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Platinum Vs White Gold

Certainly the biggest advantage of a white gold engagement ring over its platinum counterpart is the cost. In fact, platinum costs nearly double that of white gold, due to its weight and the amount that is mined each year. Typically, only about 160 tons of platinum are mined annually, while over 1,500 tons of gold are mined. Platinum is also significantly more dense than gold, and because precious metal is priced by its weight, this adds to the price inflation.

One of the major arguments for platinum over white gold is the long-term care that is required for a white gold engagement ring. White gold is made from a mixture of yellow gold and a whiter metal such as silver, nickel or manganese. These whiter metals are used in order to strengthen the metal and create the silver colour. In most cases the ring is then dipped in rhodium to give it a whiter, shinier finish, which needs to be recoated every few years in order to keep its original gleam. Although this process sounds expensive, it is actually quite affordable and many jewellers offer to do it for free. Platinum, on the other hand, is naturally a more greyish white colour, and over time its shine will dull. In some cases, this can make a diamond appear to shine more brightly in contrast, but platinum will require regular shinning by a professional jeweller in order to keep its gleam. Overall, the two metals end up requiring a similar investment, of both time and money, when it comes to long-term care.

Another factor that affects the decision between white gold and platinum is culture. Throughout time, gold has always had a stereotype of wealth and prestige, one that is embodied by a gold engagement ring. The metal is also known as the most traditional for engagement and wedding rings, but platinum has risen to the forefront of popularity in recent years, often being seen as the new symbol of power in society. Gold does not tarnish over time, which can be considered a strong symbol for a couple’s eternal love, but platinum is an extremely strong metal that can also represent a couple’s relationship.

As one of the most popular debates in the jewellery world, it can be a difficult decision between a platinum or white gold engagement ring. Among all of the choices now available for engagement rings today, it is especially important to be well informed about the benefits and drawbacks when comparing different metal options. Each couple is bound to have their own preferences, but they must keep in mind the very high price of platinum when compared to its white gold competitor, the essentially equal amount of care required, and the symbolism behind each metal.

Info of Palladium Rings

Couples are choosing palladium engagement rings as they are much lighter than platinum and carry a similar white sheen that stays forever. This unique metal is hypoallergenic, which means that it is best suited for people who suffer from metal allergies or have sensitive skin.

White gold rings are plated with rhodium to get bright white shine. This plating fades with time and needs regular re-coating. On the other hand, palladium offers flawless natural white sparkle which does not fade with regular use. Jewellers are constantly experimenting with this metal to create beautifully designed affordable rings. Most rings available in the market are 95% pure.

Palladium engagement and wedding rings are sought after by couples looking for something unique and different from traditional gold rings. Diamond and palladium wedding rings are highly sought after by young couples. You can easily get rings encrusted with other precious and semi precious gemstones. A range of designer rings can be found for men as well as women. The durability and strength of palladium allow designers to come up with more intricate designs. Also, palladium prongs offer safety and security to diamonds and other gemstones.

It is important to make sure that you buy palladium rings from a trusted jeweller. Go for a jeweller who uses latest technology to create unique designer rings. Good and reputed jewellers also offer guarantee and warranty of the accessories they sell. Many online jewellers offer options to design your own unique engagement or wedding ring.

If you are looking for something precious and affordable, look no further than palladium rings. The unique properties of palladium will offer you everything you are looking for in an engagement or wedding ring. Considering its value and properties, palladium is the best of all metals available in the market today.

Diamond Bracelets For Women

Yellow Gold

Many people find that yellow gold bracelets go best with summer-style outfits, which are often bold and brightly coloured. They will also make the diamonds really stand out. It is important to note, however, that yellow gold will clash with some colours (such as a handful of green shades). This is why it’s a good idea to think about the colours and shades that the recipient likes to wear so that you can determine whether yellow gold is an appropriate match.

White Gold

Many people find that white gold bracelets go with pretty much any style outfit, but that they do tend to look best with winter ones (as the sparkle will really stand out against darker and neutral colours).

