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Stones for Gold Engagement Ring

However, the potential for beauty a gold engagement ring or band possesses does not stop at the band itself; there are many ways to make such a piece even more beautiful the most popular of which is probably to combine the gold band with the right type of stone. Similarly, a good way to make a specific gemstone shine is to combine it with the right metal for its colour, be it gold or otherwise.

While the question of how to combine stone and band colours is still largely up to choice and personal preference, there are a series of truths acknowledged by industry professionals with regards to this subject. It is generally thought, for instance, that warm-coloured jewels go best with warm-coloured bands, and vice-versa, although this is not a universal rule.

Fortunately for couples who opted for a gold engagement ring and want to enhance it with a stone, this material is one of the most versatile with regards to what complimentary colour combinations. The majority of gemstone colours available in the market seem to combine well with either yellow or white gold producing very different looks and effects.

Yellow gold in particular will make warm-coloured stones with a medium or dark tone (purples, reds, oranges, blues or yellows) seem bigger and more sparkly. Sapphires, coloured diamonds, rubies, and other lesser-known stones will all be enhanced by being set in a gold engagement ring band. Less saturated hues will also look good against a backdrop of white or pink gold as they will have the same frosty, yet beautiful effect one would achieve by setting the stones in silver or platinum.

Therefore, it is not hard to make a stone set in a gold engagement ring look good. Unlike other metals commonly used for engagement ring bands, gold is very versatile and goes well with almost every colour of stone available, making it a good option for couples who want to have a wide range of possible combinations to select from.