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According to astrologers, the Rudrakhsa are power beads having immense benefit and positive effects on a person’s overall well being. The mere utterance of the sacred word Rudraksha is said to create emotions and vibrations touching the soul and bringing the person closer to God.

As Rudraksha has tremendous power of receiving energies so when these energies are released in our body it help fight against diseases. Because of the inherent positive energies and healing powers, astrologers suggest Rudraksha for removing malefic planetary effect. There are twenty-seven constellations and they are controlled and influenced by nine planets. The positions of these planets are studied at the time of our birth to determine their consequences and effects in our live. As a specific Rudraksha controls a constellation, to correct any planetary effects, only a specific Rudrakhsa (1 mukhi to 21 mukhi) can be worn.

According to Hindu purana, each type of Rudraksha (1 mukhi to 21 mukhi) is associated with a specific deity. It is the power of these deities that protects the person from negative energies.

In olden days, sadhus and sanyasis would wear Rudrakhsa as shield against negative energies as their enemies, especially the Rakchasha (evil spirits) would use Atharvana Veda -Veda where energies can be used to ruin or badly affect someone’s life. People who have mastery over this Veda can achieve so many things from giving extreme suffering to their enemies to even causing their death.

Over the course of evolution, human beings have become powerful species. We have learned to acquire positives energies that can be channelized to achieve great feat. There are instances of individuals who are able to materialise objects which otherwise would have taken Mother Nature thousands of years to create.