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Right Necklace For Any Outfit

Simple Shirts with Sparkling Necklaces

A simple white or jean material button down shirt is suddenly glamorous with sparkling gem necklaces added. The collared neck is crucial as it frames the statement necklace. This is perfect for those who have an occasion where they don’t know if it’s dress up or down. Sometimes invites aren’t too clear. Show up and take all the attention with a spectacular combination like this. A longer shirt can go with leggings, or be tucked into a pair of jeans. The outfit should be mostly casual with that eye-catching sparkle around the neck to make it work perfectly.

Bold on Bold

Never be afraid to pair a bold pattern with a bold necklace! Playing around with these two elements can produce an amazing look that will turn heads with ease. The one thing that should be avoided is combining patterns, if the outfit has a pattern then keep the necklace solid in some way. Gem necklaces work perfect for this in most cases. Consider a turquoise paired with a leopard print, or ruby gems with a zebra dress. Have fun with it!

Add Color

If the outfit being

Select and Clean Jewelry Items

For instance, the dealer of these valuable accessories can personalize products such as adding an embossed name, birthstone or charm on a necklace or ring. These can make your jewelry more unique and memorable. Quality jewelry means that classy and expensive materials have been used. These include gold, fine silver; sterling silver; copper; lead-free pewter (tin or silver-gray alloy); and, gold fill.

There should also be a warranty or return policy if customers are not satisfied with the item. In most instances, free shipping and delivery is provided for customers with substantial orders. Try to look for indicators that you will get only the best merchandise from these jewelry suppliers. Otherwise, find another more responsible seller.

Once you have chosen your desired earring, necklace, bracelet or ring, the next step is to learn the techniques in cleaning jewelry. The cardinal rule is that the jewelry must be the last accessory that you have to put on and the very first to remove. Never go swimming with your precious accessories. Chlorine, which is present in pools, can cause stains and dents in your favorite item. Abrasive chemicals can lead to discoloration while salt water can corrode the

Beyond the Blue


Sapphires are generally thought of as blue; however, the range of different colours is extensive. So, sapphire engagement rings can be found in all the colours of the rainbow. Gemmologists use three terms to describe the colour of sapphires and other coloured gemstones. The first of these terms is called the hue. This is basically the actual colour of the gem. The gem might have secondary colours, which can alter a true blue into either a greenish blue or a yellowish orange.


This refers to the colour tone and describes how light or dark the sapphire is. The tone is very important in determining the value of the sapphire. It should not be too dark so that the colour is lost or is inky, or too light so that the colour is not vivid. The most desired sapphires have a medium to a medium-dark tone. With the development of heat treatment in the 1990s, the colours of the stones can be modified, rendering sapphires that are too dark lighter and ones that are too light darker. This has resulted in more sapphires being available on the market, and so sapphire engagement rings are

Smart Shopping for Sapphire Engagement Rings

Choose a metal setting that complements the stone

Sapphires can come in a variety of different tones, so you will want the band of your sapphire engagement ring to be made from a metal that complements its shade. Metals such as silver and white gold are popular complements to any hue of a sapphire’s natural blue colour. The orangey-pink of Padparadscha sapphires usually pairs well with yellow gold settings, while pure pink sapphires tend to stand out in both silver and gold settings. All in all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and the way you design your ring is a matter of personal preference.

Be aware of potential fakes

Less trustworthy retailers may try to sell ignorant buyers a cheaper stone that looks like a sapphire instead of a real sapphire. Blue spinel, blue tourmaline, and tanzanite are among the gems that some jewellers may try to pass off as true sapphires.

Only work with reputable dealers

A good place to start your shopping for sapphire engagement rings is with large chain brand jewellers because their business practices are more closely scrutinized than those of independent stores. If you do

Travails of a Sapphire Ring

It was in the medieval era in the year 1215, that the Pope Innocent III instituted a mandatory waiting period commencing at engagement and going up to marriage. This was anointed as the real period of engagement. During this time, a belief took root that a sapphire’s color would undergo a change if an impure and untruthful person wore it. This belief of course was not tested, but it was passed on from generations ago. It is also commonly said that the fidelity of the wives of the Crusaders was tested with sapphires when their husbands returned after their campaigns.

