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Info of Palladium Rings

Couples are choosing palladium engagement rings as they are much lighter than platinum and carry a similar white sheen that stays forever. This unique metal is hypoallergenic, which means that it is best suited for people who suffer from metal allergies or have sensitive skin.

White gold rings are plated with rhodium to get bright white shine. This plating fades with time and needs regular re-coating. On the other hand, palladium offers flawless natural white sparkle which does not fade with regular use. Jewellers are constantly experimenting with this metal to create beautifully designed affordable rings. Most rings available in the market are 95% pure.

Palladium engagement and wedding rings are sought after by couples looking for something unique and different from traditional gold rings. Diamond and palladium wedding rings are highly sought after by young couples. You can easily get rings encrusted with other precious and semi precious gemstones. A range of designer rings can be found for men as well as women. The durability and strength of palladium allow designers to come up with more intricate designs. Also, palladium prongs offer safety and security to diamonds and other gemstones.

It is important to make sure that you buy palladium rings from a trusted jeweller. Go for a jeweller who uses latest technology to create unique designer rings. Good and reputed jewellers also offer guarantee and warranty of the accessories they sell. Many online jewellers offer options to design your own unique engagement or wedding ring.

If you are looking for something precious and affordable, look no further than palladium rings. The unique properties of palladium will offer you everything you are looking for in an engagement or wedding ring. Considering its value and properties, palladium is the best of all metals available in the market today.

Smart Shopping for Sapphire Engagement Rings

Choose a metal setting that complements the stone

Sapphires can come in a variety of different tones, so you will want the band of your sapphire engagement ring to be made from a metal that complements its shade. Metals such as silver and white gold are popular complements to any hue of a sapphire’s natural blue colour. The orangey-pink of Padparadscha sapphires usually pairs well with yellow gold settings, while pure pink sapphires tend to stand out in both silver and gold settings. All in all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and the way you design your ring is a matter of personal preference.

Be aware of potential fakes

Less trustworthy retailers may try to sell ignorant buyers a cheaper stone that looks like a sapphire instead of a real sapphire. Blue spinel, blue tourmaline, and tanzanite are among the gems that some jewellers may try to pass off as true sapphires.

Only work with reputable dealers

A good place to start your shopping for sapphire engagement rings is with large chain brand jewellers because their business practices are more closely scrutinized than those of independent stores. If you do want to examine the selection of local artisan jewellers, be sure to ask for official certification for any sapphire you consider purchasing. A legitimate jeweller will be able to provide paperwork that validates the gemstone’s origins and attributes.

Save by buying loose, wholesale sapphires

Retailers tend to inflate the price of their jewels since they need to charge more than the price they paid in order to make a profit. Wholesalers, however, can sell you loose stones, or stones that have not yet been set in a ring, at near wholesale prices. Once you obtain these stones, you can have them have them set in a ring separately by a bespoke jeweller. This process also allows a greater role in customising the piece of jewellery.

Shop around at various jewellers

Every jeweller will have a different stock of sapphires in his or her collection. As a result, it is wise to compare the different designs as well as prices of different jewellers. You may be able to find two similar designs you like at varying costs. As with any other product, shopping at multiple stores and weighing your options in a calculative manner will ensure that you make the best purchase for your budget.

Popular Diamond Shapes

Round Brilliant Cut – Brides who prefer traditional things should opt for round cut diamonds for her engagement ring. This cut is most popular for the reason that it is designed to produce maximum sparkle. Round brilliant cut has been popular since 1920.

Princess Cut – It is the most popular fancy diamond shape. Created in 1990, this diamond shape is known for its ability to radiate fire and brilliance. Princess cut diamonds are pyramid shape and have square top with pointed corners. Rings encrusted with princess cut diamonds are modern alternates to traditional brilliant cut diamond rings.

Emerald Cut – Also called as step cut, the clipped corners of an emerald cut diamond helps the prongs to hold the stone in a perfect way. This cut has few facets as compared to round and princess cut and lay emphasis on a diamond’s clarity. This cut is perfect for women looking for unusual, unique, stylish and sophisticated diamond for their engagement ring. Diamond with this cut has flat rectangular top with chiseled corners.

Oval Cut – This cut has the same fire and brilliance of a round cut diamond but with a contemporary edge. Created in 1960’s oval cut diamond engagement rings can make your finger appear longer and slimmer.

Heart – Engagement rings with a heart-shaped diamond is the best way to express eternal love. This distinct cut adds a touch of romance and feminism to any jewellery accessory. This intricate cut requires very high skill and expertise to ensure optimum sparkle.

