Organize Your Jewelry

One of the most effective ways of keeping necklaces organized is using a hanging wall display. In addition to the organizer helping you to keep the necklaces organized, it’s also a unique and visually-appealing wall art. All you need to do is to vertically drape the necklaces so that they don’t get entangled in themselves.

The cool thing with a hanging wall display is that it takes a very small space; therefore, ideal for people living in small houses. The displays are made from different materials such as leather and wood.

Another way of organizing necklaces is putting them in container with a lid. This idea is ideal when you are planning of storing the necklaces for a long time. For ideal results you should wrap the necklaces with acid-free tissue paper.

Since they are small and easy to lose track of, earrings need their own system. One of the best systems that you can use is a jewelry box or case. For ideal results you should ensure that the box has many small pockets that will help you in keeping the pairs together.

If you can’t afford a jewelry box or a wall display, there are many other options that you can go with. These options include:

Tree branch: here you need to collect a number of twigs and then paint them in your favorite color. For the twigs to compliment your jewelry you should consider painting them silver or gold. After painting them you should place them in a vase and hang your jewelry on them.

Towel hanger: you most likely have the “c-shaped” hooks in your house, don’t you? You should use them to hang your necklaces and bracelets. To avoid damage you should ensure that the jewelry is light weight and non-elastic.

Frame: if you have a frame that you don’t use you should stick some curved hooks into it and then paint it with a bright color such as red, green, blue or orange. You should then hang your jewelry on it.