As of today, the popularity of a sapphire ring has remained intact. It is considered an ornament of great value, which is worn by either celebrities or people who are known publicly for their wealth. The most famous sapphire ring owned by Kate Middleton is currently in the news. Like many other rings belonging to famous owners, it has increased in value with time. This ring was bought by Prince Charles for lady Diana in the year 1981 for 28,000 GBP. This piece of jewelry consists of 14 solitaire diamonds surrounding a 12 carat oval blue Ceylon

Art Deco Engagement Ring

Know the size of ring you need to be looking for. Remember when choosing an art deco engagement ring, if you choose slightly too big, it can be resided, but buying too small can make it slightly harder and it will take longer to have it sized perfectly to fit your future brides finger. Obviously you cannot ask your future bride for her ring size without letting her know you are ring shopping. This means that an average guess is the only way to ensure you get it right.

Know if the woman you are about to ask to marry you follows current trends. Is she fashionable, does she follow what everyone else is wearing, does she focus heavily on fashion? Knowing how she feels about fashion and current fashion trends can help you identify which of the art deco engagement rings is the best choice for her. If she is very modern and up to date, then you may find that a ring like this is not the best choice moving forward and you need to focus on a modern ring that meets her personality perfectly.

Her career is also going to play a role

Make Clay Beads

Polymer clay is a colorful material which you can mix and match. This makes the purchasing of the material fun and exciting. You will be inspired to create many beautiful and useful things when you see these stunning, colorful materials. While you can make clay accessories as simple as you like, you can activate your inner creativity and try using other materials to make your creations more colorful, more fashionable and more unusual; in fact, whatever you choose as you will come up with so many great ideas. You can use glitter, paint or any other art materials you can think of. It is your choice, your design, your creation. There are even starter kits available to help you get started. You can also find books on how to make polymer clay beads and learn about different styles and techniques in making different accessories using polymer clay.

Learning to make clay beads is not at all difficult. In fact, you will find it simple and easy to do. First, you will need to cut your clay into little pieces and knead them to make them warm so that they become flexible. Mold the clay into whatever shape

Using Sphatik


Healing is a property very commonly associated with sphatic crystals, and the sphatic crystal accentuates healing at all levels, be it physical, psychological, emotional, or even spiritual. Correspondingly, as we find that spiritual products are made using sphatik, these could be used for prayers, healing or meditation.

So there are numerous ways that one could go for sphatik accessories in one’s everyday life.


One could, for instance go for sphatik bracelets. These not just look good on the wearer, but have a great deal of spiritual prowess associated with them.

When someone adorns a sphatik bracelet, he is blessed with bravery and energy. He finds the power to defend himself from disapproval. Sphatik Beads could be used with Rudraksha or coral beads to further accentuate the benefits.


Similarly, the sphatic mala is also an adornment which is believed to be possessed with a great spiritual prowess. While sphatic malas are associated with plainness, the malas have the capability to control and balance energies.

Sphatik mala is the perfect adornment for someone who may be afflicted by stress or headaches, and works

Invicta Watch

A Rugged and Chic Invicta Watch

Invicta is well-known for both its style and reliability and this bold design from Jason Taylor is no exception. Both men and women clamor after these extremely collectible time pieces, making some models difficult to find and this Jason Taylor Zeus Bolt is doing just that.

The Bolt is on the large end, measuring over 2 inches in width, which can be too bulky for smaller framed men. This watch is eye-catching and has heads turning throughout the design world and among watch collectors as well.

It is sophisticated, yet can be worn casually, exuding a rugged chic vibe. It looks and feels like a winner’s watch, and the different color choices offer a watch for every taste and style preference, from casual sport to opulent elegance.

No matter how understated, or how flashy you wish to be with your watch, you can find your fit among the different options available from Jason Taylor’s Bolt Zeus Invicta model.

Classic Craftsmanship

The Invicta Bolt is a finely crafted with fine Swiss quartz chronograph movement. The Quartz crystal is flame fused. The case is made of tough stainless

Styles of Engagement Rings


The solitaire ring is timeless and beautifully refined with a single diamond that speaks for itself. This style of this ring is usually simple, yet elegant in design to make it a perfect choice for the women that have a preference for the classic look. The diamond placement on the ring is set high to make it possible for the gemstone to show its true brilliance when exposed to natural light.


The swirl engagement ring has an extra piece of metal that adorns the gemstone and is appreciated for creating the jewelry piece that is pretty, romantic, and feminine. This helps to design the more unique and dreamy shape and is a great choice for the creative or artistic woman.


The three-gemstone (also called trilogy or trinity) style of ring includes a series of three diamonds which are intended to symbolize the wearers future, present, and past. The central stone is larger than the two gemstones at the side which helps to provide greater depth. This type of engagement ring is great for those that enjoy symbolism.


