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Affordable Diamond Engagement Ring

The first step in designing of the jewelery is to ensure that you buy the diamond at lower prices. There are many ways to do so. You should buy a loose diamond online or from a physical store. An online purchasing will enable you in comparing the gem prices and arriving at lower possible prices. After you have bought the precious stone at low cost, it simply means that you have cut down the ring costs substantially.

In order to reduce the diamond prices even more, you can settle for the stone that is yellowish in color and has some invisible flaws inside of it. Such gems are cheaper and make great diamond engagement ring. Even with yellowish color and flaws, the stone will glitter with brilliance and fire.

Note that a solitaire ring with single diamond is usually costly. The single stone has to be larger, meaning that its carat weight will be higher and that will result in expensive stone and ring. So, we advise you to settle for the ring that has smaller diamonds in channel or pave setting. You can easily purchase the smaller gems within your budget.

After selecting a diamond at lower prices, pay attention to the metal of the ring. Select a metal that is affordable. Platinum is rare in nature and is expensive. You have the option of yellow gold and white gold for diamond rings. Compare their prices in the jewelry market.

Select a right setting for the ring; cheaper setting will depend on the jeweler’s fee. So, you should find out the jewelers who are willing to mold the diamond in an attractive way on the ring at affordable costs.

You can design your own diamond engagement ring online also. All you have to do is select the style of the ring, diamond and metal on the jewelers’ site and order for designing of the ring. This also is a way of lowering the prices as you can select the features of the ring after comparison of the prices.

Art Deco Engagement Ring

Know the size of ring you need to be looking for. Remember when choosing an art deco engagement ring, if you choose slightly too big, it can be resided, but buying too small can make it slightly harder and it will take longer to have it sized perfectly to fit your future brides finger. Obviously you cannot ask your future bride for her ring size without letting her know you are ring shopping. This means that an average guess is the only way to ensure you get it right.

Know if the woman you are about to ask to marry you follows current trends. Is she fashionable, does she follow what everyone else is wearing, does she focus heavily on fashion? Knowing how she feels about fashion and current fashion trends can help you identify which of the art deco engagement rings is the best choice for her. If she is very modern and up to date, then you may find that a ring like this is not the best choice moving forward and you need to focus on a modern ring that meets her personality perfectly.

Her career is also going to play a role in the best design and styled ring to choose. A woman who works in an office environment can wear a delicate ring with ease without the risk of breaking and damaging it. Yet a woman working with her hands, whether in the kitchen environment or in a manufacturing environment, will benefit from a ring that is strong, durable and sturdy. A delicate ring is only asking for damage in this type of working environment.

Choose a reputable jeweler to work with to help you find the perfect art deco engagement rings which are going to make a statement when you propose to your future wife. You want her to be wowed by the ring, the fact you know her so well and that your selection is something she would have chosen herself. This means working with your jeweler, letting them make recommendations and then making a final decision you feel is something that she will want to wear with pride now and in the future.

Armor Ring Jewelry

As a piece of jewelry the armor ring has attracted a fair amount of attention of its own just lately with some of Hollywood’s A listers having been seen wearing more than one or two on a number of occasions.

To be honest you can hardly fail to notice a fantastic finger covering that reaches from the base of the finger to just under the nail bed or second knuckle even when a mega star like Rhianna has one on. In fact, if she can wear one and it still attracts comments then you know how much of an impact they make.

It may seem like these rings are a relatively new design but, in truth they have long been favored by people who embrace the Gothic style of dress and they have other names such as full finger ring, Gothic ring and medieval ring to name but a few.

But, their secret is now out and with the likes of iconic designers such as Vivienne Westwood putting her own unique spin on them and bringing out her own version on this particular theme then the lid has been well and truly lifted and people everywhere have been searching for them.

They are generally made out of pewter or sterling silver which are both durable metals that sit very comfortably against your skin and also has the added bonus of being very good value for money when it comes to buying one which is just great.

The really clever thing about them is the fact that, depending on the style or design that you choose (and there are loads to inspire and are pretty breath-taking) the ring itself will move with your own finger as it is made out of 2 or 3 pieces of jointed metal for ease of movement.

Trying to do justice to an armor ring with words on a page is tricky, you really do have to take a look to appreciate them all whether it is the intricate and delicate workmanship or the more rugged and robust styles. But, one thing I have no doubt of is that you are sure to find the perfect ring at the perfect price, especially if you look online.

Metal For Engagement Rings

Since you are buying one of the engagement rings in a jewelry shop for your bride-to-be, first know about her choice. She may be more interested on traditional metals for the occasion as against your choice of the metal. As you enter a jewelry shop, the jeweler will show you the rings made white gold, yellow gold and platinum. These are three major metals used in making of today’s rings.

Yellow gold gives the rings its traditional look and is preferred in many cultures across the world on weddings. It provides a classical touch to the rings and this is the reason that the gold is a preferred choice for the wedding jewelry. When shopping for it, know that typically yellow gold rings are available in different carat sizes, typically 9k, 14k, and 18k, indicating purity of yellow gold and other metals in making the ring.

Thus, 18k yellow gold engagement rings mean that the metal has more yellow color than 9k. This also means that 18k is a bit harder and is more suitable for working women who have to wear the ring daily. For budget people, 18k ring is of greater cost as compared to 9k ring.

But white gold is more in fashion for the rings as it has a white shine that is considered as sophisticated and provides elegance and modern touch to the diamond rings. another reason that white gold may be perfect for diamond engagement rings is that white gleaming shine of the metal provides matching backdrop to the colorless or near colorless diamond on the ring.

