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Buy a Fashion Jewelry Ring

When guys are shopping for a fashion jewelry ring there are several questions that enter their minds. Where should I start? How much should I spend? How do I go about choosing the perfect engagement ring? These are all questions that need answers if you are a man who wants to stay out of the dog house with your future fiancĂ©. Most guys know the basics that are needed to choose the best ring, and some even know about the 4 C’s that should be looked at in a diamond. However, some men think too much about the ring and do not spend enough time thinking about the woman they are buying it for.

Shopping for a fashion jewelry ring is about more than just the ring itself. It is also important to consider the woman that is going to be wearing the ring. Taking the time to think about the woman’s taste in fashion and jewelry will go a long way in the reaction she has when you pull the ring out and get down on one knee. Do not get so caught up in buying the ring that you forget all about the woman that you are buying it for.

If you follow these tips and advice you will be able to find a fashion jewelry ring that she will love. No matter whether you are buying a diamond or some other gemstone, you will want to consider her preferences. You only get one chance to make a first impression, so make sure that the first thing she sees when you open that ring box is something she likes. There are a lot of great looking rings that are available so keep these tips in mind and you will know how to buy one that will sweep her off her feet.

Organic Body Jewelry


Until a big crackdown began on ivory dealings, this was another popular form of body jewelry. Ivory tusk from elephants fall in this category. However, walrus and Mastodon’s tusks are also used to make jewelry. Many people wear this mainly on ear and nose piercings. Given its large size it cannot be used on smaller body parts. It could be used individually or combined with metals to form a piece of jewelry. Just like other organic body jewelry this too cannot be sterilized and can cause bacterial infection if it is not cleaned well.

Bones and Horns

Cow bones and horns, fish bones, buffalo horns and bones are some of the most commonly used bones and horns in body jewelry. This practice started in ancient Africa and Egypt and is still a very popular culture. From one bone or horn, many small shaped and designs could be made. These are then carved and made to jewelry. As this cannot be sterilized, you have to regularly clean it with antibacterial liquids and also use essential oils. Sterilizing it might corrode the surface of the bone or horn.


This is loosely classified as an organic object though some experts do not hold the same views. Just as the other organic body jewelry, this too cannot be sterilized or worn for long periods of time without cleaning. It is also quite heavy and might stretch the skin where its pierced too. It does make for jewelry that looks very good and feels beautiful. Rocks also include precious and semi-precious stones.

Soldering Silver Jewelry

Before you begin working with the solder, you should start by preparing the silver jewelry findings which you are planning on working with. The first thing that you need to do is to anneal the silver using a jewelers blow torch. You do not need to anneal the whole finding, just the area which is going to be soldered. To do this, heat the torch, and hold it close to the silver, moving it gently backwards and forwards over the area. The silver should turn a dull pink color in the heat. This should take about 30 seconds in total.

Once the silver is ready, prepare the solder. Solder must have flux applied to it when it is being used with silver, as the solder and the silver will oxidize otherwise. The oxidization reaction is a negative process and can seriously affect the overall appearance of your finished jewelry product.

Once the solder is prepared, you will need to cut a piece of solder to use with your silver. Easy grade solder should be the perfect choice for jewelry making projects which utilize silver jewelry findings. The piece of solder which you have cut should then be placed under or over the area which needs attaching.

Once the solder is in place, heat it using a soldering iron so that it becomes liquid and completely covers the join. Using a soldering iron will allow you to have more control over the solder as you melt it. When the solder is covering the area which needs joining, allow it to cool briefly. It will not take long for the solder to become solid again.

When the solder has been allowed to cool for a while, it will need to be quenched. To do this, you must carefully dunk the jewelry findings into diluted sulphuric acid. This will remove firestain. Dunking should be done with plastic, copper or brass tongs to prevent the solution from becoming contaminated. Do not touch the acid with your hands or uncovered skin. Carefully wash any excess acid off of the piece after dunking. Once the piece is dry, you can polish it up, to help to give it a beautiful finish. The solder should hold the finding perfectly in place at the join.

Care for Vintage Diamond

The first part of caring for the jewelry is to make sure that it is stored in a safe place, and that it is protected from certain elements. These destructive elements include moisture, fluctuating temperatures and even light.

All of these elements can deteriorate your jewelry, and therefore steps should be taken to reduce the risk of this happening at all costs. One of the things that can be done is putting your jewelry in a padded and breathable box for storage and keep it in part of your home where the temperature is stable and not extremely cold or extremely warm.

The place where you keep your jewelry should also be well ventilated and well as the jewelry box is, in order to stop moisture from building up and causing damage. This is the first vital part of caring for your vintage diamond engagement rings, but you will also need to take care when wearing and cleaning them too.

