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Styles Of Engagement Rings

  • The beauty of a modern woman can be harmonized only with a style of jewelry that is equally swanky and classy. Two stone bands are crafted in delicate patterns that suit the feminine loveliness while its elegant luster perfectly suits a glamorous lady. Brilliantly chiseled diamonds as well as gemstones are studded to enhance their beauty and everlasting grace.
  • Answering to the wish of the women who desire a unique piece of jewelry, the two toned metal bands are carved. When the pinkish shine of rose gold is highlighted by the glittering shade of yellow gold or the vanilla sheen of white gold is accentuated by yellow gold, the ring creates a soulful symphony.
  • Natural beauty gifted by God is incomparable. Acknowledging that fact, the rough cut diamond rings are assembled. The unshaped and unpolished diamond of excellent quality elicits an ethereal charm that readily complements a debonair person. But, while picking the desired piece, the setting must be selected wisely.
  • Studded with effervescent gemstones ranging from spectacular sapphires to regal rubies, the colored rings are climbing the peak of fashion nowadays. Cut in diverse shapes and arranged in impressive designs, these add jovialness to the brides. Fancy diamonds in vibrant and intense colors like pink, black, blue, etc. are also used to attain a glorious assortment suitable for all ladies.
  • Some styles never fade with time, solitaire rings fall under that classic category. The sands of time could not erase the eminence of these classic beauties featuring a sole diamond at the center. Marquise cut, round cut, princess cut and numerous other diamond shapes are used in solitaire patterns that were extremely popular back in time and in present time also, the fame has not diminished a bit.