Plutonium is another metal preferred for engagement rings. This is very strong metal and is considered as more durable than others. Clearly, for some digging on the ring metal in order to set smaller diamonds, the metal is perfect for providing adequate security to the stones. Romantic people also prefer platinum for its purity. But the metal is expensive and is usually not meant for budget people.

So, considered these metals for perfect engagement rings of your choice and compare them extensively before purchasing the one for your woman.

Morganite Ring

The gemstone that are a more intense color that is also bright is considered to be more valuable than the paler version so always look for those with vivid coloring. They are cut in various shapes and you can also get a modern cut on it, however the most usual ones are pear, round, oval, square, heart, marquise etc. The cut (or the lack off) has a huge influence on the price of your gem or already completed morganite ring.

It’s important to look at it under a strong light by naked eye or a magnifying glass in order to estimate the clarity of the stone as well. Ideally your will not have any visible flaws however it’s next to impossible to find a natural clean stone in the nature as well.

Keeping in mind how rare this gemstone is you should be prepared to spend some time looking for the prefect morganite ring on the market.

Today you will find it cataloged under morganite so look for morganite ring or morganite jewelry if you are trying to find a pink, semi-precious gemstone from the same beryl family as emerald and aquamarine. The name change however did nothing to take away from the amazing uniqueness and beauty of this popular gemstone that is adored by women worldwide.

Morganite is naturally found in very clear and light pink color with the shade of orange. However it can be salmon as well. After it gets heat treated morganite or pink beryl becomes the deep shade of pink you will usually find used the most for morganite ring or jewelry. That said some jewelers like the untreated, pure morganite the most as it’s more transparent and less colorful.

In the end it comes down to your personal preference if you’d like to buy a untreated or natural morganite ring but you should know that this beautiful, feminine gemstone is very rare. It’s so rare in fact that the price of the gemstone was adjusted as it cannot be used commercially. On the other hand it’s the perfect gemstone. It won’t fade or lose its colors, it’s pretty durable and resistant even when being worn every day and it’s simple to take care of. The only real downside of morganite is the fact that there are almost zero supplies of it known in the world. But if you do get the chance and buy a beautiful morganite ring I’m sure you won’t regret it for a second.

Stackable Ring Style

The eternity band is a popular variety of stackable ring. Eternity rings are symbolic of love for all time. The diamonds or cubic zirconium that circle the ring continuously signifies the eternal idea. Naturally, this idea of eternity is a beautiful symbol of love and devotion. It’s no wonder that the style gained near-instant popularity. Often, a stackable ring configuration contains two slim eternity bands flanking a larger center ring, which is more ornately decorated. Stacked on the finger, the look is striking and impossible to ignore. It’s bound to attract attention and admiration.

Another variety of stackable ring with a more modern flair is the etoile band. Etoile bands are solid gold, silver, or other precious metal, with diamonds or gemstones inset. Usually the gems are flush with the ring. This look is a great choice for those who favor a contemporary flair in their jewelry. Create visual interest with your stackable rings by choosing several etoile bands with varying numbers of inset gems. One ring could be sparsely dotted with gems, another densely populated with many. For even greater variety choose one with diamonds or cubic zirconium and another with multicolored semi-precious or precious gems. Thinking creatively yields fashionable dividends!

For those who are fond of wearing both gold and silver tones, consider several stackable rings in each tone. This adds to greater versatility in your other jewelry as well, since you don’t feel compelled to match the various pieces.

Finally, don’t feel constrained by established fashion in stackable rings. There is plenty of room for your own ingenuity in creating a stackable look. The only prerequisite is that the rings are configured in a band style, or the shapes that comprise the ring interlock in a visually pleasing way. Choosing different styles of bands and stacking them together evokes a funky, bohemian flavor. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

Celtic Jewelry Items

Celtic Cross Necklace

This cross is truly special not only because of its design, which features a ring in the centre plus arms with knots. It is a symbol representing the passage between heaven and earth. The central ring is a symbol of the endless love of God. The arms are considered to depict the four elements, but this comes from the pagan tradition rather than from Christianity. In any case, there is something really spiritual about this necklace. It looks fantastic as well. You can go for a jewelry piece which is highly stylized or for a model with complex embellishments. It all depends on your personal style.

Celtic Trinity Necklace

This Celtic jewelry piece never goes out of fashion. It offers the perfect balance between geometric simplicity and spiritual weave. It looks fantastic and it is deeply symbolic as well. The trinity or triquetra has various different meanings. It can represent earth, water and air or spirit, mind and body or the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit or mother, father and child or past, present and future or power, intellect and love. Given the many interpretations, it is typically the wearer who places the exact meaning on the necklace.

When selecting such a jewelry piece, you can go for a stylized silver piece or for a sophisticated item made from colored gold. The diversity is so great. You can readily pick a piece embellished with tiny gemstones. You just need to set your fantasy free.

Claddagh Ring

This unique ring has three major elements. The heart in the centre represents love. The crown set above the heart represents loyalty. The two hands which hold the heart represent friendship. This unique jewelry piece is a great gift for a friend or a close family member. It actually got its name from a small Irish village where a jewelry maker who escaped from slavery worked after his return in his home country.

Celtic Torc

The torc is a unique type of necklace. It goes closely around the neck and consists of wires twisted together. It is absolutely gorgeous and has a great elegant appeal. In the past, it was worn by men as a symbol of power and nobility, but now it is among the favorite accessories of women. There are many design variations, but the classic design is certainly the classiest of all. If you get such a piece made from yellow gold, it will go excellently with all kinds of formal evening dresses from the little black dress to elegant empire waste pieces.