The vintage rings are perfect for those wishing to display

Types of Keychains


These are units that you wear in order to accessorize yourself. They usually make a fashion statement or express a passion for a hobby, religion, animal, sport, or even music.

They are made from different materials such as silver, gemstone, or even locket and all you need to do is to buy the one that pleases you the most.

If you want to attract attention you can wear a keychain watch, diamond ring, or Crystal keychain. If you a laid-back person you can go for a leather, beaded, or lanyard unit.


A personalized keychain is one that is custom made for a special person. For example, you can have the unit custom made for your boyfriend or girlfriend. The units are usually made from sterling silver or leather and they are made to express something special to a special person.

For example, you can write a love message on the unit and give it to your girlfriend. In addition to a message you can also have a logo, monogram, engraving, or even a charm on the unit.


They are characterized by an emblem of a car. For

Cross Necklaces

Many multiple forms of these necklaces can be discovered in the present times. There are the plain cross pendant necklaces, the classic or orthodox crosses, the Celtic cross and crucifixes. There are certain pendants that are meticulously handcrafted with the help of designers, though there are many that are made on a commercial scale. The cross pendants can differ in dimension from being robust and big for being quite delicate and small. The structure is changed from time to time too, for adding variation in the conventional shape. The sterling and gold, silver cross pendants are essentially being common ones. Sometimes, diamonds are also encrusted inside the pendants for adding a special touch for going well with the selections of the ones who are more privileged. The necklaces can have different designs too. There are certain necklaces that are of the form of rosary beads, whilst others may consist of plain silver or gold chains.

The cost of these kinds of different necklaces differs significantly depending on several factors like the personification or size of charms, the type of applied substances and many more. The simplest way for getting a cross necklace is to perhaps purchase from

Beads For Jewelry Making

Swarovski crystal beads
Swarovski crystal beads for jewelry making are best purchased for a crafter that is experienced and has some knowledge of the art of making perfect pieces. The Swarovski beads are luxurious pieces made in Austria. They come in an endless array of sizes, styles, colors, and finishes, but they are slightly more expensive than some other bead selections, and they may not be appropriate for children to work with, or for a beginning jeweler.

Metal beads
Metal beads for jewelry making are appropriate for any level of jeweler. They are hard to damage, they are not overly expensive, and they are easy to work with.

Wooden beads
Wooden beads for jewelry making can be used by the beginning jeweler and by the more experienced jeweler as well. These beads are very inexpensive and they have a wide range of possibilities. The items come in many sizes and shapes and they can be varnished, or painted, or decorated to suit the needs of the jeweler.

Gemstone Beads
Gemstone beads come in many styles, shapes, and sizes, but they are not appropriate for all levels of jewelry making. These are items that are better

Gift The Fashion Rings

Face it, a diamond is a way to a woman’s heart. You can call it her weakness. You can call it her Kryptonite. Women love diamonds – the sparkle, the beauty and the stunning design – can melt her heart. Diamond rings – solitaire or otherwise – are known for their delicate brilliance and the eternal love it evokes. If you want the traditional diamond rings, you will check out a ring with a big princess-cut diamond, enhanced by the small and radiant diamonds around. If you have the rebel spirit in your heart, you may love the two tone rings with the fancy coloured diamonds of different colours – each symbolizing different meaning. It is a gorgeous way of conveying your feelings – without saying it out loud.

Gemstones need to be very specific. If someone believes in their astrological value as birthstones, it could be very thoughtless to gift a ring with a gemstone that is not appropriate. For the unconventional divas, a birthstone ring could be just as inappropriate. Fact is, if you get it right, it could be very thoughtful and expensive gift. Now, any man, who has ever bought a gift for

Armor Ring Jewelry

As a piece of jewelry the armor ring has attracted a fair amount of attention of its own just lately with some of Hollywood’s A listers having been seen wearing more than one or two on a number of occasions.

To be honest you can hardly fail to notice a fantastic finger covering that reaches from the base of the finger to just under the nail bed or second knuckle even when a mega star like Rhianna has one on. In fact, if she can wear one and it still attracts comments then you know how much of an impact they make.

It may seem like these rings are a relatively new design but, in truth they have long been favored by people who embrace the Gothic style of dress and they have other names such as full finger ring, Gothic ring and medieval ring to name but a few.

But, their secret is now out and with the likes of iconic designers such as Vivienne Westwood putting her own unique spin on them and bringing out her own version on this particular theme then the lid has been well and truly lifted and people

Metal For Engagement Rings

Since you are buying one of the engagement rings in a jewelry shop for your bride-to-be, first know about her choice. She may be more interested on traditional metals for the occasion as against your choice of the metal. As you enter a jewelry shop, the jeweler will show you the rings made white gold, yellow gold and platinum. These are three major metals used in making of today’s rings.