Rose Gold

When it comes to choosing diamond bracelets for women, rose gold tends to be the least popular choice. The red-pink, coppery colour of the metal means that it usually goes best with autumn-style outfits. It is important to note, however, that rose gold will clash with some colours (such as orange and even blue). This is why it’s a good idea to think about the colours that the recipient likes to wear so that you can determine whether rose gold is a match.

How to wear them?

There are actually a few fashion rules when it comes to wearing diamond bracelets for women. They should, for example, be worn on the right hand. If they have a single diamond at their centre, you shouldn’t let it dangle (as this can make it look sloppy). If they have several segments as opposed to a single large stone, it will look best when not worn too tight. A single bracelet can make a powerful statement, whereas too many will actually detract from your style.

Vintage Jewelry

This will be a great fun to show newly acquired silver vintage rings to family and friends, be it made up of gold, silver, stainless steel, brass or bronze. Remember, by purchasing vintage jewelry one is making a long term investment because prices of these articles keeps on increasing. This does not mean that one needs to buy only expensive pieces, even less expensive and beautiful articles posses same importance. A ring belonging to one’s grandmother or mother bears the same significance like newly purchased expensive jewel.

People having a rich historical background like creative ancestors are really lucky as they have the chances to posses something originally vintage. Those who do not have any belongings from their ancestors, just do not worry, there are hundreds of online stores offering great collection at reasonable rates. The most popular vintage items include earrings, silver vintage rings, bands and gorgeous vintage gold rings. Wedding is one of the most important and auspicious occasion that demands for something very pleasant. The wedding rings are available in plenty of designs, colors, shapes, patterns and sizes, being perfect for both man and woman.

When talking about wedding, no one can forget the role of wedding bands; they are really outstanding and luscious. One can browse an exquisite collection of wedding bands beautifully crafted offered by different websites. From plain and simple designs to outstanding hand crated designs, everything is available under one roof. These bands are designed in a manner to provide exceptionally wonderful spirit and belongingness. The contemporary designs are dramatic results of great components including hand fabrication, design and perception. Wedding bands are perfect source to express love and companionship. The artistic acumen is reflected through their original design which makes the occasion extraordinarily special.

Vintage jewelry plays a sparkling role in everyone’s life by making them feel like flying in the white clouds. The precise refinement and classic overtone demonstrate the crowning achievement of the jeweler’s art. These vintage gold rings jewelry pieces are perfect inheritance of inspiration and form the basis for outstanding charm and beauty. There are many online stores that offer wide variety of vintage jewelry, but choosing the right one demands for little homework and consideration.

18 Carat Gold

Gold, an element that is yellowish in nature in its true essence is too soft in its purest form to be utilized as jewelry. This is exactly why most of the cultures make sure that gold is processed in order to harden it and make it usable as jewelry. In order to give you a better idea, it is to be mentioned here that preparation of a perfect combination of gold with other metals to form an alloy is what determines the strength, resistance, and appearance of gold in the jewelry form.

There is a particular proportion of gold in each kind of the alloy that is prepared to be used as jewelry. The unit that elaborates the proportion of gold in each alloy is called carat. 1/24 is what is termed as carat jewelry; this means one part in 24 KG of weight. This implies that 18 carat gold implies ¾ gold.

According to the above-mentioned formula, a 9-10 carat gold jewelry is going to be comprised of around 38% gold with the rest of it being made up of a certain metal. This implies that such a gold like any other metal is prone to getting tarnished or turning black or probably green and damaging your skin as well as clothes. It won’t be wrong to state that such a gold only has the advantage of affordability or cheapness over the 18 carat one.

There is no argument over the fact that the 14-carat gold is a huge improvement as compared to that of the 9 or 10 carat gold. It is going to contain around 58% gold that is a higher concentration than the base metal. However, this concentration of gold is still not sufficient to prevent it from getting damaged or tarnished. Brittleness may also be a part of 14 carat. Moreover, if you take a closer look at the percentage by volume of metals being utilized in 14 carat gold, the base metal still has a higher concentration.

