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Titanium Rings for Men and Women

It is quite easy to choose wedding bands for men when compared to women, because the only thing to consider here is the width and design of the ring. The dimension of the ring can be considered according to the size of finger.

It should:

  • Not be too loose or tight for his finger
  • Be comfortable when worn all the time
  • Feel special

If you are looking for the best wedding bands for your ladylove, then there a number of criteria to be considered before buying. Some of them are listed below:

Wedding ring with Engagement band: If you are already wearing an engagement ring, then you could choose a thin titanium band studded with a diamond or other precious stones such as ruby, sapphire, emerald, etc. If you decide to skip the engagement ring part, then you could consider buying a broader band with slightly more flashy designs.

Traditional or Latest Design: Titanium has light silver tone and is naturally shiny. Simple titanium wedding bands with cool colourful details can make a great choice. For example, you could go for yellow gold details on plain titanium wedding ring.

These days, you get women’s wedding rings in many colour combinations with pink, blue, black, etc. You could go for detailing of the colour that she likes to wear often.

Bands with Sparkling Gemstones: A diamond ring is always very elegant. If you have decided to go for a titanium wedding ring, then you must consider adorning it with a beautifully cut diamond. There are many different styles of women’s titanium wedding rings that have diamond embellishments.

Matching rings with your partner: If your would-be spouse has already decided to wear a titanium ring, then you have the perfect chance to show your commitment towards each other by wearing matching wedding bands. You could look for clean unisex designs or classic styles, which will look absolutely great on both of you.