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Using Sphatik


Healing is a property very commonly associated with sphatic crystals, and the sphatic crystal accentuates healing at all levels, be it physical, psychological, emotional, or even spiritual. Correspondingly, as we find that spiritual products are made using sphatik, these could be used for prayers, healing or meditation.

So there are numerous ways that one could go for sphatik accessories in one’s everyday life.


One could, for instance go for sphatik bracelets. These not just look good on the wearer, but have a great deal of spiritual prowess associated with them.

When someone adorns a sphatik bracelet, he is blessed with bravery and energy. He finds the power to defend himself from disapproval. Sphatik Beads could be used with Rudraksha or coral beads to further accentuate the benefits.


Similarly, the sphatic mala is also an adornment which is believed to be possessed with a great spiritual prowess. While sphatic malas are associated with plainness, the malas have the capability to control and balance energies.

Sphatik mala is the perfect adornment for someone who may be afflicted by stress or headaches, and works very effectively for accentuating the healing process in a holistic way. The wearer is blessed with an enhanced intuition. It works very effectively for someone who works, and also works very nicely for someone involved with religious activities.

Power of the sphatik crystal is such that in Vedas, Sphatik is a gemstone which is associated as a replacement for a diamond. And when one adorns a sphatik mala, an electrochemical balance is established in the body. This calms down an individual and he is able to get over fretfulness.