one knee ready to propose.