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Pendant Jewellery Trends

These shorter necklaces are super chic and ultra trendy! They usually hit the collar bone and come in innumerable styles. Whether it’s the pave beaded collars, multicolored necklaces or geometric shaped neckpiece, these chunky collars lighten up even the dullest outfits.

Tips: Not everyone can carry off the big bauble necklace. A collar for women with shorter neck is a big no-no. This will just make you look chubbier. This necklace suits best for women with longer necks. Also, if you are of slight build, opt for delicate chains rather than these heavy ones.

Avoid these chunky collars on heavy outfits. Mixing up different necklaces with a collar will just give you a messier look. Let the chunky collar do all the talking.

Chunky collars work best with open neck tops and dresses. A bright colored or neon collar on a simple white tee and a pair of jeggings is a simple yet a pretty look.

Pendant necklaces are back with a bang! From butterfly wings pendants, trinkets, hearts, flowers, geometric shapes, these pendants are the easiest way to add a bit of twist to your outfit.

The unique combination of gemstones in the form of oversized pendants is super stylish. Both semi-precious stones and gemstones such as Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire and Black Onyx pendants provide the splash of color and an air of sophistication to the whole look. Designer gold pendants are also a trendy way to create a classic look.

While some arresting pendants can make a bold statement, the small trinkets can be equally eye-catching.

Tips: What’s great about pendant necklaces is that they go with any kind of necklines. If you a bigger bust, try to avoid pendants as they can draw too much attention. If you are short, try to opt for shorter pendant necklaces. Try different shapes like butterfly, flowers, birds and gold heart pendant to create a more subtle look.

You can also try layering up necklaces of various styles and lengths. Make sure you don’t add way too many layers. Try pairing shorter necklaces with higher hemlines.
So there you have. The hottest trends and tips on how to wear necklaces!

Types of Silver Jewelry

Pure Silver

Pure silver charms are jewelry types that are crafted from the pure version. Pure silver is about 99.9% wholesome. This silver type has a finish that is glossy and really soft. Due to the soft nature, pure silver jewelry is very malleable. It is thus very easy to craft bangles, necklaces, earrings and other charms from the pure metal. It is very easy to create some elaborate patterns out of the pure element, compared to other types of metals that are used in making jewelry.

Sterling Silver

Sterling silver has an unadulterated content of about 92.5%. It is a really hard metal, but also very famous for creating those magnificent adornments. The most common types of jewels made out of the sterling stuff include bangles, necklaces, rings, bracelets, and earrings, amongst others. Such jewels are produced by employing procedures that include inlays, filigree, engraving and chasing. The wonders of sterling silver are always marked ‘925’ which depicts the quality of the metal.

German Silver

German silver is also popularly referred to as the alpaca kind. It is a sort of metal obtained from blending together copper, nickel and zinc. Jewelry produced out of this amalgamation is mainly reputed for toughness, durability, and corrosion resistance. Most ornaments made from German silver are not worn directly on the skin because some people may be allergic to the influence. The jewelry made from German silver includes necklaces, earrings, and pendants.

Silver Gemstone Jewelry

Silver gemstone jewelry is created out of the same material but they get the name because of the fact that gemstones and other metal types are often studded into this kind of jewelry. The gemstones give the fabulous silver a unique, attractive and charming look. Practically any type of jewelry made from silver can be studded with gemstones. The most common gemstone types that are used to stud the jewelry include turquoise, amethyst, ruby, topaz, pearl, emerald and sapphire.

Oxidized Silver Jewelry

Oxidized silver jewelry is oxidized such that they give the silver a dark, antique and austere look. Most people are surprised by the fact that oxidizing silver jewelry gives the ornaments an eye-catching appearance. A lot of individuals are thus very comfortable with using oxidized jewelry as it has the added advantage of innovative unconventional designs. The different types of silver jewelry that are often oxidized include rings, necklaces, toe rings, earrings, and bracelets.

Islamic Jewelry Store

Islamic Jewelry Pieces for All Occasions

Interesting thing is that there is no generic Islamic jewelry; while each piece is unique and distinct with its own story. At a selected store, you can see different pieces of jewelry on display before they are crafted by keeping in mind Islamic-Inspired pieces using sheets of brass and silver. Silver is the most preferred metal used largely for the making of such gorgeous jewelry pieces that will surprise one and persuade for having something innovative and advanced. You can also use these jewelry pieces as Islamic gifts online to deliver your near and dear ones on special occasions.

Choose Something That Helps You Flaunt Your Style and Show Your Faith in Islam

You can buy necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings and a variety of other jewelry pieces online according to your choice and requirement. For this, what all you have to do is simply go online and find the right store that is convenient for you. There are numerous renowned stores bringing you a variety of accessories and products. Prices are competitive and will go well your budget; while you can place your order from anywhere according to your choice.

How to Buy Islamic Jewelry?

You may have various options to buy your desired jewelry pieces according to your requirement. For those who are living in those countries where Muslim community is not in majority, it can be a little bit difficult to find the right store. However, some renowned e-commerce sites and stores that are specifically made for Islamic products are fulfilling your desire.

Jewelry Selection from Across the World

They are offering you world-wide delivery; while bringing you a variety of accessories according to your choice. These stores have team of experts who travel around the world; mainly in those countries where Muslim community is in majority or these places are famous pilgrimage destinations for them. Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan,and various other countries in Africa Continent are ideal places for them from where they can get creative ideas for making of unique jewelry pieces.

Diamond Solitaire Necklace


Truth is ornaments whether necklaces, bracelets, pendants, earrings, chains, and others boosts a lady’s appeal. She will look beautiful and stylish. Nonetheless, each woman is unique and would want to be distinguished from the crowd. In addition to making her a centre of focus it also boosts her self esteem. The Diamond Solitaire charm has a unique appeal courtesy of its one-of-its-kind design. It will glow from a distance and it’s rare to come across a similar piece of jewellery. By adorning it, a woman’s is sure to stand out.


An aspect that is evident from the diamond solitaire necklace is its classic appeal. Firstly, it features a 14K gold set that is brings out the traditional aspect. Secondly, there is a 0.10 carat brilliant-cut diamond supported by highly polished chain. Thirdly, the merger of gold and diamond, both of which are highly precious metals, reveals a one-of-its-kind element. In addition to making an ornament look more outstanding and unique, the classic nature also makes it more valuable. This makes the charm suitable for one-off or day-to-day wear.


Adorning jewelry is not just about enhancing the looks and expressing sense of fashion. It also concerns keeping abreast with the latest trends. It’s true that an age old ornament will still look good even today and will especially appeal to those who love the classic effect. However, today’s woman wants to stay in touch with fashion and that is why many women always lookout for the latest offering. The diamond solitaire pendant necklace is among the trending ornaments in the market at the moment.