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Popular Diamond Shapes

Round Brilliant Cut – Brides who prefer traditional things should opt for round cut diamonds for her engagement ring. This cut is most popular for the reason that it is designed to produce maximum sparkle. Round brilliant cut has been popular since 1920.

Princess Cut – It is the most popular fancy diamond shape. Created in 1990, this diamond shape is known for its ability to radiate fire and brilliance. Princess cut diamonds are pyramid shape and have square top with pointed corners. Rings encrusted with princess cut diamonds are modern alternates to traditional brilliant cut diamond rings.

Emerald Cut – Also called as step cut, the clipped corners of an emerald cut diamond helps the prongs to hold the stone in a perfect way. This cut has few facets as compared to round and princess cut and lay emphasis on a diamond’s clarity. This cut is perfect for women looking for unusual, unique, stylish and sophisticated diamond for their engagement ring. Diamond with this cut has flat rectangular top with chiseled corners.

Oval Cut – This cut has the same fire and brilliance of a round cut diamond but with a contemporary edge. Created in 1960’s oval cut diamond engagement rings can make your finger appear longer and slimmer.

Heart – Engagement rings with a heart-shaped diamond is the best way to express eternal love. This distinct cut adds a touch of romance and feminism to any jewellery accessory. This intricate cut requires very high skill and expertise to ensure optimum sparkle.

Pear – Also known as teardrop, pear-shaped diamonds are a blend of oval and marquise diamonds. Pear shaped diamonds look brilliant not only in engagement rings but also in pendant and earrings.