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Organic Custom Jewelry

A Slice of Originality

At its core, organic custom jewelry is all about appreciating the wondrous substances that come from our planet in their original state. By slicing off a piece of the raw material, some of the sparkle is maintained while the elements normally thought of as imperfections, such as the inclusions, are preserved and become part of the design.

Similar to the knots in hardwood cabinets and floors, these “flaws” give organic custom jewelry its charm and character. Instead of cleaning, polishing and cutting away the original aspects of the material, they are showcased for what they are: Signature ingredients that produce (truly) one of a kind jewelry.

After all, when they’re called inclusions, does it really make sense to exclude them?

Daringly Different

If you want to stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons, organic custom jewelry makes the perfect platform. For brilliant color, it’s hard to top the rich purple pigmentation of raw amethyst, considered one of the most highly prized forms of quartz. Depending on the iron content, the color will vary slightly from piece to piece, further enhancing the distinctive elements of this jewelry.

And if she happens to be a February baby, amethyst is also her birthstone. Okay, so you didn’t know that going in, but you can always leave that part out until after the wedding.

Treat Her to Tourmaline

A prime example of the appeal intrinsic to organic custom jewelry is tourmaline. In its natural form, this semi-precious stone boasts an unparalleled variety of colors. Even slight changes in composition will produce completely different hues, so that no two tourmalines are exactly alike. Between that and its natural inclusions, it produces custom jewelry that’s as unique and colorful as she is.

Easy on the Eyes AND the Wallet

With a little research, anyone can get what they paid for, but doesn’t she deserve more? One of the marvels of organic custom jewelry is that it offers a priceless look and impact without a price to match. When comparing organic jewelry with its more processed counterpart, you can get a larger piece for a smaller price, a rare combination in the jewelry world.

Even organic diamonds offer an array of shapes, sizes and colors at a fraction of the cost you expect with typical store bought jewelry. So why not save the extra money and spend it on what really counts: The honeymoon suite.