Pear – Also known as teardrop, pear-shaped diamonds are a blend of oval and marquise diamonds. Pear shaped diamonds look brilliant not only in engagement rings but also in pendant and earrings.

White Gold Engagement Rings


The biggest advantage of white gold engagement rings is certainly their cost. 1,500 tons of the metal are mined annually which makes their market value fairly low, at least compared to other materials. Also, the element is fairly light compared to other metals, and since such precious jewellery pieces are priced by weight, it is easy to understand why these beautiful pieces can be bought at half the price of some of their metal counterparts.


Most white gold bands are offered in 14K or 18K versions. The former is 58.3 percent pure, and the latter 75 percent. The higher the karat amount of the gold, the purer the content of the band, but then the ring becomes a less durable jewellery piece. Its purest form is 24K, but in that state it is too soft to use to mount white gold engagement rings. Therefore it must be alloyed with other metals in order to strengthen it.


Gold symbolizes prosperity, wisdom, and spirituality, as in the Bible’s ‘golden rule’ and Aristotle’s ‘golden mean’. ‘The golden age’ and ‘golden years’ signify the best of times, and the 50th wedding anniversary is called the golden anniversary. This precious metal is also considered to be the most traditional for wedding and engagement bands. Since it will not tarnish over time, it helps to symbolise the couple’s eternal vows to each other. Gold also implies the best of the best, as in the top prize medal at the Olympic Games.

Perpignan Garnet

The making of this garnet, also known as “Le Grenat de Perpignan” goes back to the 18th century when the stones were taken from the East Pyrenees in Southern France. Nowadays, most of the garnet comes from India but is made only by local apprentices in the workshops of the jewellers in the city centre. An important feature of this jewellery is, in fact, the 18 carat gold setting, which provides a rounded base for the stone. This is often referred to as the “chaton”.

Perpignan jewellers opt for a “flat” cut which has become known as the “special Perpignan cut”. The craftsman positions the garnet on a thin sheet of red coloured reflective paper and marks the number of claws wanted. He then folds the gold over the garnet.

The craftsman uses a special file for the setting, which he rubs edgeways so that the parts between the claws emerge. This flattens the gold and fills the space between the stone and the setting. Finally, the craftsman smoothes the claws with a tiny triangular file.

The distinctive mounting of the garnet is called the “chaton” and represents the flat cut, the red paper and the gold “cradle” in which the gold is inserted.

Garnet itself is a popular stone but makes for one of the more unusual engagement rings. Some people choose the gemstone due to its various tones, which range from fiery red to orange and green. The Perpignan garnet’s deep red colour makes it the ideal stone for those who like the darker red tone and, in particular, could be the perfect choice for those who would like to opt for a unique piece of jewellery.

Bringing back tradition, Perpignan jewellery echoes the “gold and blood” of the local coat of arms. Consequently, most local families own a piece of the jewellery that has been handed down through generations.

A Perpignan garnet engagement ring has the potential to become a newly wedded couple’s family heirloom. The garnet signifies loyalty and honesty, which, key to marriage and all relationships, makes the gemstone a suitable choice of engagement ring gemstone. The Perpignan garnet is arguably the most romantic version of the garnet, particularly since France is renowned as a country of romance.

The garnet is protected under the genuine garnet guarantee, which is particularly useful since it is a stone prone to wear and tear in fluctuating temperatures. However, it is still a durable gemstone and, with the right care, it can create a beautiful piece of jewellery able to withstand daily tasks.

A Perpignan garnet makes modern use of ancient French tradition and could potentially characterise one of the most bespoke and unusual engagement rings on the market.

Ring Design Ideas

Now, keep in mind that emerald engagement rings and emerald cut engagement rings are totally different items. Emerald engagement ring is the one utilizing an emerald (gemstone) as the center stone. However, emerald cut engagement rings are diamond (or other gemstone) rings where the stone is cut in a square form (which is the most well-known and common form of emerald, hence the name). Emeralds match each and every skin kind, right from white, pale to olive and even dark. Next, emeralds are refractive and usually shine brightly in full or even dull lights.

Emerald as a center stone, encircled by diamonds, is a popular style idea. A square, oval, round.. etc., are some choices that you can choose for the emerald. White diamonds and emeralds completely complement each other due to their different colors. Secondly, these rings can be created in white as well as yellow gold. If you wish for a stylish and simple, yet elegant ring, you can go for a solitaire emerald ring.

The price will depend on the type of metal used, the dimension of the stone, number of stones, etc. A ring set in platinum will be costly, whereas the one set in yellow gold will expense comparatively lesser. A solitaire is also fairly less expensive than a studded ring.

So if you are preparing to pop the question to your beloved, do it with a stunning emerald ring, she will certainly be happy.