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Travails of a Sapphire Ring

It was in the medieval era in the year 1215, that the Pope Innocent III instituted a mandatory waiting period commencing at engagement and going up to marriage. This was anointed as the real period of engagement. During this time, a belief took root that a sapphire’s color would undergo a change if an impure and untruthful person wore it. This belief of course was not tested, but it was passed on from generations ago. It is also commonly said that the fidelity of the wives of the Crusaders was tested with sapphires when their husbands returned after their campaigns.

As of today, the popularity of a sapphire ring has remained intact. It is considered an ornament of great value, which is worn by either celebrities or people who are known publicly for their wealth. The most famous sapphire ring owned by Kate Middleton is currently in the news. Like many other rings belonging to famous owners, it has increased in value with time. This ring was bought by Prince Charles for lady Diana in the year 1981 for 28,000 GBP. This piece of jewelry consists of 14 solitaire diamonds surrounding a 12 carat oval blue Ceylon sapphire, set in 18-carat white gold. It is now valued at 300,000 GBP.

This stunning sparkler sits atop a list of 20 other famous rings, placed in the order of appreciation in their values over time. There are many other rings which adorn celebrity fingers, which are also a part of this list. Truly speaking, wearing a sapphire ring enables a celebrity to make a statement in public circles. It sends out the message that they are doing well or that they have illustrious friends who are doing very well. The story of Kate Middleton is one such.