One of the biggest problems with antique and vintage jewelry is that they are already more fragile and worn than other pieces, so any damage done with be more apparent. Damage that can often occur is scratching, so take steps to ensure that you are extra careful when wearing jewelry, and do not store in a box where it can rub again other items that you may have.

Wearing jewelry can also have a destructive effect, as oils and acids from the environment can cause deterioration of metals and fixings in your jewelry. For this reason, take extra care to clean items gently on a regular basis, and always clean them before putting them back into storage.

Cleaning should bed one according to the metal and the type of gemstone that you have. In the case of diamond engagement rings, these precious stones are quite tough and durable, so often an ammonia based solution is acceptable. This will differ for more delicate stones however.

All different metals will have different cleaning techniques, so check online for a guide to cleaning the particular type of metal of your ring or speak to an experienced jewelry that deals with antique or vintage jewelry. It is worth remembering that cleaning should be gentle, and over-cleaning will actually cause more damage to your items.

Finally, seeking out prompt repairs is vital for those who have invested in antique or vintage diamond engagement rings. If you notice any problems at all, take your item to an antique jewelry dealer, and they will be able to carry out specialist and careful repairs on it. In all cases, make sure that you choose someone with experience dealing with antique and vintage jewelry for the best results.

Custom Jewelry

What are the pros?

The ability to personalize jewelry can have plenty of benefits. One of the major benefits is the ability to own a piece of jewelry that is able to have a greater reflection of your individuality or personal style. For those that have a taste that is less mainstream, this may be the only solution to get the jewelry that fully complements the look you are attempting to obtain. Other benefits include the ability to have the one-of-a-kind or unique piece that perfectly matches your interests. Also, it is possible to get a piece created that symbolizes your dedication or love to another person.

What are the cons?

Even though there are plenty of benefits of investing in a fine piece of custom jewelry, there are also a few downsides that should be considered.

One of the first things noticed with the custom jewelry is the cost. Getting a piece of jewelry made with a bespoke design is significantly more expensive than buying the off-the-shelf items. Although the cost may not be too high if you are looking for the less elaborate designs. Additionally, the piece of jewelry is being made to order which means it can take a while to be ready. For the more complex pieces it may take up to 12 months to be ready to collect. Also, there is a need to visit the jeweler on several occasions to put the ideas across on the preferred look and style of the jewelry piece.

Cheap Jewelry Rings

  1. Know you budget limit
    When you go out for shopping, always remember your budget. Buy and look for only those rings that come in your budget. It is sometime that you end up with the temptation of buying some other fancy rings that is far beyond your budget. It will just give you extra tensions.
  2. Which metal do you want
    The choice of most of the people is platinum which is too expensive. Those people who are after a silver look can try white gold. White gold rings are gaining more popularity nowadays. They look almost like the platinum and have the durability of gold as well. You can get white gold at half the price of what gold costs. Titanium rings are also popular in the market with their ultra light weight, durability and extremely cheaper price. But silver is the best option if you are looking for really cheap rings.
  3. Weight counts
    Metals are priced by their weight. The heavier and thicker your ring is, the higher the price will be. By going for thinner rings, you can substantially bring the cost down. Looking for more fancy rings can make the cost higher.

Beaded Jewelry

  1. Clasps. Clasps are probably the most basic and necessary of all the findings. Every quality piece of jewelry that you assemble simply must have a clasp attached. This is the piece that allows you to put a piece of jewelry on and take it off. There are many different kinds; barrel clasps screw out, clamshell clasps are your average kind, magnetic clasps are also available; they are quite easy to use, because the two separate pieces of the clasp stick together. Many other kinds are on the market including, but not limited to, hook and eye clasps and toggle clasps.
  2. Jump Rings. Jump rings are often used to attach other findings to the piece of jewelry – a lot of times a clasp is attached with a jump ring and sometimes charms are as well. A jump ring is basically just a piece of thin wire bent into a ring. One tip I do have though, for jump rings, is that when you open one, don’t pull it straight open – grab each end of the jump ring with a separate pair of pliers and pull open at an angle.
  3. Split Rings. If you have ever used a key chain before, you’ve used a split ring. Split rings are used when a stronger version of a jump ring is required. Not much is required of this explanation except that the most common place to use a split ring is when attaching a charm to a piece of chain. Also that they are much smaller than keychain rings, yet they look just like them.
  4. Charms. These little pieces of metal are possibly the most fun of all the supplies in jewelry making. They are often very detailed and carved silver pieces and come in endless possibilities. I’ve seen frogs, butterflies, bees, cameos, and many other shapes and even kinds of metal.
  5. Eye Pins. To put it simply, eye pins are a piece of metal with a loop at the top. They also come in wrapped loops, which are also very fun to work with, and both of these varieties of eye pins are very simple to make from home. I will write a separate article sometime in the very near future about making your own findings, since a lot of the findings used in jewelry making are very, very simple to make by yourself.

