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Pendant Jewellery Trends

These shorter necklaces are super chic and ultra trendy! They usually hit the collar bone and come in innumerable styles. Whether it’s the pave beaded collars, multicolored necklaces or geometric shaped neckpiece, these chunky collars lighten up even the dullest outfits.

Tips: Not everyone can carry off the big bauble necklace. A collar for women with shorter neck is a big no-no. This will just make you look chubbier. This necklace suits best for women with longer necks. Also, if you are of slight build, opt for delicate chains rather than these heavy ones.

Avoid these chunky collars on heavy outfits. Mixing up different necklaces with a collar will just give you a messier look. Let the chunky collar do all the talking.

Chunky collars work best with open neck tops and dresses. A bright colored or neon collar on a simple white tee and a pair of jeggings is a simple yet a pretty look.

Pendant necklaces are back with a bang! From butterfly wings pendants, trinkets, hearts, flowers, geometric shapes, these pendants are the easiest way to add a bit of twist to your outfit.

The unique combination of gemstones in the form of oversized pendants is super stylish. Both semi-precious stones and gemstones such as Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire and Black Onyx pendants provide the splash of color and an air of sophistication to the whole look. Designer gold pendants are also a trendy way to create a classic look.

While some arresting pendants can make a bold statement, the small trinkets can be equally eye-catching.

Tips: What’s great about pendant necklaces is that they go with any kind of necklines. If you a bigger bust, try to avoid pendants as they can draw too much attention. If you are short, try to opt for shorter pendant necklaces. Try different shapes like butterfly, flowers, birds and gold heart pendant to create a more subtle look.

You can also try layering up necklaces of various styles and lengths. Make sure you don’t add way too many layers. Try pairing shorter necklaces with higher hemlines.
So there you have. The hottest trends and tips on how to wear necklaces!