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Making Minor Miracles

A Gem of an Idea

For something that’s just as special as your original idea for custom jewelry but at a fraction of the prep time, how about gemstones? From the captivating green of an emerald to the breathtaking blue of aquamarine, there’s a wide range of gems to choose from, each with something unique to offer for the lover of custom jewelry.

Keep in mind, too, that as with other custom jewelry, you can still tailor the gift to the giftee by choosing a stone in his favourite color or one that matches her birthstone. Just when you’re thinking that all may be lost, these “hidden gems” can be a real find.

Catalogue your Options

Remember when part of the pre-holiday ritual was leafing through the department store catalogue? It might sound incongruous with custom jewelry, but many jewellers will offer online catalogues that include some estate pieces not displayed in store.

This “ready now” collection has lots of variety to choose from and, most importantly for your purposes, is available on just a couple of days notice in many cases. She’ll be impressed, and you’ll go from goat to hero in the blink of an eye: It’s a win-win.

Model Behavior

If you started the custom jewelry process sooner than some but later than necessary, you can do the next best thing. Ask your jeweler to prepare a wax model of the piece based on your initial instructions and the renderings they’ll be using to deliver the item of custom jewelry. Then place it prominently on your tree with a little note telling your sweetheart that “this is what I’m having made for you”. Just make sure to deliver on your promise or there won’t be a miracle big enough to save you.