Indian Bridal Jewelry

A common misconception is that the easiest way to accessorize for an Indian bride is to go with traditional, over the top pieces and just pile them on. Though a lot of glittering Indian bridal jewellery options are available, styling the bridal look is about more than simply picking out the most heavy or most shiny pieces. Many subtleties go into deciding which piece is best suited to the look, including the cultural, regional and religious identity of the bride, the type of dress chosen, the over-all color scheme and designs and the theme of the wedding itself. Moreover, the bride may also want to take into account her own level of comfort with the various Indian bridal jewelry types; some may prefer to go the whole hog with anklets, mang tikkas, kamarbandh, armlets and kaleera while others may not want to venture beyond the necklace, earrings and bangles.

The most popular and well-known Indian bridal jewellery are the Kundan sets from Rajasthan and Gujarat. Intricately crafted and exquisitely designed, they are typically set with gold and precious stones that look gorgeous draped around a bride’s neck and wrists. In north India the bridal attire is considered incomplete without this type of necklace. However, Kundan sets do not necessarily match with every single type of bridal outfit. They will pair beautifully with traditional red and gold Banarasi sarees or stone studded lehenga cholis with heavy traditional designs. However, with more modern style bridal sarees, salwar kameez or chaniya cholis, Indian bridal jewelry made of pearls and set in gold or silver would be more appropriate.

Brides who want to add a splash of color to their outfit prefer to go with Meenakari pieces enameled with beautiful and vibrant designs. Other traditional bridal jewelry like Polki and Thewa are also very popular, and bring in the requisite glamour and beauty without being too ornate and heavy. In south India, the preferred accessories are heavy gold pieces without any stones but wrought into intricate designs. These look particularly beautiful with the lavish Kanchipuram sarees and striking white and gold Kerala Kasavu sarees.

Nowadays, westernized designs and innovative patterns are also becoming popular in Indian bridal jewelry, especially with brides wearing designer clothes which would look odd with traditional bridal sets.

Alexandrite Gemstone Jewelry

With a rating of 8.5 on Moh’s scale, alexandrite ranks right between ruby and sapphire. This hardness makes alexandrite an excellent choice for jewelry. It is its color – or more properly, ‘colors’ – that give alexandrite its unique quality. In daylight, an optimum, or ideal, alexandrite is a bluish emerald green. In incandescent light, however, the alexandrite appears a purplish or raspberry red. These are the striking hues of the original Russian alexandrite. Alexandrite from other locations tends to be less vivid in varying degrees. This interesting trait of this diaphanous mineral is due to alexandrite’s chemical composition.

Although basically a chrysoberyl, which is colorless, alexandrite contains iron, titanium, beryllium and chromium. This very specific set of circumstances in nature – makes alexandrite one of the rarest and most valuable of the gemstones. An alexandrite of more than one caret is rarer than a fine ruby, sapphire or emerald.

It’s interesting to note that this tendency of a stone to change colors is in fact called “the alexandrite effect.” Sapphires and garnets, for instance, are said to be “alexandritic”.

Apples of Gold Jewelry has launched it’s section of gemstone jewelry articles on all major gemstones such as the sapphire, emerald, ruby, tanzanite jewelry, amethyst rings, pink sapphire, pearl jewelry, onyx rings, blue topaz gemstone jewelry, aquamarine rings, peridot, garnet, and more gemstone jewelry.

With a knowledgeable staff writer an expert research, the Apples of Gold Jewelry gemstone rings section offers invaluable insight into each major gemstone.

Piece Of Jewelry

There are many colors and choices of stones to pick from with semi precious stone necklace products. It can be fun to see what is out there and what tugs at your heart. This is a chance to personalize your style. You may be interested in a particular type of stone or a particular color. It can be hard to make a final decision as you see all that is available to pick from.

There are designs that are simple and those that are very unique and elaborate. The size of the stone can vary from one product to the next. Even the shape can be different so there are quite a few variables for you to look at and to identify what you love the most. Don’t be in a rush to get just any semi precious stone necklace. It should speak volumes about who you are!

If you can’t pick just one color, don’t worry about it! Many of the items feature a wide variety of colors. The colors compliment each other and they blend very nicely. As a result, you can wear them with all colors of clothing. They are perfect for transforming a simple t-shirt into a fashion statement with just this one accessory.

Most people will be quite delighted to get such a gift from you. If you know the person well, it can be wonderful to select one that fits their favorite color and their style. They will appreciate you taking the time to pick such a unique gift and they will treasure it. Even though it won’t be expensive it will come from your heart with plenty of thought into it.

That is more important to most people than a high priced gift. With that in mind, you can feel great giving it to them. You also don’t have to worry about your budget when it comes to offering a very nice gift. They will always remember you gave them the semi precious stone necklace! You can give it to them in a nice box for them to store it when not being worn.