As mentioned earlier, the more pure the gold is, the more soft it is going to be. Therefore, while it does have certain features to offer like a brilliant color, however, it is going to be considerably softer as to not make it a preferable choice for jewelry. To put it simply, the 22-carat jewelry is certainly going to compromise on durability.

There is no argument over the fact that there are a number of other features, which can be mentioned in favor of the 18-carat being the most appropriate one. However, in the light of the above mentioned information, it is already explicit enough that the 18 carat gold is going to come up with a number of different benefits that the rest of the kinds are going to fail at.

Taking this into perspective, it can almost be taken for granted that making an investment into the 18 carat gold is going to be the only reasonable and wise choice as far as the gold is concerned.

Colours Of Gold

Yellow- This is the natural shade of gold which is widely used to make jewellery accessories. It is a mixture of pure gold with copper and zinc. Yellow gold accessories can be found in 22K, 18K, 14K, and 9K, based on the percentage of other metals mixed. It is the traditional colour for wedding jewellery. Diamonds and other gemstones also look sparkling set in yellow gold.

White- White colour has become widely popular in recent times. Many people are opting the sparkling white colour of gold over the traditional yellow one. Pure yellow gold is mixed with metals like silver, nickel and palladium to get the white colour. It is then often plated with rhodium to give it a shiny appearance. Purity of this gold is also measured in karats. The popularity of white gold is also attributed to the platinum like look it gives at comparatively low price. The sparkle of Diamonds further enhances when set in this metal. The jewellery made of this metal need plating at regular intervals to retain its shine as the original colour gets dull with regular use.

Rose/pink- Gold takes pink hues when mixed with a high percentage of copper. The higher the copper content, the stronger is the colour. The rosy hue of this metal gives it a very pleasing appearance. Rose gold has seen an immense rise in popularity in the 21st century and young couples are buying wedding and engagement rings made of this metal.

Green- It is a naturally occurring alloy of silver and gold also known as electrum.

Blue- is an alloy of gold and indium

Purple- is an alloy of aluminium and gold. It is more brittle than other gold alloys.

Platinum or White Gold Engagement Rings

When it comes to cost, white gold wins by a mile. In order to turn yellow gold white, the gold is mixed with alloys and then coated with rhodium plating. This result is engagement rings that look very similar to platinum but with more of a white tint, as platinum is greyer. Per gram, gold and platinum are evenly matched in price, but the problems lies in the density of platinum. As it has a much higher density than gold, more of it is required to create the ring, and the ring is therefore heavier – which is how jewellers measure the price. White gold, therefore, costs almost half the amount platinum does, which means the buyer can focus more money on the ring’s centre stone.

The downside of the reduced expense of white gold engagement rings is that after a while the white will begin to fade back to the original yellow colour. However, now many jewellers do re-polishing and re-plating for free, or include it with the purchase of the ring, so it doesn’t require any future outlay to maintain. Platinum’s colour doesn’t fade as the gold does, but as with most metal, wear and tear will eventually mean the surface of the ring develops a patina. Some people don’t mind this, as they believe it makes the centre stone look shinier, and some find they actually prefer a matte finish as opposed to polished, although it can be polished by a professional to restore the original gleam. Many people believe the appearance of platinum and white gold is so similar that platinum isn’t worth the extra money.

In terms of strength, platinum is certainly a lot stronger so the prongs that hold the centre stone are more likely to break on white gold engagement rings. With a lower density, white gold thins whereas platinum rarely does. Both metals can be scratched, but the difference is that platinum doesn’t change colour when scratched, as the purity of the metal is present through all layers of the ring. When white gold is scratched, it can often reveal the gold layer beneath and so the scratches can be a lot more obvious. This, in turn, can be more expensive to resolve than a platinum scratch, which will often go unnoticed.