Yellow gold gives the rings its traditional look and is preferred in many cultures across the world on weddings. It provides a classical touch to the rings and this is the reason that the gold is a preferred choice for the wedding jewelry. When shopping for it, know that typically yellow gold rings are available in different carat sizes, typically 9k, 14k, and 18k, indicating purity of yellow gold and other metals in making the ring.

Thus, 18k yellow gold engagement rings mean that the metal has more yellow color than 9k. This also means that 18k is a bit harder and is more suitable for working women who have to wear the ring daily. For budget people, 18k ring is of greater cost as compared

Celtic Engagement Rings

When you’re looking for something with meaning, Celtic jewelry has the answer. In any aspect of fashion, there are sources of inspiration for each and every piece. The inspiration can come from a number of sources such as the natural world. Flowers, trees, gardens, fish, animals, landscapes to name a few can all act as catalysts for design ideas.

Other sources of inspiration can be color, shape, texture or material. Yet more can be from our youth, education, likes, dislikes and history. In the case of Celtic engagement rings, it’s history. Each design draws on two thousand years of culture and history. From before the time of Christ, the Celts were creating works of art for their own benefit, and for trade. Celtic art is still being produced to this day, with much of the original influence still present. That makes it one of the longest lived artistic movements around.

It is a very particular influence that uses specific characters to signify it’s Celtic origins. Shapes such as the Celtic cross, knot, Claddagh, love knot, inscriptions, pentacles and even plain metal rings. There is always a specific signature such as flowing lines, endless lines, and bold

Jewellery Appraisals

Components of many jewellery pieces trade on global markets. As a result, they are subject to significant fluctuations in their value over time. Changes in gold prices, the dollar, laws and taxes can all impact the value of your precious pieces.

In a worst-case scenario of loss or theft, it’s vital that you have regular, accurate jewellery appraisals. Insurance companies – like their counterparts around the world – need up to date opinions on the quality, design, authenticity and replacement value of the jewellery covered by your policy. By making a point every two to three years of scheduling jewellery appraisals, consumers can rest assured that their insurance coverage truly reflects the current replacement cost of their valuables.

And if you should forget, don’t worry. Your insurance company will be more than happy to remind you.

If you still have them, you can bring along copies of your most recent jewellery appraisals. Couples should also take any relevant certificates that relate to their items. While many people think that declared value is the most important aspect of an appraisal, obtaining a proper description of jewellery design and components (metal and stones) is crucial for establishing

White Gold Engagement Rings

White gold was developed as a more affordable choice to platinum. It was patented in 1915 by a German chemist, Karl Richter, but with the advent of World War I, production did not go ahead there and his patent was forgotten. A few years later in New York, the Belais brothers were awarded their patent for the metal using zinc and nickel as alloys. As platinum was restricted during the war, it meant that there was now a beautiful and affordable alternative to platinum. Their marketing campaign was so successful that their white gold engagement rings saw a huge rise in popularity in the 1920s.

There are advantages and disadvantages between choosing platinum or white gold. Engagement rings made from platinum are hypoallergenic but, although it is a hard metal, it is prone to scratches. As the ring ages, the platinum acquires a patina, which is duller white in appearance. This has the effect of making the diamond appear to sparkle brighter, which is one of the main advantages of platinum.

White gold, on the other hand, is harder as it is an alloy. It is also lighter to wear (platinum is a very dense metal)

Pendant Jewellery Trends

These shorter necklaces are super chic and ultra trendy! They usually hit the collar bone and come in innumerable styles. Whether it’s the pave beaded collars, multicolored necklaces or geometric shaped neckpiece, these chunky collars lighten up even the dullest outfits.

Tips: Not everyone can carry off the big bauble necklace. A collar for women with shorter neck is a big no-no. This will just make you look chubbier. This necklace suits best for women with longer necks. Also, if you are of slight build, opt for delicate chains rather than these heavy ones.

Avoid these chunky collars on heavy outfits. Mixing up different necklaces with a collar will just give you a messier look. Let the chunky collar do all the talking.

Chunky collars work best with open neck tops and dresses. A bright colored or neon collar on a simple white tee and a pair of jeggings is a simple yet a pretty look.

Pendant necklaces are back with a bang! From butterfly wings pendants, trinkets, hearts, flowers, geometric shapes, these pendants are the easiest way to add a bit of twist to your outfit.

The unique combination of gemstones in